Benefits Of Social Studies For Students And Ideas For Assignments

Social studies may seem boring or useless for some students. Nonetheless, they are very important as a general knowledge and self-development. They expand your mind and creativity as well. That is why, working on social studies you can easily understand some other sciences and communicate with people all over the world.

Five Fields of Social Studies and Their Importance

Five fields of social studies include humanities: history, geography, government, economics, and culture. Each one deals with ways of behaving, interrelationship, materials, and social organization. They all have one common purpose: to teach students to be model citizens. We live in a contrasting society that requires versatile knowledge. Thanks to social studies background, students can join civil society, orient in their life tendencies, and interact easily with foreign people. 

 The benefits of social studies for students are:

  1. Reading and learning abilities are enhanced. All subjects include a lot of content. Hence, students receive the primary skills of analysis, critical thinking, and writing.
  2. General liability increasing. All humanities are essential for positive contributions to society, engaging in a discussion, and being a full member of a civilized community.
  3. Cultural background. Among the heritage, students are supposed to know how to communicate with people all over the globe. Humanitarian sciences allow making a brief excursion to get acquainted closely with different cultures.
  4. Financial literacy. When a child realizes the meaning of the word «money,» it becomes a part of his or her life. Learning the basic rules of economics makes a positive impact on the personal future and society in general. 
  5. Rational thinking. Students are supposed to learn how to establish a connection, disclose causes and effect results, assess the outcome via social studies. 
  6. The picture of the universe. Human sciences provide students a complete image of the world structure, its parts interfering, and ways to adapt.
  7. Political competence. Understanding the state system, its political direction, the condition of economics is crucial. Students can analyze the country where they live and estimate the prospects for life.
  8. Treasure history. Today is the result of our past. Learning the developing stage teaches us to prevent mistakes, plan the future, and value what we have today.

Studying social sciences starts from kindergarten and continues at school, colleges and universities. Regardless of the chosen life path, they all make an enormous contribution to the growth of consciousness. 

Social Studies Topics: History

Students are supposed to write many various assignments in history to represent their knowledge and provide estimations. Here are the idea examples that you may use for your history assignments:

  • the first inhabited localities according to archeology data;
  • the US Suffrage movement in the late XXth century;
  • a history of the Bar Suit;
  • European pharmacy during the Age of Enlightenment;
  • economic tendencies in the Middle-Age;
  • physics development from anxiety to nowadays;
  • classification of historical events;
  • Why is America named «the country of opportunities»?
  • The impact of the prudish tendencies on the American culture;
  • the flexibility of the American Constitution;
  • the causes of Civil War;
  • famous female politicians;
  • the reasons for sovietism failure in Russia;
  • the history of Holocaust;
  • the history of global acquired immunodeficiency syndrome spreading;
  • Islamic movements in India;
  • the role of the Catholic faith on politics in Europe;
  • Why have Dark Ages received this name?
  • Chinese emperors;
  • the connection between two World Wars;
  • Causes for the Industrial Revolution;
  • the bubonic plague spreading;
  • the shortest war in history that lasted 38 minutes;
  • slavery in the ancient times and nowadays;
  • paid medicine in Ancient China;
  • learning disorders of Leonardo Da Vinci;
  • Who invented Arab digits: Arabs or Hindus?
  • Hitler in the world history;
  • short longevity in the Middle-Age and overcoming ways;
  • Was the Egyptian pyramid constructing a paid job?
  • China and its shattering human losses during the wars;
  • The Battle of Stalingrad;
  • the American birth control movement in the early XXth century;
  • Greeks and Romans influences on the world’s history;
  • the gold standard in the United Kingdom and its rejection;
  • bathhouses for the Roman soldiers;
  • political patronage in the United States;
  • the causes of the Arab Spring revolution;
  • the buried Terracotta Warriors;
  • the history of female rights in the USA;
  • Are the outcomes of the Vietnam War worth the losses?

The topic that is the most exciting to you will be impressive to your class too.

