Definition of Satire Essay and Topics Examples

As a learner, you are expected to compose many various papers and essays for any educational institution (school and college). Certainly, it indicates you are going to compose about many exciting themes and topics. However, it additionally indicates you are going to compose in various styles too.

If you learn English or any of the social sciences, chances are you will need to compose a satirical essay. Nevertheless, satire themes can be pretty difficult, and not every learner can deal with them and needs some advice during the writing process. That is why you are reading this article right now!

Let’s imagine you have been appointed to compose a satire essay. However, what does it mean? Well, a satire essay, besides suggested as a satirical essay, is a type of writing that intends to analyze a theme in a funny way. Usually, this indicates banter of a topic, and despite the facts are usually true, these facts are shown in an exaggerated way so that they are fun for the public or readers.

What Are the Elements of Satire?

The elements of satire are verbal irony, anachronism, parody, understatement (or overstatement), juxtaposition and malapropism. Nonetheless, you are not obliged to use all of them in every satire topic.

A satire article can be enjoyable to compose, as well as it is funny for your audience too. Your task is to present info for readers and a sarcastic and humorous position on the theme. Certainly, this regularly indicates that you need to own an opinion on the theme issue. However, this is what presents a satire article as one of the best types of writing to compose; you can present your own outlook and add your personal opinion in your assignment. This indicates that besides this way of writing is entertaining and funny, and it can additionally be educational and suggestive.

An instance of satire can be arguing about the views supported by Flat Earthers in a really serious manner. You can describe their outlook, their attempts in the search for verity, while at the same time presenting short evidence to the discrepancies in their ideas they are bewildered about (eclipses, tides, time zones) still including the resolutions they strive to offer for these discrepancies.

What Are the Types of Satire?

The satire continues a great instrument in modern culture. Cinema and TV, particularly, have been powerful means for satire over the earlier decades. There are three principal types of satire, every carrying out a different function.

  • Horatian. Horatian satire is funny and gives a clear social comment. It is intended to banter at a personality or event in an entertaining style;
  • Juvenalia. Juvenalian satire is dark but not comedic. It is intended to deliver the truth to power;
  • Menippean. Menippean satire exposes moral assessment on a special belief, for example, homophobia or racism. It can be funny and light, as Horatian satire. Still, it can additionally be as sharp as Juvenalian satire.

Tips for Writing a Satire

Certainly, you are reading this article as you desire to understand how to compose great satire. You are surely in the correct section! There are some necessary stages you need to remember in order to compose a great satire essay. Let’s consider them so that you can begin to work.

Consider Satire Themes for Essay

The initial stage in composing your satire assignment is to consider a theme. It is a bad idea to hasten this stage. If you desire to compose a great task, it is necessary to pick a theme you are interested in and comprehend sufficiently to develop a view and perform an entertaining analysis. 

Additionally, it will be more entertaining to pick a theme you desire and simpler to present your personal opinions! For instance, this can cover contemporary matters or that are going trending. Examples of powerful themes are topics you and people can be touched.

Formulate Funny Satire Themes for Audience

Certainly, an essential element to include during the selection of satire article themes is to study a really funny topic. It can be quite challenging to consider a theme if there is not a funny component that you can banter at. Define details you can make funny for people, and you can find out that composing a satire article is not complicated and fun. Question yourself; what is humorous or entertaining about this theme?

To make a satire theme, you can also start with an ordinary (even serious) theme and study methods to change it in order to make it funny – perform overstatements, work with the context, etc. It can assist you in pondering about an old good human nature, strange contemporary trends in our society, humorous self-deprecation, etc.

Define your Readers

Here you begin composing, you need to consider who will be viewing your article. The language and tone will be quite varied depending on the people who will view a satire theme. As an example, you are writing for course mates, so you can compose informal but formal for an educator or educational specialist. While the quality of your argumentation and outline of your article will be the same, the speech that you utilize will be different.

Utilize Hyperbole for Overstatement

Excellent satire themes will utilize hyperbole. This is an element of symbolic language to create humor, and you don’t need to perceive it literally. Put it shortly, hyperbole exaggerates a point and overstates it so you can emphasize your viewpoint. As an example, the expression: “I am so starving that I could eat a horse”. This is hyperbole that overstates the case that the human is unbelievably hungry. Certainly, no one would really eat a horse, but it is utilized for emphasis.

Include Sarcasm

One of the most useful parts of the language you are able to utilize in a satire article is sarcasm. It is not only an effective method of presenting your viewpoint in your work, but it is additionally a technique to amuse the audience and help them to create an idea of what you are talking about. You can taunt a situation, and it suggests utilizing language that expresses the opposite of what you desire to say.

Composing a great satire article needs the utilization of creative and energetic humor. Furthermore, utilizing an excellent vocabulary forms a contrast with the funny tone, intensifying the general impression.

Have Fun and Enjoy

Remember that your task needs to deliver the fun! While it may look hard to start writing and finding satire topics for presentation theme ideas, it can be a worthy task to the end. Therefore, don’t rush and attempt to possess some enjoyment with the process to generate powerful satire themes that you can be satisfied with.

