The List of the Top History Research Paper Topics for Students

Many college students face a bunch of academic assignments every day. It is quite typical for students to get even tens of tasks every week. With so many tasks assigned, it can be really difficult to complete them all timely. Besides, it leaves less time to prepare for a complex paper writing process. 

Many academic assignments are multipart research projects. Thus, students need to check lots of sources and materials before starting to complete any assigned project. Besides, a topic selection also takes lots of time. Often, it takes days to come up with a proper history research paper topic. Students need to check carefully every material to find out what topic is the most fitting during their brief research. 

In another case, they can look for good topics for history research papers online. In this article, you can check the list of the top history research topics. You can use the topics offered or just some ideas to come up with your own topic.

The History Research Essay Definition

A good research paper in history always analyzes lots of materials to come up with the answer to the core research question. In brief, once you prepare an essay, you should define a thesis statement first. Further, you will provide a set of arguments and supporting evidence to solve the main issue in your paper. You answer the central research question in your work. Moreover, you always conduct a profound analysis of the subject. You check every detail of the central question to come up with decent findings and recommendations.

How to Write a History Research Paper

When you must complete a history research paper, every detail matters, in fact, you should define the reasons why you have chosen the topic first. Further, you outline how the chosen topic affects the present day. You should also define the importance of the chosen subject for people these days. In such a case, you should pay your time to present a good history research paper topic. Besides, you need to keep in mind that your topic must be important and on-time.

How to Select a Decent History Research Paper Topic

A research paper in history always requires a profound analysis and deep research on the topic. In order to present a great history research paper topic, you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Brainstorming of the most important ideas for a research paper in history.
  2. Checking the background information and relevant data.
  3. Focusing on the exact topics you consider interesting and important.
  4. Creating the list of the main keywords.
  5. Conducting research once staying flexible.
  6. Considering the selected topic as the focused research question.

Keep in mind that your research paper has requirements. It is an academic assignment. Thus, you should follow them precisely. You can reach your professor for advice if you doubt your chosen topic. The historic area is quite a hard field for research. It always requires lots of work to be completed excellently. In order to make the process easier, try to select the topic you consider interesting. It will help make the entire writing process more bearable.

Best Ideas for a Good History Research Essay

If you struggle with your research paper in history, you can reach for online expert assistance. In such a case, you will get an excellent piece without bothering with the writing process itself. If you want to perform your history assignment on your own, be sure to select a great history research paper topic. You can check the following top ideas for history research papers. They can help you to construct a winning topic for your analytical piece.

History Research Paper Topics for College Students

Historical Pragmatics

  • The rise of nationalism in the current century: reasons and consequences;
  • The consequences of the Great Depression in the USA;
  • The most innovative technological phenomenon of the last century;
  • The best US president’s speeches;
  • The way war on Balkans influenced the European map;
  • The biggest war crimes: Holocaust history;
  • The history and peculiarities of politics in the biggest Soviet countries;
  • The causes of slavery abolishment in the USA;
  • The famous leaders of the American revolution.

Controversial History Research Paper Themes

  • The main reasons for immigration from Syria;
  • The main reasons for the failed nationalism – the Arab League case;
  • The greatest moments in history: the fall of the Bizantine Empire;
  • The women’s right in the Soviet Union during World War II;
  • The resisted assimilation of Native Americans;
  • The modernization of Germany after the abolition of the Nazis;
  • The main causes and significance of the Six Days War for human’s history;
  • The moral justifications of the Spanish Inquisition;
  • The freedom of the press in the 20th century in Britain;
  • The political concepts revealed by Niccolo Machiavelli.

Interesting History Research Paper Ideas

  • The Rwanda genocide – background and causes;
  • The detailed history of conflict between Israel and Palestine;
  • The evolution of Japan in the recent century;
  • The Cleopatra’s fall – the influence on the Egypt history;
  • The New Orleans’s hurricane Katrina – government response;
  • The reasons for Adolf Hitler approval by millions of Germans;
  • The most significant reasons for the Roman Empire’s fall;
  • The influence of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination on the History of the US;
  • The significant impact of Britain on India’s development.

Important Ancient History Topics

  • The explained procedure of voting in Ancient Greece;
  • The differences and similarities between Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome;
  • The most effective military forces in the ancient history of the world;
  • The main aspects of the life of civilians in Ancient Rome;
  • The role of military forces in Ancient Rome;
  • The most remarkable leaders of the ancient world – Alexander the Great;
  • The comparison of military powers in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

Middle Ages History Research Papers Topics

  • The Medieval European cities peculiarities;
  • The Middle Ages interfaith marriages;
  • The medieval studies of Nicholas of Cusa;
  • The Byzantine State revival concept;
  • The biggest discoveries in feudal Europe;
  • The role of intellectuals in Europe of the Middle Ages;
  • The influence of the Quran in feudal Europe;
  • The most notorious crimes in the Middle Ages;
  • The influence of European development in the Middle Ages on world policies;
  • The Age of Exploration – Middle Ages’ discoveries.

