Internship Resources for Students: Boost your Career Opportunities

Lots of employees prefer hiring essay specialists (or any others) with internship qualifications. Thus, to get a good position, internship experience may be a real benefit. At the same time, it’s not easy to be selected among other applicants. We have prepared valuable information for you on how to find a suitable internship. 

Steps towards your Perfect Internship

To be granted an internship, one must plan and organize the time and be prepared well in advance.

1.    Get Ready

 Before you get the ball rolling, prepare a list of companies, which seem most suitable, and check their requirements. Update your resume with some fresh information and read over your cover letter. 

2.    Conduct a Research

 Investigate what hiring deadlines the companies in question have. Speak with the career office to receive current information about different industries and their internship periods. 

3. Set Priorities

On the basis of the list you’ve made, define what task must be done first or next. Set reminders on your calendar to remember when you should try again if no feedback is received from the employers.

4.    Define your interests

 Your future career will be successful if based on your true interests. In case you haven’t decided yet, what industry to pursue, look for internship options, where you can try several fields, and finally make a decision. 

5.    Consult

 Ask the advice of your family, teachers, career consulting organizations about an internship. Get in touch with ex-students in various industries to understand what’s in store for you. 

6.    Different resources

 Refer to your career office for information on the available resources to help you apply for an internship. Numerous websites provide guidelines for placements. Even in daily newspapers, you may find ads searching for an intern.

7.    Visit Job Fairs

 Follow the dates of different events devoted to career opportunities. At job fairs, companies often eyeball possible interns or employees. You can also prepare a presentation to look more attractive and professional.

8.    Arrange and follow up

 When all your resume variations are ready, determine how many of them you can send per day. Don’t send them all together, as you may get confused when it is necessary to follow up again in a week to check the feedback. And don’t stop trying even if there’s no reaction in the beginning. 

9.    Plan your interview

 If you are invited for an interview, do your best to be prepared for it. Select the proper clothes, browse the recruiter’s website for useful information, practice answering interview questions. 

10. Follow up 

 Always follow up after the interviews to find out the results. It will show the employer how serious you are about the position. For that, write an email, showing your gratitude to the company for letting you attend the meeting. 

Advantages of Internship

Valuable work experience is not the only advantage of doing an internship. Sometimes employers accept trainees for permanent work in case of good performance during the internship.

Anyway, such experience is useful for other workplaces too – you can receive recommendations and references, which are appreciated in the job market. Real work practice helps recent graduates acquire professional skills and establish contacts.

And another considerable benefit of the internship is that it will be reflected in your resume experience line. 

18 Most Popular Platforms to Search for Internships

Nonetheless, there are many internship resources for students to find a good match in any industry; some misleading platforms may occur as well. To save your time, we’ve selected 20 trustworthy resources with accurate internship information.


On this social media website, you can find many vacancies for employment and internship. First, you have to register and create an account. When ready, look for target companies and check their posts.

It is a popular place for making useful connections with people in the job market. Here you can find potential employers in numerous industries and write to them directly.

Glassdoor for Students

This resource allows students to get summer jobs and internships. You can find your first real job experience due to this site.

Green America

Here you can find job advertisements for interns, entry-level positions and vacancies for qualified workers.

It is a good platform for any job seekers, as it ranks recruiters according to their hiring conditions.

To use the platform, you are not obliged to sign up. And they provide you with offerings from various sources, like placement services, newspaper ads, websites of the companies.

It is a huge database. Employers post job offerings here themselves, and you can apply for a position.

You can find internships on this website, part-time jobs, and entry-level positions. There is information about employers and blog articles worth reading for future interns.

It provides data about internship offerings and part-time jobs together with pieces of advice for interviews.

The site allows searching for internships depending on their category or location, like certain states or regions. You can also read recommendations for polishing your resumes or cover letters.

It offers exhaustive information about employers, and lists internships and available entry-level positions.

This resource is good for both students and graduates. And you can also find here some volunteer work.

There you can find detailed information about specific companies and employers prior to applying for their positions.

It is a perfect platform for those who aim to work in government agencies.

In this single place, you can find both local and global job offerings.

What is unusual about it – you can find a virtual internship here.

Besides internship offerings, there is a blog with tips on interview preparation, resumes and cover letter composing, etc.

It is suitable for people dreaming about the media sphere. There are available internships in TV, radio fields, advertising, etc.

Useful Tips to Make your Internship Happen

Internship experience can’t be overestimated for your future career. We’ve prepared several prompts on how to behave and what to avoid to succeed as a trainee.


  • Define objectives

 Think of the result you want to reach, when your internship finishes, like finding a job, where you will gain even more skills. 

  • Study office culture

 The internship is a good time to learn about proper attire and social manners.

  • Make every effort to learn

 Imagine that you are in the lesson. Try to learn something new from your colleagues and mentors.

  • Keep a record of assignments

 Planning is crucial to perform all the tasks in time and properly. 

  • Express interest

 Try to be enthusiastic about all your tasks and demonstrate a positive attitude.


  • Treat your duties as banal

 Even when some assignments may seem meaningless, they are important for the research paper company or any other. Try to do them at its best.

  • Be lazy

 Plan your work in such a way to be occupied all the time.

  • Take responsibility

 In case of any mistake, don’t hide it – show how you can fix it instead.  

  • Pursue only paid services 

 The goal of internships is to give you experience. So, you may not always be paid for the work done. 

  • Be shy to ask 

 The employer knows about your lack of experience, and questions will help you to gain it faster. 

FAQs about Internship

Find here answers to the most burning questions applicants have when considering internship: 

What is it?

An internship is a temporary work related to a college major, where students or graduates undergo practical training for future employment. It can be unpaid or paid. 

How to find internship options?

Look for an internship at job websites, professional networks. 

Will I receive academic credit after the internship?

It depends on a specific university, and the arrangements between your college and the company, where you serve an internship.

Shall I receive payment for my internship?

Not every company pays for internships, as the main goal of such experience for graduates is to obtain knowledge through practice and get better employment opportunities.

Internships are important for preparing you for a future career and match the job market. They also allow you to adopt experience from professionals. So, don’t underestimate its benefits and get a move on!