Social Studies Topics: Geography

If you have not decided yet, what to tell about in your geography essay, here is a bunch of proposals:

  • mountains and their types;
  • environmental changes due to the atomic bomb blasts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki;
  • geography and its historical importance;
  • causes and effects of earthquakes in different parts of the world;
  • factors of a volcanic eruption;
  • global warming: causes and effects;
  • cause and consequence of tornado;
  • Is it possible to predict hurricanes?
  • The accuracy of meteorology science;
  • how is history and geography connected?
  • Australian national parks and forests;
  • the connection of farming and climate condition;
  • discovery of underground minerals and precious metals;
  • food preferences according to geographic location;
  • underground toxic materials storage and their negative impact on the soil fertility;
  • oil and gas extraction in Africa;
  • development of cartography;
  • population activities depending on the climate;
  • soil erosion and preventive measurements;
  • interrelationship of weather and agricultural harvesting;
  • carrier in geography;
  • geography and geology connection;
  • the perspectives of a geography expert in life;
  • maps: history review and modern types;
  • the negative impact of environmental contamination;
  • underwater vents and volcanoes;
  • the geographic characteristics of the Bermuda Triangle;
  • water demineralization;
  • water circulation all over the globe;
  • causes of Coral Reefs dying;
  • safe ocean exploring;
  • natural resources and their types;
  • the devastation of forests and its negative impact;
  • the most efficient way of natural resources usage;
  • environment protecting measurements;
  • the influence of industry on the atmosphere;
  • zoogeography: aims and methods;
  • migration tendencies;
  • urbanization problems;
  • human races and their distinctive characters;
  • overpopulation problem and solving ways;
  • the geography and exploration of Antarctica;
  • life in the village: pros and cons;
  • agriculture types;
  • the climate in Hawaii;
  • tectonic movement and its types;
  • acid deposition: causes, effects, and solutions.

Selecting a geography essay, you have a wide choice of themes with related sciences like geology, economics, cartography, history, physics. 

Social Studies Topics: Political Science

Political science provides a wide range of topics. You can choose the government structure of your homeland or share a foreign experience:

  • the policies comparative characteristic between the United States and the United Kingdom;
  • the communist party in China;
  • the communist party in the Soviet Union;
  • terrorism as an efficient political tool;
  • reforms in the United States after the Vietnam War;
  • causes of war in Afghanistan;
  • the distinction between military and political conflicts;
  • Amnesty International: aims and purposes;
  • the reaction of politicians on COVID-19 pandemic;
  • religion: a faith or political instrument?
  • Legendary legislators;
  • national security VS public liberty;
  • freedom of word on the Internet;
  • amnesty for dangerous criminals;
  • Donald Trump’s mistakes;
  • the interrelation of media and politics;
  • death penalty: history and modern times;
  • international relationship of the United States;
  • the war in Syria and its impact on the world politics;
  • International Monetary Fund and its role in solving global economic problems;
  • poverty causes in the world;
  • innovations of the United States government in citizen sector;
  • the purpose of Federal Emergency Management Agency;
  • government coordinating mechanism;
  • ways of decreasing the bureaucracy in America;
  • Israeli-Palestinian conflict;
  • the countries that struggle alone with the COVID-10 pandemic;
  • Syrian war: causes;
  • the comparability of Scottish and Irish political parties;
  • racial injustice over the globe;
  • the comparative characteristic of communism and socialism;
  • the ways of corruption overcoming;
  • estimate the international political direction of the United Kingdom;
  • the comparison between Indian and Pakistani governments;
  • how does political psychology influence politics in modern times; 
  • the most famous nationalism leaders;
  • the technology of the voting process and its development in advanced nations;
  • propaganda and its influence on the elections;
  • the concepts of political leadership;
  • can a female become the President of America?
  • Female rights in the USA;
  • modernization process and subsequent political changes in the XXIth century.

The actual topics and historical governmental reviews are both a successful choice for your political science essay.

