Why is it Important to Know How to Title Essay?

A title can be either a great advantage or disadvantage for your essay. It plays an important role in encouraging people to read the paper further. That’s why you need to know how to title an essay correctly and make a target audience interested in your work. Go on and find out effective tips, important stages, and the best examples of winning titles for essays.

A headline is the first thing that the readers see about your paper. It means you will not have another chance to set the right impression and encourage them to read your project. While the research paper title must support a definite claim or provide the solutions, an essay title should be catchy and encouraging. It must not have any extra information that is not decisive right at the moment. You need to check every single word to make sure it has a relevant meaning and, joining with other words, deliver the necessary message. A boring headline has no chance to grab anyone’s attention. Even though crafting a catchy title may take a lot of time, you shouldn’t give up.

The teacher will not evaluate your work with a good grade without reading the entire paper, so it is recommended to do your best to attract his/her attention with a good title. Let the readers understand what they are going to know about, but do not tell everything at once. A good intrigue will keep them concerned. Before you start to brainstorm the ideas for the best headline for your essay, let’s find out the features of a good title.

A Good Title: Key Features

If you want to know how to title an essay, then you should know that there are only two types of essay titles. It can be either good or bad and hence decide at once whether a target audience will be willing to go on reading or not. Your title will surely grab the attention of the readers if it contains verbs in Active voice and has other key features. You can be sure that a headline is winning if it is:

  • Short. Prefer a brief headline rather than create a long one because it can confuse the readers. Exclude words that have the same meaning and choose the ones that deliver the main message directly;
  • Believable. It is better not to invent any unbelievable titles that do not go with the context itself. As a result, you risk disappointing the target audience with some nonsense;
  • Attractive. The title that is interesting and attractive has more chances to appeal to readers;
  • Accurate. Despite what the topic is and the niche, you must not craft inaccurate deadlines. It is important for your overall college reputation;
  • Easy-to-read. Stay away from known words, complicated phrases, and structures, also do not include jargon. Nobody wants to feel foolish while reading an ordinary college essay. Moreover, you may have a wrong idea of a particular word and use it incorrectly.

If you want to impress the target readers from the very beginning, then find out a few more rules for creating a catchy suitable title. They will help you do your best and save some precious time. Mind that practice makes perfect, so incorporating these basic rules will be crucial for you as an author:

  • Mind the capitalization rules and remember a few exceptions. Each word of your title must start with a capital letter. Do not capitalize prepositions, pronouns, conjunctions, or articles.
  • Follow certain rules in case of using a colon in your headline. Here, you deal with punctuation rules, so having two remarkable topics, it is better to use a colon to separate them.
  • The headline must be tightly related to the text. In other words, it should summarize the entire paper instead of deciding what it will be about.
  • Avoid title underlining. The headlines come in bold style, so underlining will add extra emphasis. If you underline the title in accordance with some authorities, then do not bold it.
  • Every writing section must have a title. While working on your essay, do your best to craft interesting subheadings and make your text look more structured and organized.
  • Proofread the title several times. Review the final version of the headline and make sure it has no grammar, spelling, or punctual mistakes. Read the title attentively to understand whether it definitely is able to grab the readers’ attention.

How to Come with the Best Essay Title?

Most students waste days and nights before working out the best headline for their essay. This is a common problem for inexperienced authors who do not know what to start with. Luckily, you come across this detailed guide on how to title an essay. You will not experience any difficulties with titling the paper if you follow the next simple recommendations:

Write Essay First

The main mistake of most inexperienced writers is to start crafting an essay with a title. You need to begin with the content itself and only then back to the very beginning and come up with the best title for your paper. Otherwise, all your ideas will be based on the title. That is the worst thing you can do. A headline must review and summarize the entire paper, not vice versa. When your essay is ready, you need to read it a few times to understand which headline will better introduce the topic to the readers. In other words, it is recommended to write an outline, perform a research craft essay itself and only then start working at its title.

Consider a Paper Style

What is your essay about? What is the paper style? Is it a free-form paper or a serious academic essay? The style you are working with real matters while crafting a headline. Let’s see. In case you are writing something about serious crimes and the death penalty, then you can’t sound funny, and instead, the title must be strict and brief. If you are going to write about people’s interest in watching funny dog videos, then you can feel freer and do not be afraid of sounding humorous. Determine the essay tone correctly, and you will understand which headline suits it better.

