Exploratory Essay Topics: Why to Be Attentive while Choosing?

Crafting an exploratory essay is very tricky because it differs a lot from other types of essays. Here you are not allowed to share your opinion or make some conclusions. You just need to look at the issue, explore it, provide readers with extra information, and that’s all. For instance, your topic is “The best age to discuss sex”. You need to talk about the issue, give examples, but you can’t state what age you think is the best to talk on the sexual topic. 

That’s why you should be attentive while selecting from possible exploratory essay topics, as it must have enough space for you to talk and do not break the paper requirements. If you feel some difficulties with choosing the best idea, then find out a few nice tips that will make your choice quicker and easier.

How to Choose from Exploratory Essay Topics?

Now you know what is an exploratory essay, and perhaps you are wondering how to choose the best topic for your paper. First of all, mind that there are many subjects that you can write on. These efficient steps will help you make the final decision and craft a stunning paper.

Choose the Subject and Consider the Assignment

First of all, you need to consider the assignment and choose the topic that hits it. For example, there is no need to talk about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle if your teacher expects you to cover some political questions. That’s why you need to look at the subject carefully and think twice before making the final decision. Some teachers provide the students with an open assignment, meaning that they can choose on their own, while others strictly mention what they want you to write about. In the first case, you can select from a wide range of categories like sports, health, etc. In the second one, you are expected to follow the instructions.

Select the General Category

If you are free to choose the category on your own, it means you need to start with a broader one. Often, it is a common issue that people discuss every day. Exploratory essay topics, in this case, are as follows:

  • Politics;
  • Technology;
  • Arts or music;
  • Family life;
  • Entertainment;
  • Religion;
  • Sports;
  • Business;
  • Health;
  • Culture.

As you can see, these broad categories may include narrower exploratory essay topics. So, you just need to choose the one that you feel comfortable with.

Look at Familiar Subjects in a Selected Category

After selecting a broad category, you need to look at common subjects within it. What do people usually discuss when they are talking about a definite topic? What are your first associations?  For example, you choose the category Sports, what subcategories come to your mind? Look at a few ideas:

  • Football;
  • Skiing;
  • Basketball;
  • Tennis;
  • Figure skating;
  • Running.

Now you have at least six potential exploratory essay topics to work on. This is a great potential that you can choose to come up with an interesting essay. Any issue that is related to the subcategory will suit you. For instance, you can look closer at such an idea as “What is the best age for kids to start going in for football”.

Narrow Down a List of Topics

Once you choose a few sub-categories, you need to narrow your list down. Look at all of them and select those which you are more familiar with. For example, you may know a lot about football and have a little expertise in figure skating. Use your strengths to come up with the best possible content.  Also, the sub-category should be up-to-date. Look through the recent media publications to check whether a selected issue is a hot topic nowadays. In this case, you will not waste too much time finding extra information.

Choose the Most Suitable Idea

Finally, you need to choose the best idea from a particular sub-category. For example, if you prefer to discuss issues connected with media, then you’d better focus on Instagram or Facebook as these platforms are currently spoken about. It means you will have a lot of valuable resources at your hand to use while crafting an exploratory essay.

If you are still confused with exploratory essay topics and can’t make the final decision, then approach a professional writing service to help you with a necessary assignment. These essays are really challenging, so there is no need to suffer in silence.

Top Exploratory Essay Topics

Now, when you have got a few useful tips, you may be wondering what are some good expository essay topics? Here is the list of nice ideas for everybody who needs some inspiration and does not want to be stuck at the very beginning of writing an exploratory essay.


  1. Facebook and its evolution
  2. Bitcoin: the cryptocurrency is the future
  3. How did eBay expand online retail?
  4. How did the online gambling business develop?
  5. Will the Bitcoin area finish soon?
  6. The consequences of shifting to online business
  7. The ways for a modern entrepreneur to prosper
  8. Forex & Cryptocurrencies:  what to invest in?
  9. Is accounting crucial for business management?
  10. Large corporations and business taxes: to be or not to be?

Family Life

  1. When is the best time to move from your parents’ place?
  2. What are crucial parents’ duties?
  3. Adapting as a good way to start a family
  4. One parent & two-parent families
  5. Single parents need more support and help
  6. Negative consequences of divorce for kids
  7. It is necessary to support ties with faraway family members?
  8. Older and younger siblings: how do the relationships work?
  9. What is the best age to build a family?
  10. The family in which two parents work

Arts and Music

  1. Can music take the function of universal language?
  2. Can music affect unborn kids?
  3. Our person’s emotions linked to music?
  4. Does listening to music influence our mood?
  5. How does classical music impact a person’s brain positively?
  6. Is playing a musical instrument beneficial for a kid?
  7. Does musical taste reflect our personalities?
  8. How did music develop since the 1970s?
  9. Should listening to music be recognized as a form of therapy?
  10. Music as a form of socialization: truth or myth?