Social Studies Topics: Economics

If economics covers matters of your interest, pick up an idea from the list below:

  • the current financial system in the USA: advantages and disadvantages;
  • the importance of small and family business in the economic system of the country;
  • the connection between economic success and happiness level in developed countries;
  • the perspectives of the Internet business;
  • the trade crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic: ways of overcoming;
  • are the grants cost-effective?
  • How can robots and artificial intelligence improve the economy?
  • The profits from online shopping;
  • review of the countries with a low-income (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ukraine);
  • the observation of economic development in the United Arab Emirates;
  • the statistic data and their positive influence on the society development;
  • the connection of population growth and economics;
  • why does the imbalance in the global economy take place?
  • The success review of the largest car companies;
  • measures for labor productivity-increasing;
  • juvenile labor policies;
  • urbanization its effect on the prosperity of the people;
  • labor migration: statistic data and analysis;
  • corruption in football;
  • the profitability of pharmaceutical healthcare products for the economics of the United States;
  • high profits of fast-food giants VS health of the nation;
  • the financial support for hospitals in your country;
  • advertisement as a sales engine;
  • the rivalry between small business and monopolies;
  • inflation: problem and its effects;
  • shadow economy: estimation, problems, results;
  • cost-efficiency of the tourist industry;
  • international economic unions: practicability, experience review;
  • the efficiency of the foreign investments into the low-income economic sectors;
  • how to reach financial stability inside the country;
  • the costs for cancer treatment: statistic data, analysis, experience in different countries;
  • price regulation and its impact on the profits of the business.

Economics includes such branches as statistics, marketing, international relationship, medicine, tourism. Hence, you will experience no difficulties with choosing a suitable topic for yourself.

Social Studies Topics: Culture

Either you are interested in the history of a culture or modern popular culture (pop culture), there are tons of ideas for appealing discussion:

  • Greek mythology masterpiece:
  • Greek philosopher according to your choice;
  • the Olympics games history;
  • Great plague and its influence on the western culture;
  • the changes of music, movies, and books preferences in the age of the Internet;
  • the effects of radical youth movements;
  • the connection of the music preferences and relationships between age-mates;
  • how social media influences the behavior of teenagers;
  • celebrities, superstars, idols, cult-figures and their impacts on the personality;
  • the problems of modern youth;
  • do Disney Princesses have a positive or negative effect on girls?
  • Cultural changes caused by the American revolution;
  • dressing fashion in Europe for a specific period;
  • ancient Chinese culture;
  • Christ description in different cultures;
  • the international fashion tendencies;
  • situation comedy (sitcom) and the reasons for the popularity;
  • how to become a music star?
  • Cybersport is a part of the culture;
  • does the Internet prevent interpersonal communication or unites people?
  • Moral values of the modern culture;
  • analyze the best movie from the American classics;
  • feminism movements and its manifestation in cartoons;
  • LGBT culture in the world;
  • should children necessarily attend interest groups;
  • cultural policy in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR);
  • young pioneer organization of the USSR;
  • Indian cultural heritage;
  • Japanese poets of the XXth century;
  • Chinese tea ceremony;
  • wedding traditions in different cultures;
  • African tribes
  • Mayans: civilization and culture;
  • what are the subcultures, and how do they benefit society;
  • the advantages of the multicultural nation;
  • a sense of national pride as an integral part of the culture;
  • Christian tradition in different cultures;
  • Omar Khayyam: his epoch and heritage;
  • Islamic religion and culture;
  • the impact of refugees on the culture;
  • is traveling a modern cultural tendency?
  • Culinary traditions around the world;
  • the history and cultural contribution of the circus;
  • the importance of wine in Italian culture;
  • the art of pizza in different countries;
  • the best puppet shows of the 90s;
  • theater performances in ancient Rome.

Cultural aspects are broad and familiar to everyone. Enjoy the best disputes with your classmates.

The Final Insight

Our experts have written many jobs for above-mentioned topics and all the students were satisfied with the result. Most of them mentioned that they gained new knowledge while they were checking the papers.

Thus, don’t ignore social studies and choose some topics to surprise you groupmates and tutor. Even if you feel that you do not have enough skills or knowledge to write such papers, you may ask us for help. We will create the papers and you will get the highest grade then!