Free Online Courses for All Disciplines

The vast majority of college graduates have more than $37,000+ in loans. They have to pay this money back, instead of spending it on traveling. 

However, it might look crazy, but there are many free courses online. Check out our list of online courses from many universities. Just read on!

Writing & Literature Free Online Courses

  1. Poetry in America: Modernism. Do you like poetry but experience a lack of time for studying? Harvard University is the one that offers such a type of education, which is a great opportunity for you.
  2. Popular Culture and Narrative: Literature Comics and Culture. Interested in studying comics? Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers you a possibility to study the heroes of your favorite comics like Captain America, Wolverine, Spiderman, Well, and more. You will have the possibility to study them from a cutting-edge perspective. 
  3. Getting Started with Essay Writing. This course at the University of California will assist you in learning how to compose essays. You are able to get the materials for free, thanks to the audit opportunity. However, you cannot get certification online.
  4. Start Writing Fiction. Do you want to upgrade your writing level? Open University offers you online free courses to help you improve your writing. When you finish this course, you will get to know that online courses are great to take part in them. 
  5. Developing Your Research ProjectAs long as the world is constantly changing, we all need good researchers. So, the University of Southampton offers an opportunity to improve this skill if you are interested. You will be more aware of the hindrances you may encounter.
  6. Academic English Writing. The University of California offers free courses to help make your paper exciting and persuasive to read. Join this course to master your academic writing. 
  7. Hamlet’s Ghost. With this course offered by Harvard University, you will be closer to the world of classic literature and discover many interesting things about Hamlet.   

Culture & Society

  1. Culture of Services: New Perspective on Customer Relations. This course at Kyoto University will open the world of customer service and the rules of its culture. You will get to know how to conduct customer service research. At the finish of the course, you would be able to analyze interactions with critique services, design, and customers.
  2. How to Change the World. Discrimination and poverty are two big problems in the modern world. With this course at Wesleyan University, you would learn a lot more about global issues and generate ways how to tackle them. 
  3.  Innovation: The Fashion Industry. Use this course at the University of Leeds if you are a fashion lover. Learn more about your favorite brands. Here you will get a certificate. As a result, you can call yourself an expert at the end of the course.
  4.  Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance. Being a participant in these classes at Monash University, you will get to know why well-being is important. Probably, your opinion might be changed in this course concerning well-being.
  5.  Visualizing Japan. Every traveler is thrilled by the peculiarity and beauty of Japan. Discover westernization and modernity of this country at Harvard University courses.
  6.  Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Change. Learn how social workers assist others at the University of Michigan courses. Here you will get to know about techniques, themes, and values they use. Also, you will find out the strategies that are utilized to tackle major issues.
  7.  Future Cities. At this course at ETH Zurich, you will get to know about the city as a specific complicated system. It is like an artificial organism that consists of independent components like streets, buildings, and people. To see the future, learn more about it.
  8.  Sociology. Learn the people’s behavior around you at this course at Western Sydney University. Get to know about the advantages of the social sciences.
  9.  Football: More than a Game. Participate in this course at the University of Edinburgh to get to know about major clubs, history, competition between the clubs, and championships. 
  10.  Journalism, the Future, and You! Master your journalism knowledge at the free course at Michigan State University. Learn how to keep the trust of the audience and other professional aspects. 
  11.  Why We Post? The Anthropology of Social Media. Learn why people tend to post on various social media platforms at the course at University College London. Discover this problem from anthropologic and social angles.
  12.  Learning Online: Managing Your Identity. As long as we spend a lot of time online, our profiles might influence our careers since many employers tend to check the profiles on social media before hiring. To succeed, it will be better to take this free course at the University of Leeds.
  13.  An Introduction to Japanese Subcultures. Learn about the meaning and history of such terms as manga, anime, cosplay, and j-pop at Keio University.  


  1.  The Science of Happiness. Learn about yourself and happiness at the course at Berkeley University. It will inspire you and boost your motivation.
  2.  Success. Learn more about yourself and how to be successful at the University of Pennsylvania. Define what success means to you at this course.
  3.  Music Moves: Why Does Music Make You Move? Have you ever thought about how music influences mood? During the course, you would learn the relationships between movement and music. You can do it at the University of Oslo.
  4.  Ignorance! Learn about ignorance and how to face it at the course at Australian National University. 


