The Most Complete List of Best Language Learning Apps

Language learning apps are tools for busy people who need to practice more and develop their skills online. These apps are useful and can improve your language proficiency. 

Today we live in a world where the knowledge of foreign languages can be a decisive aspect for almost every person. These skills are crucial, and no business or enterprise will function without an expert with the knowledge of foreign languages. 

In recent years, the demand for such specialists has risen since companies became involved in international activity. It presupposes hiring high-quality professionals with great command of foreign languages. No one can deny the importance of these skills in today’s world. 

Fortunately, the technological era has changed the way we approach studying, since now we have a lot of opportunities to make the process much easier and, thus, forget about dusty dictionaries and tiresome lessons. Today we can definitely benefit from what technological progress can suggest to us. We have the opportunity to stay home or be in any part of the world and still be ready to learn any foreign language online with fun

Thus, if you need to improve your level of any foreign language, you can try an app or a website from our list below. 

1. Duolingo

You can use it on your mobile phone or with the help of a computer. It is available in the form of an app, or you can go to the official website and use it. Here the users benefit from an exam that will prove their language proficiency. 

Languages: For now, there are 20 languages available for a regular user. It means that you can try to learn how to speak Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Greek, and many other languages in the list. The developers are constantly generating new ideas to make the process less demanding, and they also concentrate on introducing more options to grab the attention of even more people. 

How it works

As a user, you will have a lot of materials to train your reading, essay writing, speaking, and listening skills. You can also benefit from an authentic reading section or translation activities. 

The app uses a smart approach that can identify the main aspects that you have a major struggle in are. 


  • Duolingo knows how to motivate its users through gamification. The learning process is nothing like the one we all used to observe in schools or universities. 
  • The interface is another advantage that draws users’ attention since it is easy and eye-catchy. 


  • You will not find a profound analysis of the grammar aspect.
  • Since the program is crowdsourced, there may happen various silly or confusing sentences. 

Best for: This is a versatile platform that can be your helping hand during the process of studying.

2. Memrise

You can use the free options, but you can also pay an extra $9/month to take advantage of different games and additional activities. 

Here you will find more than 200 courses and topics for discussion. 

How it works

This is a platform that also uses gamification, which encourages its users to collect points and get awarded for their success. Imagine that your vocabulary is a garden where you put various plants. 

The games aim at boosting your memory with bite-sized lessons and tasks. To get even more from the app, you have the chance to create your own jokes if it is easier for you to remember the material. 


  • A great number of courses.
  • Appealing interface.
  • Ability to chat with different people and improve colloquial language speech.


  • The quality can be dubious sometimes.

Best for: If you are a visual learner, you will get the most of it. 

3. Anki

This is a free flashcard program that you can use to memorize diagrams, pictures, or, surely, words, and word combinations. 

How it works

The system is aimed at identifying whether you remember the word or you need more training to get perfect knowledge. It reminds you of a word if it understands that you have forgotten it. The program can accommodate up to 100 000 cards, and every day you are likely to receive 20+ new cards to train your memory. 


  • Flashcards are grouped in separate complete sets.
  • You can adjust the process to your own needs and pace. 


  • At first, the interface may confuse an unprepared user. 
  • You will definitely have some additional materials to develop other language learning aspects since solely memorizing words will never bring you full success. 

Best for: Use it as a supplement to your basic programs or textbooks

4. Clozemaster

You can use a free version or buy a subscription and use the app to its full capacity. 

This program is aimed at teaching its students to learn the vocabulary in its natural surroundings, i.e., in the context. Therefore, you need to complement this app with more [profound and well-developed apps. 

How it works

You can play with sentences and choose which word should be deleted from the context. You can also find the best possible answer with the help of multiple-choice questions, or you can search for sure to fill in the gaps to train your vocabulary. 


  • In many cases, it is up to you which way of learning you choose. You can switch it and adapt to your own preferences. 
  • It is not mandatory to sign up or pay to use the app.
  • The number of repetitions it uses is huge.


  • If you are a beginner, it will be difficult for you to use this app, since you will be confused with the sentences without good grammar. 

Best for: If you need to enhance your vocabulary, this app is definitely for you. 




This app is available on the web, and you can learn up to 10 languages here. 

How it works

If you are looking for an easy way to learn new words, this app is for you. It gives you a great number of articles that you can read and thus learn the words from context. You can choose any topic you want and select the article you like to start your learning experience. The program remembers what you have already covered to give you the chance to revise the words later. These words can be practiced with the help of flashcards represented on the website. 


  • You can choose any article you want.
  • The articles are of a corresponding level.
  • It monitors your progress. 
  • There are a lot of ways to practice the material.


  • You will not have any grammar classes.
  • You may find it difficult to translate adequately idiomatic expressions.

Best for: If you have already gained some experience in learning the language, this app will help you to expand the vocabulary and improve reading skills. 

6. Readlang

This is an app where you can use two main options as a user. With the help of this language learning app, you can deeply investigate any text of your choice. Reading gives you the possibility to translate every word to understand what is meant in the text.

How it works

You can either use the app itself or copy any text material to work with it. You will find the translation of every word, and then you will be able to revise them systematically. The app monitors progress and creates personal flashcards. 


