How to Choose the Most Lucrative Major. A List of Top High Paying Jobs for Graduates

Several essential factors will determine your future job and the level of income. According to statistics, nowadays, medicine is the occupation number one around the globe as it is very competitive. 

One of the most distinctive features of modern life is the rapid growth of the health-care sector. There’s more need for health-care insurance as more people travel abroad to work or to study. There are more diseases connected to the lifestyle, population ages, nutrition is not always correct. To pursue a medical career may seem a challenge due to the competitiveness, but it’s important to know that more professions pay well too.

In this article, you’ll find out about the majors that will lead to the highest paying careers and a list of 20 top-paying jobs.

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Majors leading to the top paying careers

The success of your future career and the level of your future salaries greatly depends on the major you choose in your college. 

  • Computer science (68,000$ at an average). Nowadays, every sector of the economy requires a computer specialist. So, you will most likely get a high paying job. If you choose this major, you will have to study for four years at a university studying programming, operating systems, data management, etc. 
  • Finance (84,000$ at an average). Your career goal may be to become a financial expert or analyst. Today these jobs are vital to give personal financial advice or evaluate an investment opportunity. This program lasts for about four years in college. 
  • Food science (65,000$ at an average). If you choose this major, you might work as a food expert or a scientist, improving the quality of food products. 
  • Chemistry (75,000$ at an average). If you want to be a qualified chemist, you will have to obtain a bachelor’s degree and will be able to pursue a postgraduate program. You later might find a job at a university.
  • Economics (103,000$ at an average). Being an economist, you might work at a private or government organization. There’s a great demand for such specialists.
  • Physics (117,000$ at an average). Physicists may work in the field of information engineering or teach at any university. 
  • Business administration (88,000$ at an average). If you study business administration, you will obtain managerial and entrepreneurial skills. You will be able to work at an administrative position in financial management or accountancy. 
  • Actuarial science (100,000$ at an average). Your primary goal will be to evaluate risks based on statistical data. Such specialists are highly valued in the insurance and finance industries. 
  • Architecture (71,000$ at an average). During your studies, you will learn to construct and design different structures. This program takes seven years to be completed, and after that, you might need to get a license to start your practice as an architect. 
  • Pharmacy (90,000$ at an average). This major is considered to be one of the best among health sciences. In case you want to become a pharmacist, you will have to study for six years. 

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A list of 26 top-paying jobs

It would be better if before you choose your major, you get an idea about the most lucrative opportunities in the job market. Below you will find a list of 26 high paying specialists.

  1. A genetic counsellor (100,000$). A new promising specialization that deals with inherited diseases. 
  2. A sales manager (140,000$). Distribution and marketing of services and products are the main responsibilities. 
  3. A marketing manager (147,000$). 
  4. An architect (148,000$). 
  5. A compensation manager (131,000$). It’s one of the highest-paid jobs in the sphere of human resources.
  6. An attorney (145,000$). Attorneys have various specializations (family, criminology, accident, commercial, etc.).
  7. A podiatrist (148,000$). These specialists deal with different foot diseases.
  8. A petroleum engineer (153,000$). To develop the techniques of extracting gas and oil from under the earth’s surface are the main responsibilities. 
  9. A flight engineer (165,000$). Guiding and navigating pilots are the main responsibilities.
  10. A dentist (170,000$). It’s one of the most lucrative medical professions.
  11. A general internist (196,000$). A medical school degree is needed, as well as several years in an internship.
  12. An orthodontist (225,000$). 
  13. A gynecologist (238,000$). This specialist treats reproductive health, diagnoses imbalances, and infections.  
  14. A maxillofacial surgeon (242,000$). This medical worker makes various procedures on your jaw and mouth. 
  15. A neurologist (242,000$).  
  16. An anesthesiologist (266,000$). 
  17. A psychiatrist (215,000$). These medical specialists deal with psychological and mental illnesses.
  18. An obstetrician (230,000$).  
  19. A chief executive officer (CEO) (196,000$). These employees have the highest salaries.
  20. An oral surgeon (240,000$). These medical specialists make various important and complicated procedures.
  21. A general practitioner (GP) (208,000$). Providing diagnostics and non-surgical health-care, general practitioners diagnose and treat their adult patients. 
  22. A neurosurgeon (244,000$). 
  23. A pediatrician (178,000$). This medical specialist diagnoses and treats children’s diseases. 
  24. A nurse anesthetist (169,000$). Nurse anesthetists provide anesthesia and see to the patients’ recovery. 
  25. A pilot (154,000$). 
  26. An information technology administrator (149,000$). Such employees should deal with programming, data processing, etc.

As you see, there are quite many high paying jobs; some of them have just emerged into the job market due to the development of technology and science. Hopefully, this article will help you on your professional path. Before you decide what major, you should choose, decide what profession is to your liking and if its salary is high. A well-chosen profession and educational program will determine your future success for years to come.