World History Research Papers Topics

  • The Eastern Empire: causes and costs of the fall;
  • The decline of feudalism in the world;
  • The rise of great world monarchies;
  • The most outstanding monarchs in world history;
  • The Stuarts’ influence on the development of England;
  • The most famous intellectuals of the 16th century;
  • The Thirty Years War causes and consequences;
  • The Dutch Republic escalation;
  • The progress of civilization;
  • The naval discoveries role.

World War I History Research Papers Topics

  • The role of the army of the United State in the Allied Powers;
  • The significance of the US army entering the WWI;
  • The human losses in the First World War;
  • The Russian Revolution impact on WWI results;
  • The detailed analysis of the Gallipoli campaign;
  • The comparison of the role of Western and Eastern front in WWI;
  • The WWI fronts – the war at sea and in air;
  • The assassination in Sarajevo – WWI causes;

World War II History Research Papers Topics

  • The Allied Powers’ occupation of Japan;
  • Holocaust causes and costs for world history;
  • The victims of the Holocaust in WWII;
  • The diplomatic strategies during WWII;
  • The events of WWII on the African continent;
  • The main members of German resistance to Hitler during WWII;
  • The consequences of American neutrality of WWII;
  • Europe’ rebuilding after WWII.

European History Research Papers Topics

  • The role of the monarchy in Britain;
  • The Kings and Queens of Britain;
  • The detailed history of the European economy;
  • The recent history of Europe – the Muslims’ challenge;
  • The effects of the Seven Years’ War;
  • The significance of the Thirty Years’ War for European history;
  • The Eastern Powers rise;
  • Modern Europe innovative development.

US History Research Papers Topics

  • The origins of the American Civil War;
  • The notion of American exceptionalism;
  • The election history in the USA;
  • The naval history of the United States;
  • The Cold War consequences for Americans;
  • The consequence of WWII for the United States;
  • The democracy in the United States;
  • The women’s role in the history of the USA;
  • The influence of the Revolution in America on the world;
  • The characteristics of the Federalist Era in the USA;
  • The role of African-American soldiers in the Civil War;
  • The Appomattox Campaign’s analysis;
  • The role of American soldiers in WWII;
  • The social disputes during the Civil War in the US.

Cold War History Research Papers Topics

  • The Cold War causes and consequences;
  • The beginning of the Cold War – first events;
  • The time of fear caused by the Cold War;
  • The position of the US in the Cold War;
  • The major parties in the Cold War;
  • The cultural development during the Cold War;
  • The Cold War times’ international order;
  • The episodes of the Cold War and influence on immigration rate.

American Immigration History Research Papers Topics

  • The detailed history of immigration in America;
  • The renovate immigration policy during the Cold War;
  • The historical overview of immigration to the USA;
  • The role of immigration in American nation expansion;
  • The timeline of US immigration;
  • The immigration reorganizations in the United States.

Religion and Ideology History Research Papers Topics

  • The dominant ideology in the United States;
  • The role of religion in modern Europe;
  • The global ideology influence;
  • The separation of religion and ideology;
  • The American society ideology and politics;
  • The influence of two World Wars on ideology;
  • The identity politics’ history.

The 20th and 21st History Research Papers Topics

  • Franklin Roosevelt influence on the US development;
  • The Civil Right in the United States in the twentieth century;
  • The timeline of American history in the 20th and 21st centuries;
  • The role of women in the Vietnam War;
  • Nixon’s America and Vietnam veterans;
  • The Civil Right improvement in the times of Harry Truman;
  • The mixed legacies of Ronald Reagan;
  • The US first catholic President.

Current History Research Papers Topics

  • The inevitability of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombing;
  • The most influential social protests in America;
  • The details of the Westward expansion;
  • The New Nation governing;
  • The industrialization timeline in world history;
  • The precise price of industrialization for the world;
  • The 21st century’s immigration policies in the world;
  • The influence of coronavirus on social mobility in the world.

You can select any of the topics you can discover profoundly and on time. Be aware, and it should be the topic with lots of materials about its main details, timeline, and facts. You need to take care of it in advance. Thus, once you have an assigned or chosen topic, make sure to check the sources first. A successful research paper in history always includes lots of analyses and proper findings. Sometimes, it takes weeks to check all the information on a topic. In such a case, make sure to select a concise topic. If you select a wide subject to investigate, it can take too much time to complete and submit your paper timely.

Select the topic which is interesting for you and important for present-day society. You can analyze some historical events and provide recommendations for modern society to avoid the previous human’s mistakes. It is also preferable when you can show the importance of your research for present-day society. 

Make sure to outline the reason why you have chosen a certain topic in the introduction part of your paper. The history research paper requires answers to the main questions. You define those questions at the beginning of your paper and provide the findings and answers to them in the main body parts. In the conclusions, you should write down a brief summary of the main analysis’s results and findings.

The Final Insight

If you think this is too much for you, feel free to reach online assistance. In such a case, you will get your paper completed excellently and on time without any difficulties. Many certified online writing services can help you with your complex research paper in history. It is always easy to get your excellent research paper online.