  1.  Communicating Strategically. Learn how to improve your speech and encourage others at the course at Purdue University.
  2.  Business Communications. Learn how to encourage others to share their ideas and structure your speech in the business setting. In the aftermath, you will get a certificate from The University of British Columbia.
  3.  Intercultural Communication. Get to know more about intercultural communication at the course at Shanghai International Studies University.
  4.  Introduction to Public SpeakingBecome more confident at speaking in the public at the course at the University of Washington.

Health & Food

  1.  The Ethics of Eating. Get to know more about the rules of the culture of eating at the course at Cornell University.
  2.  Midwifery. This course at the University of New Castle is perfect for those people who have chosen midwifery as their career. Here you will get to know the meaning and history of this profession.
  3.  Health and Wellbeing in the Ancient World. Get to know the way ancient Greeks and Romans approached health and well-being, using literary evidence. You can do it at The Open University.
  4.  Stanford Introduction to Food and Health. Learn the dieting and eating principles at Stanford University. For example, you can learn about food as medicine here.
  5.  The Science of Nutrition. Learn more about vitamins and food at Open University, and change your diet.
  6.  Preventing Childhood Obesity: an Early Start to Healthy Living. One of the biggest problems nowadays is obesity. Learn more about the consequences and reasons for obesity at the course at the University of Wollongong.
  7.  Human Anatomy. Learn more about organs and body parts. Enjoy this easy course at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  8.  Vital Signs: Understanding What the Body Is Telling Us. Get a review of body systems and the way they function. Learn how to make measurements of the vital signs of the body at the course at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Career & Business

  1.  Marketing in the Digital World. You will need to study for only four weeks. Get insights into digital marketing at the course at the University of Illinois.
  2.  Career Brand Management. Become an efficient future manager with this course for free at the State University of New York.
  3.  Writing Winning Resumes and Cover Letters. Get to know how to write and design your CV to be hired at the course at the State University of New York.
  4.  How to Apply to College. Succeed in applying to college and get a guide via the process of admission at the course at the University of Pennsylvania.
  5.  Career Options: Exploring a New Career. Learn how to design your Cv and build the career plan at the University System of Georgia course. 
  6.  Kickstart Your Career: Getting Ahead at University. Learn how to start your career after graduation. Improve your understanding of yourself and career opportunities at two weeks course at the Queensland University of Technology.
  7.  Competitive Strategy. Learn the way businesses and organizations act in strategic decision situations. Learn the strategies to be used in the competition at the course at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.
  8.  Becoming an Entrepreneur. Get a guide for your start-up as well as necessary business skills. You can do it at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology courses.
  9.  Introduction to Accounting. Get to know more about the accounting and understand the financial statements differences at the course at The University of British Columbia.
  10.  Introduction to Marketing. Learn how companies generate exciting ads and do colorful packaging at this course at the University of British Columbia. 
  11.  Global Business in Practice. This course at Georgetown University is for those who are interested in and want to try international businesses.
  12.  International Hospitality & Healthcare Services Marketing. Learn the aspects of hospitality industries and healthcare at Yonsei University course, if you want to dedicate your life to this sphere.


  1.  English Composition. Master your English writing skills and learn how to express your ideas at the Arizona State University course.
  2.  Learn English: Intermediate Grammar. Improve your grammar and learn to apply rules of the English language at the University of California courses.
  3.  Conversational English Skills. Practice English, communicate, and express your ideas politely at Tsinghua University courses. 
  4.  Academic and Business Writing. Improve your language grammar and skills at courses at Berkeley University.
  5.  Chinese for Beginners. Are you planning to trip to China or want to learn this language? Check out this online course at Peking University.
  6.  Introduction to Italian. Learn to speak Italian fluently at the University for Foreigners of Siena courses.
  7.  Basic Spanish 2: One Step Further. Learn Spanish at courses at the Technical University of Valencia.
  8.  Introduction to Norwegian. Learn the language of the place with the most astonishing landscapes at Oslo University courses.
  9.  Introduction to Korean. Learn the Korean language and get a certificate at Hanyang University courses.