  • With the help of a special web extension, a user can search any text and translate it easily. 
  • The program prioritizes the choice of words to help you remember everything equally thanks to a well-designed and well-thought-out algorithm.


  • Despite its advantages, it does not provide a complete and full structure of the foreign language learning process. 

Best for: If you are already an experienced learner, it will help you get proficient in language learning.

7. Busuu

Some of the functions can be found on the web, but most of the functions are concentrated in the apps. There are different language groups that you can learn with the help of the app, such as French, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, and others. 

How it works

The app takes advantage of the users who have the desire to help each other with learning the languages. You can benefit from reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities. Moreover, you can chat with others and find ways to support each other. 


  • As a user, you can find the most convenient approach to study online.
  • You can get personal feedback.
  • Users can benefit from common chat.


  • Many functions are available only in the Pro version of the app. 

Best for: You can dedicate time to pursue your studying goals properly.

8. Babbel

The price for the subscription period is more than you need to pay for the competitors’ apps. However, the quality is really great. 

It is possible to learn the different languages of your choice. 

How it works

This is an online course where every student can find an abundance of tasks to test the level of language proficiency and then improve it if needed. The app is famous for its visual vocabulary that helps learners comprehend the material faster. You will find it easy to start discussing the topics orally from the first lesson. 


  • Attention is distributed equally among all learning aspects. 
  • User benefits from eye-catchy content with structured material. 


  • Lack of gamification is a big disadvantage that bothers many users.
  • You have to pay to get a complete course. 
  • Some topics are less developed than others. 

Best for: You will find it useful if you need an exhaustive learning process. 

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9. Byki

The app has been designed to help learners cope with words and word expressions easily with the help of flashcards, but these cards can also be used to remember various facts regardless of the subject.

You can use a limited version, but for a wider list of functions, it is better to get a Pro version.

How it works

Basically, you are supposed to learn various expressions with the help of thematic flashcards. Don’t be afraid to forget the material, as the app synchronizes learned words and presents them for revision with equal intervals. 


  • Only native speakers’ pronunciation.
  • With the Pro version, you can create your own vocabulary flashcards. 


  • Limited free version.

Best for: Use is an additional app for learning the language.

10. Forvo

With the help of this app, you will get professional assistance with pronunciation. It gives its users the opportunity to listen to more than 300 languages recorded by native speakers. 

How it works 

When you go to Forvo, you can ask for the professional help from regular users who have a perfect command of this or that language. You can also look through the database and choose the word from the already existing list. 


  • Everything you hear is pronounced with a proper native accent.
  • If you need a word from a special category, Forvo will provide you thematic categories of word lists. 


  • To benefit from every feature, you need to register first.
  • The developers review the recordings, but they are not always perfect.
  • Help with how the words are pronounced is the only feature that Forvo suggests.

Best for: This is a tool, and not a complete course or online manual. 

11. Rhinospike

This app helps you find another learner so that you can exchange audio files for common learning purposes. 

For now, you can find recordings in more than 70 languages.

How it works

With the help of this app, you can download any text and ask it to be read by a native speaker. Your task will be to record a text with your own voice in exchange. Further, you can add audios to your library and practice them. 


  • You can request anything from the text block to a single word to be pronounced by a native speaker. 
  • Another advantage consists in the ability to ask for transcription of a video, for example.


  • You will not get your request done immediately, because there is a queue that you should wait for. 

Best for: This is a good tool to practice your reading and listening skills. You will also improve your pronunciation with Rhinospike. 

12. Hello Talk

You can buy a subscription or use a simplified free version of the app. This is a global oriented app that makes it possible to chat internationally. It suggests more than 100 available languages. 

How it works 

If you need to practice your target language communication skills, you can find a user for whom this language it native. You can also teach this person your language or correct his/her mistakes


  • You will immerse yourself in real-life situations and learn the language faster. 
  • You won’t have any homework or specific classes on a particular subject. Learning a language with Hello Talk is a pleasure. 
  • You will learn what the language looks like in reality. 


  • If you do not buy a subscription, you will be allowed to use only one language at a time. 
  • With the free account, you will not benefit from translation or transliteration. 

Bets for: This is a good tool to find your online pen friend. 

13. Lang-8

This is a free app where you can ask a native speaker to check your writing or check someone’s paper instead. 

How it works 

You should write a text in the target language and ask a more experienced learner to check it. 


  • You will improve your writing. 
  • You will make friends. 
  • It is possible to check both simple sentences and texts. 


  • For a free member, there are only two languages available at a time. 
  • Constant advertisement. 

Best for: Good choice for intermediate learners. 

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14. HiNative

This is an app to ask other people questions about their language and culture. 

How it works

You should create an account, and then you feel free to ask various questions and get responses from native speakers. 


  • The app has a user-friendly interface.
  • You can ask almost everything in terms of any language. 


  • To benefit from all features, you should get paid accounts. 

Best for: This is a good app for those who need help or want to answer questions about their language.

15. Polyglot Club

An app is great for finding friends and practice online or offline target language skills. 

How it works 

You can ask a native speaker to correct mistakes in your text, find and watch videos or chat with others. 


  • You can find like-minded people and share your language learning experience. 


  • It may be confusing to find someone for a long-term conversation. 

Best for: If you are a dedicated language learner, this app will help you make friends.