What Are Good Satire Topics?

Good satire topics are usually connected with world’s news, such as political decisions, celebrities’ faults and so on. Nonetheless, the good topic may have any idea, if you represent it in an appropriate and interesting way.

Satire Essay Themes for College Learners

Are you attempting to find out any satire article themes? It is difficult to consider matters and themes. That is why we prepared some potential types and themes to get some ideas.


  1. What is the role of history in society nowadays?
  2. What are the alternative endings of World War II?
  3. What lessons can we determine nowadays from the Berlin Wall?
  4. Was Alexander the Great actually that great?
  5. The Holocaust and what do we know.
  6. How Adolf Hitler turned the ruler of a nation.
  7. The best and world Presidents of the USA.
  8. The position of the royal family before and nowadays.
  9. The most important occasions in history.


  1. The definition of Brexit.
  2. Should we actually listen to politicians anymore?
  3. Steps to stop unlawful immigration.
  4. Should the US establish a wall, and is Mexico financing for it?
  5. What the US and Russia possess in common.
  6. Should abortion be legalized?
  7. Are hidden guns a concealed issue?
  8. Is the death warrant a fading custom?
  9. Is Obamacare presenting the US with the healthcare it requires?


  1. Who is cooler: footballers or rugby players?
  2. The World Cup: the most important tourney in the world.
  3. Where are the next Olympic Games being carried out?
  4. Is there one person who really comprehends the off-side rule?
  5. Should there be advertisements on T-shirts?
  6. MMA vs Boxing: what carries more of a punch?
  7. Should steroids be permitted during sports competitions?
  8. Are sportsmen actually role models?
  9. Football players are making thousands every week.
  10. Will soccer become popular in the USA one day?

What is a good satire essay topic?

A good satire essay topic is just about the issue, that you liked the most. Don’t try to follow someone’s advice. Just review our list of topics and choose the best for yourself.

Social Matters

  1. Is it a moment for gun control at last?
  2. Vegetarians and meat-eaters.
  3. Does our country possess an obesity problem?
  4. Should healthcare be available to every person?
  5. Cyberbullying: let’s discuss this notion.
  6. Legalizing medical marijuana.
  7. Euthanasia and its position in modern society.
  8. Gender identity: be whoever you desire to be.
  9. Influential brands end animal testing.
  10. Why poorness is not only the third world issue.


  1. Does love actually present in the modern world?
  2. How to understand you fall in love.
  3. How to evade acting strangely on your first meeting.
  4. How to start conversations on your first date.
  5. Pickup lines and when not to utilize them.
  6. Love is blind, so why do we worry about it so much?
  7. It’s all fair in love and war.
  8. What will occur in a society without love?
  9. Is there an age limit on love?
  10. Can a person love more than one human?


  1. Is marriage overestimated?
  2. Is marriage worth it?
  3. How marriage transforms you as a personality.
  4. Should same-sex marriage be legalized?
  5. Should men carry a marriage ring?
  6. The cost of a common wedding.
  7. Why many marriages finish in divorce.
  8. Issues you should ask ere replying “I do”.
  9. Is marriage an outmoded institution?
  10. Why I won’t get married in a church.

The Environment

  1. Let’s discuss Global Warming.
  2. Do we actually require the ozone layer?
  3. Let’s support the environment by forbidding vehicles.
  4. Is recycling actually obtaining influential importance?
  5. Alternative Energy vs. Fossil Fuels.
  6. Why modern waste disposal techniques are trash.
  7. The deadly loss of biodiversity.
  8. Water pollution: there aren’t plenty more numerous fish in the sea and ocean.
  9. Does climate change present?
  10. Methods we can end pollution collectively.


  1. How to get acquainted with the top personalities in the business.
  2. How simple is it to manage your own company?
  3. Do I require a virtual helper?
  4. There is big money in business.
  5. How much impact do clients possess in business?
  6. The risks you need to accept in business.
  7. Role models in the business.
  8. Hiring the best personalities for your business.
  9. How to prosper in business without any tension.
  10. Working hard or hardly working?

Information Technology

  1. Will robots occupy our technology jobs?
  2. How we rely on technology for all things.
  3. Can you live a day without your computer or smartphone?
  4. How information technologies have developed over the years.
  5. The actual information about computer hackers.
  6. Is free Wi-Fi actually secure?
  7. Be confident your technology is safe.
  8. The Cloud: where is your information?
  9. Coming tendencies of information technology.
  10. The applications that are destroying your life.

Funny Themes

  1. Typical first world issues.
  2. Expressions your girlfriend utilizes and what they actually mean.
  3. Ending relationships with your partner because of a text message.
  4. People state you are what you eat.
  5. How every person, after all, transforms into their own parents.
  6. Why do women so long to get prepared for a date?
  7. Why do earphones always end up in knots?
  8. Being fashionably late is a myth.
  9. Why pineapple needs to be an ingredient of pizza.
  10. Is a hotdog a sandwich?


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