100 Fresh And Attention-Grabbing Evaluation Essay Topics For 2020

To begin with, what is an evaluation essay? It is an essay that provides objective judgment of the value of something or someone, that is, explores and articulates reasons why something is good or bad. This kind of essay should not be mixed up with an opinion or reflection essay. The latter types of essays invite some evaluation, but they do not demand rigorous analysis and foundations. You state that you like it or not because of your personal preferences, and that’s it. 

An evaluation essay is an objective, it can be followed by other people, and they can infer how to judge similar things from this essay. So, you are responsible for providing plausible criteria or standards of evaluation. It means that the paper will have a clear structure and a thesis. It also means that you will have to pick the topic carefully so that it can be evaluated (physical nature of rain is a worthy topic, for example, but not for evaluation). This is why Do My Writing provides a guide on writing this kind of paper and a hundred current and interesting evaluation essay topics for you to use freely. 

The Structure And The Way Of Building An Evaluation Process

The structure of this essay is that of every other paper: introduction, body, and conclusion. 

In the introduction, you name entities you plan to evaluate, mention how they affect you, and introduce the thesis.  

In the body, you will explore carefully criteria for evaluation and how your subject meets them. You will have somewhere between 2 and 5 paragraphs, so try to mention essential points and explain them within this limit. You may or may not include outside evidence; it depends on what you evaluate. 

The conclusion restates the thesis and mentions one or two key ideas of the body. It does not say anything new; it just reminds readers of the key idea of your essay.

Evaluation Process

It is more important, however, to include a strong conceptual framework of evaluation. You can either take something as a perfect example and compare your subject to it in different aspects, or you can pick several criteria and compare one or more subjects to these criteria. 

Different evaluation essay topics will call for the different formal organizations as well. 

Point-by-point organization: you name a criterion and then evaluate the subject according to it, take another criterion and evaluate, etc. Think art critique: you pick a painting and evaluate its color palette, light, rhythm, composition, truthfulness or allegoric nature, etc.   

Compare and contrastyou compare something to a known standard. This is often a case for musical and culinary evaluation. 

Chronological order: applicable for evaluating historical events (with relation to their outcomes and overall meaning in the end). 

Sequential order: you can apply it when you evaluate some process, mechanism, or procedure. For example, when evaluating the logistics strategy of some company, you will praise some stages and point to potential bottlenecks at other stages. 

Spatial order: architecture is evaluated in this way, as the correlation of empty and filled spaces, mutual location of elements, proportions, etc. 

Selecting The Right Topic For Evaluation

To avoid much hassle and troubles, be sure to pick a topic that is manageable. That is, it is limited in scope and easily researched. How to hit these goals with one shot? There are our tips. 

Hit the Internet Road

The freshness of the topic and its potential of being interesting to readers is higher if you find it among recent news on the web. You will be interested in it as well, so even if you hate writing, your personal engagement will keep you afloat in this process. 

Analyze Your Prospects With This Topic

Before you begin drafting, think how narrow or wide the topic is, how much space it will take to provide a thorough evaluation of it and if you have enough time for deep research. If the load of work is immense, try picking an easier topic. 

Research the Sources Before You Start Writing

Even if the topic seems simple and fun to write on, research the sources first. You deal with evaluation essay topics, not with an opinion piece, so you will need patterns and facts to rely on while evaluating. Mind that sources need to be scholarly or at least come from reputable newspapers and sites. If the sources are available and clearly written as well, then congrats, you can start building your masterpiece!

Evaluation Essay Sample

What should an evaluation essay look like? Let’s glance at an example of a comparison of two imaginary Chinese restaurants. 

“Chinese food is known for its complex and rich tastes and ages-old traditions of cooking. Both foodies and hungry students returning from studies will find something to their taste if they enter bright premises of a Chinese restaurant. This cuisine can outrage or impress, but it will not leave you indifferent. However, not all Chines restaurants are made equal. If we evaluate two restaurants located in different areas of New York, we will notice differences that indicate how urbanization and business demand disrupt the traditional approach to food. 

We will compare the Full Moon restaurant in the downtown and the similar in size of Uncle Li’s restaurant in the former Chinatown area. We will compare the quality of food, preparation, interior, prices, and the general impression you gain from the place. 

