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We now accept.
5% OFF  your first order!

Our exclusive custom writing aid for your academic excellence

The service of custom writing on demand was always popular among college students. Recently, it has become even more demanded. The reasons are understandable – each new generation of students faces more demands. Young boys and girls need more in-depth knowledge on more subjects and better-trained skills. In practice, it means that academic load becomes more significant every year.

Hence, the growth of custom essay writing service is natural. Many online companies working in this field are the support students can rely on. The custom writing help is the factor that can change the life of an overloaded college student. We are such a team, and we are here to lighten your academic burden. So, let us tell you more.

What is the custom assignment writing service and how it helps you

If you never used the services of online writing companies, you might have concerns. Mostly, users worry about the safety and the process of “purchasing” service itself. Would it be a kind of online shop where you go to the “best custom writing” section and choose an essay?

Our custom writing is a team of enthusiastic professional writers and editors. Here, you hire a performer who will compose you an essay or other college paper. It will be for your topic and according to your instructions. During the writing process, you communicate with your author. This way, you discuss the assignment and clarify the essential points.

The essay becomes a product of your collaboration. You offer your "vision," and the writer embodies your ideas in the form of an excellently-structured academic paper. Meeting our users' expectations is what helps us to produce our custom writing services at the highest level. You will always get what you need.

Benefits of collaboration with a top custom writing service

The task of writing an essay for a particular topic is complicated because it includes many aspects. A decent college paper worth a high grade must meet definite criteria. The job of a reputable custom writing company is to provide guarantees that the paper will meet them.

Of course, it is not the only goal. We work for our customers. So, we have one more critical task besides making exquisite essays. It is to make our users sure and comfortable. Thus, the following guarantees are for you if you choose our service as your academic helper:

  • Experienced and skilled authors
  • Original works with zero plagiarism
  • Covering all subjects
  • Meeting academic requirements precisely
  • Free revisions of ready texts
  • Fast delivery even for urgent tasks
  • Customer support 24/7

The best custom writing service changes the quality of your life for the better

At the end of the day, it is all about having free time. Time is what the students need most of all. For some of them, it is a possibility to focus on other subjects. We all know about the mandatory courses that might not appeal to you at all. Other students can socialize or spend more quality time with close people. Don't forget about the essential thing that is a night of good healthy sleep.

Our custom essay writing help takes the stress away from you. Then, you can decide what you do in your free time.

Moreover, you may not worry about the results anymore. There are dozens of demands that exhaust you, as you have to take care of each detail. For instance, an essay with outstanding content gets lower grades if you miss a couple of grammar mistakes. It frequently happens if you don't have time to revise the text and fix all minor issues. There are so many demands that you might not even consider!

With our support, you get rid of all such concerns. The qualifications of our teammates make sure that you’ll get excellent grades. Now you can act according to your priorities.

Our service of custom paper writing is affordable to everyone

It’s not a secret that every user seeks the cheap custom writing service – students are not millionaires. On the other hand, the high quality of work has its price. However, we made our rates reasonable. Any student can afford them, as even urgent tasks won't kill the budget.

Here’s what we offer to you:

  • Flexible pricing where you control it
  • Discounts for new and regular users
  • Bonus services in a package for a perfect essay
  • Money-back policy with transparent conditions

College writing assignments are not trifling. Even a short essay can be problematic, let alone more substantial tasks like term papers. However, it becomes much easier if you have a reliable partner. Our custom writing company will gladly become such a partner for you. We'll support you here, now, and the future, for as long as you'll need our help.

FAQ – what’s more you need to know

How can I be sure of my identity protection?arrow

Our collaboration is totally confidential. We don't collect any users' details more than is necessary to provide the service. Then, we work on the principle of anonymity for both the customers and writers. Our employees don't have access to any information about you. Most importantly, we guarantee that no one will ever learn about our cooperation. You are the only author of the papers you submit.

Is your business of custom writing papers legal?arrow

Academic writing services are legit. Our company belongs to the legal field of academic tutoring. The essence is, you hire a writer to compose you a piece according to your requirements. After completion, that paper becomes your propriety. We waive any ownership rights. You can use the essay as an example in your own work, or as a source of information. Of course, it is forbidden to submit papers that you did not write yourself. So, we'll ask you to keep our cooperation in secret too.

Is it safe to purchase professional writing services?arrow

As we provide the service of custom writing of papers, our users' safety is the top priority. Everything is confidential. Your data are secured, and we guarantee that they'll never leak. Also, we care about payment safety. Our website pages all have the SSL-certificates. Also, we use only the trusted international payment processor. Any payments are safe, so you may not worry about your finances.

What is the qualification of a writer I hire?arrow

Every author from our team is a specialist on the subject. We set very high standards for the candidates wishing to join the company. First, they all must be degree holders – it is a mandatory requirement. Second, they must have experience in academic writing for hire. After the initial selection, we test the candidates’ level of English. Though we work with ENL people, they have to prove their abilities to write flawless texts on the subjects. This way, we ensure the proficiency of every candidate.

What does the price of work depend on, and how can I calculate it?arrow

The pricing is flexible. The main factor is the deadline, the longer period you set – the cheaper it is for you. There is a system calculator you can use to estimate the price. The exact amount to pay consists of the rates per page and rates for additional services (optional). You'll watch the pricing when you specify all the task conditions. Note that you control all these elements and can change the preferences in the process. The final amount does not imply any additional or hidden payments.

Will you be able to cope with my assignment topic?arrow

Of course. Our team includes experienced professionals in all subjects from the educational program. We also educate ourselves continually – the writers learn the new issues and track the latest news in their areas. The team is more than capable of matching any topic, even if the assignment is very sophisticated.

Can the top custom writing service complete my paper earlier?arrow

Early delivery is our goal for any assignment. If your paper is urgent and we have only several hours to complete it, we'll still do our best to do it faster. It gives us time for checking and revisions. Our writers do the custom writing essays with all the expertise and writing experience to perform any assignment on time. Besides, if you need to change the initial deadline – contact the customer support for that.

Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with the result?arrow

Our money-back policy defines cases when you are eligible for a refund. If the result does not meet your requirements, you can request the revision. In this case, we’ll rewrite the paper for your demands until it satisfies you. However, if the final paper still does not meet the necessary criteria, we’ll return you the money.

Can I change my order after placing?arrow

If there are some new conditions or essential comments you have to add, you should contact the customer support. Each such case is individual. The support managers will check the order and clarify if the changes are appropriate. In any case, we'll find the solution. You can address the support managers if you have any questions, at any time of the day.