Article Critique Example for Writers

When you start working with a critique, it is important to find out the full meaning of the concept “critique”. In general, article critique is a specific type of scientific or literature pieces’ analysis, the main point of which can be supported by the writer or not. This type of academic assignment requires reasonable arguments and relevant evidence to prove the writer’s opinion.

Since many academic assignments require only to inform readers and provide a certain point of view, article critique is aimed at analyzing things and providing results of studies. When dealing with critique, numerous analyses are necessary in order to provide further arguments and evidence. Moreover, a proper article critique is a professional presentation of a certain article. Therefore, every writer must provide enough evidence to support own point of view and share his opinion with the audience.

When you start preparing your article critique, it is important to structure the following reaction paper and review the analyzed article very carefully. After dealing with the first impression, make sure to conduct enough analyses and proper research works to support your arguments with solid up-to-date evidence.

Proper Reading and Analyzing

When you work with article critique, it is important to organize the writing process in the best way. Therefore, make sure to read and re-read the article before making any arguments. The entire preparation process includes the following phases.

1) Article Reading and Main Idea Distinguishing

The first thing for every writer to do is to read an article carefully and to distinguish the main idea of the paper. You need to read carefully every paragraph of the article and check the links between the main elements of the text. Moreover, once reading the analyzed article, it is good to start forming your critical arguments and writing them down. It is also important to check the main article’s thesis and its background.

2) Article Re-reading

Reading an article once is not enough. Every experienced writer re-reads an article at least once. When re-reading an article, use various tools that allow highlighting the main concepts and ideas of the written paper. In addition, you can find the needed arguments when answering the following questions:

  • What is the target audience of the analyzed article?
  • What was the main argument provided by the author?
  • What was the author’s key purpose of the article?
  • Are there any black spaces in the arguments of the author?

3) Create Legends

Creating legends is the exact part of the text analysis, which reveals the confusing and inconsistent parts of the article. This helps to show essential passages and to learn how to provide a research article analysis properly.

4) Preliminary Concepts for Critique

Critique is a special paper that demonstrates critical thinking thus it must be well-organized and full of arguments. It is good to scrutinize the arguments in order to provide own reactions.

When you have a list of arguments, 1000 word essay and your personal reactions, it is high time to create a list of possible evidence and reliable sources. In order to evaluate the analyzed piece properly, try to come up with as many relevant sources and materials as possible.



Article Critique Performing: Evidence

When you prepare evidence for your article critique, there are a few steps to follow.

1) Make sure to check the author’s general message importance and relevance

You need to check the author’s hypothesis and compare them with familiar examples in other popular essay writing services. Moreover, it is crucial to analyze the writer’s message and to distinguish its true nature. You need to come up with the ideas whether the writer has conducted a deep in research or not. In addition, it is recommended to analyze the article’s conclusion and introduction to highlight the paper’s core elements.

2) Check for Biases when Analyzing an Article

When you analyze the article, you need to check the writer’s abilities to provide critical reviews. The biases that exist in the text show that the writer has ignored the existed evidence or come up with misappropriate evidence. In fact, certain biases allow writers to provide a separate point of view and present a situation or problem in another light. In the same time, biases are often caused by a narrow point of view. In general, they can also be connected with existed stereotypes based on age, religion, race, ethnicity, etc.

3) Never Ignore Stylistic Elements

The most important aspect of an entire article critique is the content of the article for sure. Therefore, this is the main thing to focus on. In addition, it is highly recommended checking the literary and formal techniques used by the author as well. Even the author’s choice of words used helps to distinguish the author’s point of view and purposes. The writer’s tone is an important concept, especially when you are dealing with the non-scientific type of articles.

The stylistic elements often highlight the problems revealed in the arguments provided by the author. Moreover, when you check the techniques used by the author, it is easy to see whether the writer was using proper evidence or not.



Article Critique Proper Formatting

Article critique formatting is an essential process that requires time and efforts. Moreover, it is important to provide a flawless paper with a proper formatting style. The main elements of an article critique must be included as well in order to provide a complete academic paper help.

1) Provide a proper Introduction with Outline

When dealing with article critique’s introduction, make sure to put information into one or two paragraphs. Moreover, it is important to put a thesis statement into an introduction. The proper article critique shows the main thesis of an analyzed article and brings readers closer to the main arguments.

The introduction includes the name of the author, title of the paper, date of publication, etc. In most cases, article critique requires an APA formatting style, in case you have no style assigned by your tutor.

2) Provide Arguments and Evidence in Critique’s Body

In every paragraph of your article critique, you need to provide new ideas and show a new direction. There is no need to re-write the author’s thoughts since unique psychology research ideas only matter. Summarize your paragraphs and make them relevant to the content presented in the article. All body paragraphs must be started with topic sentences. Besides, proper transitions into new ideas must be distinguished as well.

3) Provide a Summary of Your Arguments and Further Recommendations

When providing a summary of the article critique, make sure to write down all the main points of the article presented in APA or other assigned format. You also need to explain the relevance of your review and help readers to understand the entire work and its essential parts. You always need to focus on new ideas and provide a unique point of view. Every argument must be supported by relevant evidence. Your readers must understand the importance of your work and your new ideas.

These simple steps will help you to manage properly the entire process of article critique writing. You can use these tips and guides to find an excellent paper writing service with solid arguments and up-to-date evidence.