The Full Moon restaurant is a chic place with a lot of space and an elegant interior. The furniture and décor are almost entirely European, with few objects that are strategically placed to remind of the Chinese character of the restaurant. If they are removed, the place could easily be converted into a French or Italian restaurant. Marble, solid furniture, crisp linen tablecloths – these elements are close to traditional European and American ideas of the restaurant, Chinese elements being confined to the kitchen. 

Uncle Li’s restaurant, although similar in space and richness of the menu, looks more like a home kitchen of a huge family with several generations. The walls are bamboo lines and covered with lanterns, banners with traditional wishes of well-being, and photographs. Tables are put close to each other; woven rigs being put under dishes with food. The light is dim, the music is Chinese, and the place is filled with voices, unlike the quiet Full Moon.

Menus of both restaurants are practically identical, offering all kinds of delicacies and solid daily meals, from noodles, meatballs, shrimps to Peking duck, and tiny crisp cakes with an assortment of fillings. In Uncle Li’s restaurant, the kitchen is separated by a glass wall only, so those who sit close to it can observe the process of cooking in full detail. In the Full Moon, food is delivered from the kitchen behind closed doors on plates with lids. So, before the lid is lifted, you do not know what you are being served. Being able to see the cook at work is a norm for Chinese cuisine, so the approach of the Full Moon is more European. 

Food in Uncle Li’s restaurant has slightly different, richer, and spicier taste than in the Full Moon. The food explodes in your mouth with a variety of experience and tastes; you feel crispy, soft, and savory elements altogether, sauces are diverse and hard to identify. Portions are big, if a dish is expected to be consumed hot, it will be served boiling hot, and it is up to you to exercise reason while making the first bite. 

The Full Moon obviously tries to imitate American and European standards, so the food is lighter on spices that it would be in Uncle Li’s restaurant. It is tasty and proper, but the unique range of sources and spices is lost, and Peking duck, although excellent, can as well be made by a French chef. Meatballs are hard and chewy, so it can be inferred that they were stored in a freezer and not made afresh. Portions are reasonable but smaller than in Uncle Li’s restaurant. Something vital is lost in exchange for the international appeal of the Full Moon as a place for business lunches and dinners.”

Similarly, you describe the prices and the overall mood the places give you. Then you sum everything up and check the grammar and spelling. It goes without saying that you should know what you are talking about, whether it is a book, a movie, or a café. So read, view, and go there before you undertake the job of writing. 

And now the key part: lists of great evaluation essay topics to cate to your needs. 



Evaluation of Sports Topics

  • Football: Ronaldo, Beckham, Messi, Neymar, Ibrahimović, Zidane – evaluate one of them as the best player
  • The best Super Bowl opening ceremony
  • Real Madrid vs. Manchester United 
  • The culture of exaggeration of sports importance in colleges and schools: how it impacts their development and self-image
  • The best tennis male player 
  • The best tennis female player 
  • Games with full stadiums vs. games with empty stadiums: impact on the performance of players 
  • Salaries of famous football and basketball players vs. salaries in other kinds of sports 
  • Star players vs. star team: what is better and when
  • Sport as show vs. sport as physical activity
  • The best baseball player ever
  • Boxing vs. eastern martial arts – what is more efficient for self-defense   

Evaluation of TV, Movies And Books Topics

  • Book vs. movie: what is more impressive
  • Causes of popularity of soap operas
  • Mainstream vs. arthouse movies 
  • Pulp Fiction as the best movie by Tarantino (and is it?) 
  • The best actor 
  • The best actress
  • Oscar vs. the Golden Globe 
  • American cinema tradition vs. European cinema tradition 
  • Ways in which movies shape/change our perception of reality
  • Love in real life vs. love in movies 
  • Can series replace long novels (as some critic’s claim)?
  • Representation of history in so-called historical movies
  • Degrees to which the content of the book is lost in the screen adaptation 
  • The prequel, the original movie, and sequel: are they equally masterful (in most cases)?
  • DC vs. Marvel comics and their heroes 
  • Is there any use in teaching old-time classic authors like Homer, Shakespeare, Dickens, etc.?
  • Should every student be obliged to complete formal academic papers (since writing is an art)?
  • The best movie of the actor you like