Health and Well-being

  1. Smoking cigarettes: advantages and disadvantages
  2. Daily exercises and their benefits
  3. The changes in personal health through the years
  4. Can fitness and physical exercises become addictive?
  5. Can Marijuana act as an effective treatment?
  6. What is the main association with a perfect body?
  7. Does retirement impact mental and physical well-being?
  8. Do celebrities give the youth faked images of a perfect body?
  9. Reasons to watch how many hours per day you sleep
  10. Dieting: real mental and physical advantages


  1. The difference between individual and team sports
  2. The importance of sport for the mental and physical development of children
  3. The ways to analyze greatness in sports
  4. Natural talent or training: what is more crucial for sports success?
  5. Why are some sports more or less popular in definite countries?
  6. The development of sport at different history stages
  7. Sports celebrities: the way from amateur to a superstar
  8. Psychological factors that are decisive for professional sport
  9. How does professional jumping differ from an amateur?
  10. How does sport impact well-being?

Religion and Culture

  1. Various religious practices worldwide
  2. Why do different religions have different gods?
  3. Is religion as important as 50 years ago?
  4. Eating habits in different cultures
  5. Euthanasia: where is it accepted?
  6. Why do some cultures speak about the afterlife?
  7. Do religions have a positive impact on a person’s life?
  8. Religion as a form of escapism
  9. What are the key differences between Hinduism and Islam?
  10. Is Islam associated with violence?

Education and Schooling

  1. Is the same-sex school a good idea?
  2. Should governments make education more affordable?
  3. Should schooling provide students with more practical skills?
  4. How to prepare for an exam effectively?
  5. Should schools work as digital workplaces?
  6. Does coffee impact student’s concentration?
  7. Should students pay for education at universities?
  8. Should modern schools look more appealing?
  9. Technology at schools: must it be limited or not?
  10. Who attends colleges more: women or men?

Social Life

  1. Rise celebrities via social media platforms
  2. Social life: before and after Internet development
  3. Parties now and before: main differences
  4. How social media impacts people’s life
  5. Does Tinder influence the behavior in relationships?
  6. Online dating: pros and cons
  7. Are cafes and pubs getting less relevant?
  8. Does making friends change throughout the entire life?
  9. The false impression of a person’s life because of Instagram
  10. Is our generation getting anti-social?

Major World Problems

  1. Plastic pollution is a real disaster for our planet
  2. Do popular environmental organizations really help the Earth?
  3. Can one person make a big difference?
  4. Is ignoring global problems morally irresponsible?
  5. Pollution is at the top of major world problems
  6. Can only one country solve the global issue?
  7. Deforestation leads to a decrease in oxygen
  8. Increased risks of flooding and tides because of melting ice caps
  9. Is global warming really such a serious problem?
  10. The most crucial world problem that we are facing now


  1. Are AI and computers better teachers than humans?
  2. The impact of virtual reality on society’s future
  3. Can self-driving cars affect a person’s driving ability?
  4. Will technology replace people at workplaces?
  5. The negative impact of games consoles on kids’ social development
  6. Using smartphones lead to poor communication via speech
  7. Is technology connected with laziness?
  8. Is AI an ethical step for the future or not?
  9. Does social media interfere with a private life?
  10. Television may reduce the mental capacity of the person


  1. A perfect film length
  2. Do actors earn too much?
  3. Can violence in films influence children?
  4. Is cinema less popular because of the Internet?
  5. The way of how films reflect current society
  6. What is more gripping: film or theater?
  7. Netflix and its impact on the popularity of modern titles
  8. Are Oscars and other award ceremonies scams?
  9. Should violence and sex be allowed in films?
  10. Watching pornography: possible health hazards

Different Exploratory Essay Topics

  1. Will UBER soon replace traditional taxis?
  2. Is having a pet good for your health?
  3. The emergence of interracial marriage
  4. USA & China: what is the world’s superpower?
  5. Did the situation with terrorism attacks change since 9/11?
  6. The problems of bringing kids in war-torn places
  7. The influence of Brexit on the UK and the European Union
  8. Consuming the modifies food: pros and cons
  9. Is mental sickness still a shame in modern society?
  10. Gene splicing: is it ethical or not?

How to Succeed with Exploratory Essay Topics?

The main aim of a good exploratory essay is to give some information rather than persuade the readers or share personal opinions. To understand which idea from numerous exploratory essay topics suits you better, you need to understand how it works actually. In case you cannot make the final decision on the title, you’d better apply for professional assistance. Mind that an incorrect topic will not let you come up with a stunning paper.