The tone may be:

  • Informative – “Five Rules on How to Write Academic Essay”
  • Serious – “The Sustainable Development of Small Businesses”
  • Amiable – “Top Recommendations to Cope with Depression”
  • Funny – “Why Do People Like Watching Funny Cat Videos?”
  • Persuasive – “Reasons to Go in for Sport from Early Age”

Make Your Essay Simple and Brief

The prime purpose of every headline is to name the entire essay. You should not include any extra words to present all ideas at once. Remember Coca-Cola or another slogan that makes people dream and purchase lots of things all over the world. Your mission is all the same. Take a thesis statement and squeeze it. In this way, you will present the entire paper briefly and correctly without making readers confused.

Choose Relevant Words

Do not try to make simple things more complicated. Select a few central words and work with them. Such an approach will save your time and efforts. Remember, a good essay, although its tone should include neither abbreviations nor jargon.

Mind SEO Tricks

SEO or search engine optimization may be a great assistance for inexperienced writers. When you start crafting a good title, you can outline the words that are referred to the central paper idea. Type them into a search Google line and write “quote” next. As a result, you will see plentiful pages with quotations. They may be very helpful for you, so just select the resource you like best of all. Analyze it, and come up with a brief creative headline for your paper.

Apply for Online Assistance

If you do not plan to give money for some online tools, then you can use a free title generator that can be easily found on the Internet. Of course, it is not as helpful as professional writing assistance; still, you can benefit from it or get some dose of inspiration that will result in the winning title for your essay.

Some Extra Tips

Writing perfect headlines requires patience and practice. However, there are a few more tips that will simplify your creative process:

  • You can easily make your title catchy and more recognizable if you start it with a question word “Who, Why, When, Where, What, etc.” Everybody knows them and use them often, so there are no doubts you will grab the attention of the readers.
  • Think about the image that is not commonly associated with the topic but will make the target public curious about the content itself.
  • The lie can be a good choice when it comes to a catchy headline. Start your title with some untrue information, and you will surely attract attention to your essay.
  • If it is relevant, add some numbers to attract more attention. For example, “How to Cope with Stress at Workplace” will sound more winning if you write like this “5 Effective Ways to Overcome Stress at Workplace”.
  • Consider helpful examples to understand how a bad and a good headline looks not to make the same mistakes, and work out a winning title.

Good & Bad Titles

The most suitable title takes the content of the entire essay, summarizes it, and presents it in a few words. That’s why it is necessary to consider the style and paper structure. An experienced writer will never title an essay without good brainstorming. Look at the following examples to see the difference between good and bad titles.

  • BAD: The Most Dangerous Frog
  • GOOD: A Dangerous Beauty: Toxicity and Skin Coloration of Dart Frog
  • BAD:  Impact of Reality Shows
  • GOOD: How Reality Shows Influence the Behavior of Adults
  • BAD: The Little Mermaid in 29 Years: Rendering Sexist Message via Attractive Hero
  • GOOD: Gender Stereotypes Through the Image of the Little Mermaid
  • BAD: The Bronze Age
  • GOOD: How Did the Bronze Age Period Influence the Rise of Urban Civilization
  • BAD: Lessons of The Old Man and the Sea
  • GOOD: Crucial Symbolism in The Old Man and the Sea Book
  • BAD: The Consequences of the War
  • GOOD: What are Good Sides of the War for the World
  •  BAD: Tsunami is a Death Wave
  •  GOOD: Tsunami: How Huge Waves from the Sea Destroy Whole Cities
  • BAD: Mobile Phones Change our Lives
  • GOOD:  How Does the Mobile Telephony Impact the Way We Communicate

As you can see, bad titles look too generalized and do not let the readers understand what they are going to read about. It would be great if you add some key information to make it more convincing and detailed.

