What Are the Most Painful College Regrets?

Getting a degree and studying at college might be a dream of the vast majority of Americans nowadays. It is more than just partying all the time and passing the exams well. This is a serious choice in a person’s life that is coming along with new responsibilities, career perspectives, student loans, and trying to cope with unforeseen problems. Though each case is different, the vast majority of students tend to regret some things. They wish they should have done something in a different way or prohibit the college degree idea completely. Psychology Todays claims that the main regret is related to educational choices because it is rather complicated to select a major mirroring one’s aspirations and skills. There are multiple reasons for regrets, including following the crowd, impulse choices, fail to cope with a student loan, or dealing with the socio-cultural parts of college life.

What most American students are regretting about?

Some students of college would select happily a different major or do not start a fire with a lecturer. Also, some of them wish to avoid college bullying or some relationships. According to the survey, the students who chose technical majors tend to be satisfied more with their choice, probably, because they can apply their skills practically well in real life. 

The reasons for that are related to potential income inconsistency, coping with a student that is in debt heavily, missing to understand employment options. That might place certain limitations regarding extra courses and realizing the things the successful completion might require. 

Top 20 main regrets of college students:

  • Improper major to study for.

There is a difference between following one’s passion and building a career. The vast majority of students cannot realize that there are vivid changes that occur to their world perception and also the business environment. This is the main reason why any kind of degree might and should be adjusted to the cutting edge job requirements and demands.

  • College undermatching.

Sometimes it might be an unrealistic student loan debt or a lack of proper internship opportunities. Nevertheless, you might always visit a College Scorecard website to find out different graduation rates to view what is making the college graduates happier and more successful with the degrees they have.

  • The degree is non-relevant.

This is a big problem, the reasons for which often lay in constantly changing professional requirements and lack of right employment. To tackle this issue, you might apply for an extra certificate to master your skills and get various tastes of things. Just provide your brain with a desirable emotional boost!

  • Student debt.

Though statistics might say otherwise, this is one of the main painful students’ regrets. The average amount of debt might exceed $37,000. Therefore, many students tend to wish they could cope with their finances in a more resultative way. 

  • Not studying good enough.

The Pew Research Center’s poll claims 43% of the students that were born after 2000 

regret not studying the job opportunities that are relevant because they select extra subjects while 64% wish they should have studied harder with more concentration on easier subjects.

  • Dropping out of college.

The truth is that the vast majority of students who do not complete their academic duties and drop college tend to do this because of certain circumstances that are going beyond the lack of interest. Such examples might include army service schedules, financial burdens, mental disorders, health concerns, family issues, and more. Hopefully, there are many scholarships for such students, offering due assistance like Do My Writing.

  • Not making friends.

Many students tend to regret not being active and more social while in college. Making good friends is an important aspect for getting essay helps since it is easier to learn and cooperate together.

  • No participation in community work.

This might not be the fault of a student. Some colleges might engage in community life more frequently than other ones. For instance, Berkeley College is praised for its charity initiatives and community work.

  • Not reporting the school bullies.

Lately, it is becoming more and more common not to report about harassment of bullying issues. It might affect the grades as well as cause mental trauma.

  • Romantic relationships are affecting studying.

Many students regret having romantic affairs during studying at college because they made their lives chaos and took away the concentration from the studies. This is a big problem despite the fact that romance and love cannot be avoided.

  • Not traveling enough.

Being a college student, the vast majority of them regret not traveling or not joining the possibility of going abroad. Hopefully, there are such things as Couchsurfing for students where you might see the world and travel cheaply.

  • Missed chance of studying abroad.

It is very interesting but challenging to be an exchange student, so not every student tends to take this chance. Finally, they regret not even trying.

  • Living in a shell.

Many students regret not interacting with others and sitting in their campus rooms most of the time. Nevertheless, you can still join ex-graduate communities and parties.

  • The missed opportunity of internship.

To have a proper job position, you should never ignore this chance if you have it. The internship is a kind of bridge that jumpstarts your career, so do not miss this opportunity

  • Stressing over exams.

Many students regret taking the exams to close to their hearts. Even in case you have a successful degree, you are likely to remember the failed exams for a long time.

  • Lack of social skills training.

College is a proper platform if you want to train your social skills. However, some people ignore this chance or are not aware of the fact that assistance is right there if you want to become a public speaker. Do not feel sad about this because you might try public speech courses and various opportunities for joining social work.

  • Neglecting campus mental health backup groups.

We all might go through many personal problems and feel depressed when studying at college. Many students regret not using assistance earlier before they encountered the more severe mental problem.

  • Not teaming up with the roommates.

Collaborating with your roommate if you are not at the lecture is strongly recommended. Team up with them and benefit from it!

  • Not playing sports.

Keeping yourself is crucial. We should not only be developed mentally but also physically. Being healthy is the key to success in studying.

  • Lack of self-discipline.

Some students wish they did not work so hard because it made their lives rather boring. However, most of the students regret not being disciplined enough to cope with all their studies. 


There are many regrets and you can’t ennumarate them all. One may regret of missing the opportunity to pay someone to write mt paper. The other may regret about missing some events. The only thing you can do now – learn someones mistakes and choose the right path!.