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Culture Evaluative Topics

  • Signs of westernization of various areas of culture across the globe 
  • Cultural diversity vs. laissez-faire approach: telling the difference
  • Cultural shock: possible stumbling points 
  • Multiculturalism vs. cultural appropriation 
  • Expressionism vs. figural painting: what real art is 
  • Taoism in Japan, China, and India 
  • Taoism vs. Confucianism as social paradigms 
  • Greek art of antiquity vs. contemporary Greek art 
  • Causes of the popularity of reality shows 
  • Is a virtual visit to a museum better than no visit at all?
  • Pick and discuss the artist who embodies the culture of a certain time period. Tell what is so particular about his/her works. 
  • A car as an integral part of the American culture
  • Folk tales and art of America: what they are 
  • American folk tales vs. British folk tales

Food and Eat-Out Location Evaluation Essays

  • Chinese and Tai food: what is better 
  • American traditional dishes vs. cuisine in some European country
  • Price of meals cooked at home vs. the price of food in a fast food
  • Vegan vs. vegetarian diet 
  • The best kind of pizza
  • Compare and evaluate several coffee shops 
  • The perfect bar for you
  • KFC vs. McDonald’s
  • Meat vs. fish as a source of protein and nutrients 
  • Northern vs. Southern cooking traditions of America 
  • The healthiest dessert 
  • The food traditions you will never want to explore (and why)
  • Industrial food production vs. small farmers 
  • Japanese vs. Western sushi tradition 
  • Green tea vs. black tea 
  • Benefits and drawbacks of wine drinking 

Technology Evaluation Topics

  • iOS vs. Android (and try to be objective :))
  • The latest version of the phone you own: it is that much better than its predecessors? 
  • Should technological giants like Google be allowed to collect as much information about you as they do now?
  • Photos were taken by phone vs. photos taken by a professional camera 
  • Electronic textbook vs. paper textbook 
  • The most realistically rendered computer game up to date 
  • Has iPhone overturned our understanding of technology and its capacities? 
  • Phones in schools: the pros and cons
  • Dating in the pre-technology era vs. dating in the technology era
  • Can we say that social media made us less happy exactly because we encounter more people (and compare ourselves to them)?
  • Technology and intellectual rights
  • Have social media changed the concept of friendship?
  • What is better – to experience a concert with a phone in a pocket or record it up to the last minute (but miss the fun)?
  • If facing a strict choice, what would you prefer – a new laptop or a new phone? 

Internet-Related Evaluation Topics

  • Cloud services and their impact on b2b services and data storage and transfer 
  • The world with Internet vs. the world without Internet 
  • The success of Google vs. other browsers and web ecosystems
  • Evaluate the impact on the Internet of the role of other media and means of communications
  • Promotion of business online vs. promotion offline 
  • WhatsApp as a typical messaging app 
  • Instagram vs. Facebook in promotion of a clothing retail shop 
  • Netflix vs. HBO
  • Cryptocurrency vs. traditional money 
  • Effectiveness of using Internet for teaching in colleges 
  • Has the Internet changed the way we communicate? 
  • Impact of internet of patterns of employment and working hours

Education Evaluation Topics

  • Paid college vs. free college for all
  • Zero tolerance policy vs. other ways of eradicating bullying problem: efficiency 
  • Mental health protection in schools 
  • The academic success of kids who received some kind of pre-school education vs. those who did not 
  • School uniform vs. freestyle dressing 
  • Dress code rules in schools: gendered-biased or not 
  • Ways of dealing with the disruptive behavior of students in the USA vs. Europe 
  • Different methods of motivating and encouraging students and their efficiency 
  • Role of social factors and income level in student’s academic success 
  • European vs. American mode of arranging curriculum 
  • Ivy League universities and their potential advantages over other institutions 
  • Academic achievement of native English speakers vs. non-native speakers 
  • Programs for refugees’ kids and their pros and cons. Access to ESOL. 
  • Reading of fiction vs. non-fiction texts in primary and secondary school. 

Still Stuck In The Process?

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