Top Common Mistakes for Essay Titles

Along with efficient tips on how you should write a title, you also need to know common mistakes to be able to miss them. So, exclude the following issues:

  • Negative themes. Do not consider it unethical—sensitive or immoral subjects. Otherwise, you risk spoiling your reputation forever.
  • Sounding too personal. Preserve your essay sounding professional, and do not include any personal examples or ideas.
  • Wrong questions. If you can’t ask the right questions related to a chosen topic, then think maybe your topic is not good enough.

Also, it is not recommended to recall your previous negative writing experience to the target audience, as it is only your business. Do not neglect the requirements of your teacher. Otherwise, you risk choosing the wrong headline for your essay and get a bad mark. 

The Best Title Examples

While trying to come up with a brilliant title for an essay, most young people experience hard times. It can be described as some block. The essay is ready, and you just need to analyze it and create a catchy headline. Still, it is challenging to represent all discussed thoughts and ideas in only one phrase. You can look at these great title examples, get some inspiration and come up with the best headline for your essay.

Persuasive Essay Titles

  • An Employee Who Smokes: Pros and Cons
  • Top Reasons to Avoid Flowers in Springtime
  • Using Video Games at School: The Advantages
  • The Right of Immigrants to Stay in America
  • Is it Necessary to Judge Candidatures by Tattoos?
  • Should Songs with Offensive Language Have a Special Label?
  • Each Classroom Must Have a TV set
  • Do Violent Video Games Hurt Children?
  • Sex Education Must Start at School
  • Vegetarianism Has Nothing in Common with a Healthy Lifestyle

Argumentative Essay Titles

  • Are the Family Ties Crucial?
  • Prostitution: Must it be Legalized?
  • The Changing of Drinking Age
  • Is Cosmetic Surgery a Threat for Teenagers and Why?
  • Are Cameras Security Measure or Breaking Privacy?
  • Is Anybody Above the Law?
  • Can Online Dating Help Meet Your Destiny?
  • Is a Profession of Artist Profitable?
  • Should Parents Check Online Activities of Their Kids?
  • Globalization and the Threat of Third World War

Creative Essay Titles

  • What Parenting Behavior Work?
  • Impact of Instagram on Modern Youth
  • When Should Personal Computers Be Allowed?
  • What is the influence of same-sex relationships on the community?
  • The Best Age to Discuss Sex with Children
  • Why Keep Silent and Watch Others?
  • What are Eight Traits of Effective People
  • Technological Zombies: What a New Era Will Bring Us?
  • How to Win People: Effective Tips to Succeed
  • How Does Steroid Influence the Sportsman Brains? 

Catchy Essay Titles

  • South and North Korea: The Life after the Conflict
  • How to Succeed in Real Estate Business?
  • Artificial Intelligence: Benefits and Risks for Humanity
  • How to Make Children of the 21st Century Responsible?
  • Virtual Reality Technology and Opportunity to Travel in Time
  • Who Has the Right to Kill?
  • How Do Animals Interact with Each other?
  • Plagiarism: Must it be Punished?
  • Hiking at Night: Why to Try it with your Friends?
  • Cloning: Moral Aspects You Need to Know

College Essay Titles

  • The Results of Home Education for Teenagers
  • Cybersecurity and its Place in Modern Word
  • Outsourcing Services for Large Corporations
  • The Impact of Quarantine on Small Businesses
  • E-commerce in the 21st Century
  • The Most Unforgettable Life Moments
  • The Life of Introvert: The Facts You Should Know
  • A Minute of Solitude: When I realized Significance of Life
  • Importance of Independence Day
  • Laughter is the Best Medicine Ever

How to Write a Winning Essay Title? 

Now you know how to title an essay and realize how challenging the process of crafting the best title can be. You need to treat it like a process exactly. While crafting an essay, you can use all space and imagine yourself as a painter, apply all your creativity and ideas.

However, when you work at a title, you need to squeeze the entire message into a brief, catchy and clear phrase. Be ready to spend some time working out the best headline, and do not hurry, of course, if your deadline is not the next day. You need to review it a few times and make sure the final title version is the best one.

If you do not have enough time for brainstorming ideas or feel a lack of inspiration, then consider approaching a professional writing company. Experienced specialists know all tricks and secrets of making your essay catchy, starting with the title. You will save a lot of time and effort and impress your teacher with a stunning paper.