History & Politics

  1.  Framing: How Politicians Debate. Get recommendations politicians utilize to convince the voters at the Delft University of Technology courses.
  2.  Innovation: The World’s Greatest. Discover historical events and learn more about innovation at courses at the University of Leeds.
  3.  Hollywood: History, Industry, Art. Interested in history, arts, and filmmaking? Get to know more about Hollywood at courses at the University of Pennsylvania.
  4.  Human Origins. Learn humankind’s history and the theory of evolution at Arizona State University courses.
  5.  The Ancient Greek Hero. Discover the culture of Greeks at this free course at Harvard University.
  6.  Top 10 Social Issues for the President’s First 100 Days. View the country’s issues from the president’s perspective. Learn how to rule perfectly the country at courses at the University of Pennsylvania.
  7.  World War I: A History in 100 Stories. Listen to the real-life First World War stories at courses at Monash University.
  8.  Genealogy: Researching Your Family Tree. Learn your roots and family at the University of Strathclyde courses.
  9.  Rome: A Virtual Tour of the Ancient City. Feel the Roman Empire atmosphere of ancient times at the courses at the University of Reading.
  10.  The Holocaust: The Destruction of European Jewry. Discover the consequences and causes of the most terrible historical event at the courses at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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Science & IT

  1.  Introduction to Big Data. Learn to understand the issues of Big Data, get to know more about programming, describe the 5vs of Big Data at the course at the University of San Diego.
  2.  Programming for Everybody. Learn in two-four weeks the art of Python and use this course for audit at the University of Michigan.
  3.  Video Game Design: Teamwork & Collaboration. Learn the video game role, support, and business teams. Get to know how to make, market, and sell a video game and learn backgrounds of game design at the course at Rochester Institute of Technology. 
  4.  Question Everything: Scientific Thinking in Real Life. Learn about the methods of utilizing science in real life at the University of Queensland courses. 
  5.  Basic Physics. Discover the physics basics for free at the course at Swinburne University.
  6.  Climate Change. Learn about the changes that happen on the planet, stop global warming for free at Macquarie University courses.
  7.  Global Warming Science. Learn at this one more class to explain the reasons and repercussions of global warming at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  8.  A Resilient Future: Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction. Learn about existing and emerging technologies that are designed to assist with disaster risk reduction. Learn about the challenges and limits of accepting and adapting technologies, that are depending on a type of a certain region at courses at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.
  9.  Advanced Chemistry. Learn the chemical reactions art and master your skills and knowledge in this science at courses at the University of Kentucky.
  10.  From Atoms to Stars: How Physics Explains Our World. Learn in four weeks about everything starting from atoms to massive galaxies at courses at National Research Nuclear University.
  11.  Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe. Get guided through astrophysics at the courses at the Australian National University.
  12.  Artificial Intelligence. Learn about the AI (artificial intelligence) history and how to generate algorithms in 3 months course at Columbia University.
  13.  The Science of Everyday Thinking. Learn how people make certain decisions and think, and improve the memory at courses at the University of Queensland.
  14.  DNA and Atoms: The Secret of Life. Explore from the micro-level the human bodies and discover the secrets of DNA at courses at Seoul National University.
  15.  Introduction to Actuarial Science. Get knowledge about risk management, banking, and finance at courses at Australian National University.
  16.  Introduction to Biology: The Secrets of Life. Expand your skills and knowledge about molecules, DNA, and genomes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology courses.  
  17.  Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics. Understand how to make calculations and random samples at courses at Columbia University.

Arts & Design

  1.  Graphic Design. Learn to utilize a blend of shapes and colors, make interesting presentations, and attract visitors to your website at classes at the University of Colorado.
  2.  World Music. If you are a music enthusiast, this course at James Cook University is for you. 
  3.  Developing Your Musicianship. Learn basic concepts and approaches to music to help you perform, create, and understand modern music at courses at Berklee College of Music.
  4.  The Architectural Imagination. Discover the art of architectural forms and get to know more about traditions, customs, and culture at courses at Harvard University.
  5.  Principles of Designing for Humans. Get to know more about design and generate a model that would draw the attention of others at courses at Michigan University.
  6.  Introduction to Italian Opera. If you are an opera lover, you would better choose this course at Dartmouth. Open Italian cultural portal if you are passionate about Italian opera. 

All things considered; you should not pay money for everything in your life. Sometimes life offers us free gifts to improve our well-being. Choose one or a few of the mentioned above, free online courses, and enjoy your life!