Best Tips on How to Start an Email



Of all the written tasks, writing an email seems to be the easiest one. Moreover, a lot of people are convinced that this does not require any special skills and practice. However, they are mistaken, because creating an email has many rules and regulations. Some of them are obvious, while others are unknown to the majority.

Putting your thoughts in the email correctly can improve the recipient’s opinion of you. You should work on professional vocabulary, writing structure, and proper sequence. It is also of great importance to whom the email is addressed: to a friend, colleague or manager in the company in which you want to work.

In this article, we will analyze common mistakes in writing letters and give tips on improving the appearance of the email. After reading, you will understand what to avoid and how to start an email to get an answer.

The most usual ways for starting an email

We want to start with simple ways to start a message, to lay the foundation. Surprisingly, even in the first lines, some make a mistake, because they forget about the formalities or, on the contrary, give the appeal too much sophistication. So, here are ways to start an email:

  • Hello or Hi + Name. The first option is more official. Sometimes you can add a surname or Mr / Mrs.
  • Dear + Name.
  • Greetings. This form has widespread use but is most suitable for correspondence with companies. In such cases, different people respond to messages, so you do not need to write a name.
  • Hi everybody. Use this model if you write a message in a group chat or if you know that several people will view your message.

Remember that you need to make contact with the person to whom you are writing a letter. If you do not know a person personally, make out the text following all the rules of spelling. It will be nice if you touch on the weather or the latest news. However, check to see it does not affect the overall impression.

The worst mistakes you can make in your email

Each of us makes mistakes and this is normal. However, when working on the email you need to be extremely careful and pay attention to every detail. Often the first letter determines your further relationship with the recipient. Here is a list of errors that can spoil all your efforts:

  • Error spelling name or organization. Believe me, the last thing we want when receiving a letter is to see the sender’s carelessness. Sometimes a mistake in the name can cause a refusal to accept a job or a bad opinion about you.
  • The mention of a pseudonym or middle name, which few people know. You can use this method to correspond with a friend. However, if the letter may affect your future, adhere to the standard structure.
  • Addition of exclamation in circulation. Since you cannot explain the tone of your message, the reader will not be able to understand what exactly you wanted to convey with this symbol. Sometimes an extra sign can cause unnecessary fears, and a person will not be able to concentrate on the essence of the email.
  • Uncertainty in the name. Even at school, we are taught the structure of Dear Sir / Madam, if we do not know the gender of the addressee. However, in this case, it can characterize you as a lazy person who cannot take the time to get acquainted with the information about the recipient.

How to start an email depending on the recipient

As you understand, the content and structure of the letter largely depend on the person for whom it is intended. You may agree that messages for your boss and colleagues will look different. In order not to leave you alone with discussions about which communication model to choose, we selected three forms of emails. Three categories in the business world may interest you: managers, buyers, and employers.

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How to start an email to your client

Buyers are different, so it’s extremely difficult to please everyone. Nevertheless, some tips will help to establish contact with a potential client or partner.

  • Focus on the essentials. Try to present the information in a well-structured way, but do not overload the paper. Select a concise and understandable topic and follow it in the body of the message. Do not translate the topic and carefully follow the grammar, because an error can cost you the loss of a client.
  • Attach documents or information about the product or service as a file. No need to write a little about everything in a letter, so as not to confuse a person. The best way to earn trust is to take care of the customer’s convenience.
  • Solve customer problems based on his requests. No matter how good your product is, you need to meet the needs of the customer. Therefore, do not focus on the benefits, but pay attention to the problems of the buyer: you need to solve them.

Here is a nice example of the text:

Hi Jenny,

I hope that your requests are fulfilled with our service. If you have any wishes, feel free to contact me at any minute.

By the way, I would like to notify you…

It is as similar as to pay for homework. The customer will do it only if he will appreciate the website or an offer within 8 seconds.

How to start an email to managers

If you are in the company, from time to time you need to notify your supervisor of success regarding the assignment. Your ability to maintain respect and business relationships in a letter can affect your future in a team.

  • Write strictly about the case. You can always add beautiful momentum in personal communication if you have free time. If you write an email, then the message should be short and contain only facts.
  • Do not forget to add a theme. Email without a subject is often sent to the spam or simply ignored.
  • If you have already mentioned something before, do not write about it again.

Pay attention to an example:

Hey Frank,

The presentation went great yesterday. I enjoyed taking place in it.

My email is to provide you with the latest results…

How to start an email to an employer

If you write to the recruiter of the company in which you would like to work, then you are making certain bets on your candidacy. Perhaps you are interested in an internship or want to build a career in this field. Whatever it is, the letter will help the employer understand what goals you are pursuing.

  • Write essay about yourself without exaggeration to earn trust. Speak directly about the goals that you want to fulfill in a certain position. Thus, the recruiter will understand if you can be of service to each other.
  • Let a company know what, in your opinion, sets you apart from other candidates. Mention experience in participating in projects, social status, preferences in work. Be friendly, it immediately attracts attention.

This is a nice beginning:

Hi Jolie,

I have recently seen your post on Facebook according to the vacancy (tell the details).

I suppose I am the right candidate because…

Special advice on how to succeed with your formal message

In addition to the finished structures, some extra elements deserve attention. They apply to the entire letter and improve its content. When working on an official text, remember who it is intended for: most often it’s a person above you in status.

Choose a form of starting

Use one of the phrases described above. If you have a good relationship with the recipient, add the name and Mr / Mrs. Check the spelling of the greeting and place the commas.

Do not save on gratitude

This element is mainly used when communicating with a client. You can add a line of thanks in the first paragraph or after the entire text. After contacting by name, write that you are grateful that the person chose your services. It sounds unobtrusive, and at the same time shows the client that he is appreciated.

Focus on your main idea

A person should not read the letter twice, because it takes time. Therefore, put the goal of your message in the center and do not leave the topic. Each next sentence should reveal the idea of ​​the previous one, and not say something else.

Do not write much. If in doubt, to mention some information or not, it is better not to mention. Talk only about the important and express your thoughts concisely. You most likely do not want your time to be wasted. Be brief – and your letter will be marked as professional.

Finish your message as a professional

After the main part of the text, you should once again thank the person for their attention. Do not try to flatter, show your respect and that’s enough. The person who reads the email will see that his time is appreciated.

At the bottom of the message, you must leave your initials and signature. If you want an answer, write “I am looking forward to hearing from you”. There are different ways to end the email in a neutral way (“Best wishes”, “Take care” and so on).


Communication through emails has gained particular strength lately. Because time costs money, letters replace live communication. Moreover, the ability to write a cool email allows you to benefit from many situations, whether it is applying for a job or reporting to superiors.

We took apart the various structures and gave tips on how to start an email. Putting them into practice, watch out for grammar and vocabulary. Remember that good structure and quality text complement each other. Following our advice, you can write the perfect email.