The Top Ideas of Nursing Research Topics for Your College Project

When students need to complete a research project, topic selection is one of the most important issues. Choosing the most winning topic is art. You need to come up with an interesting and original subject. Besides, it must keep the interest of society and be a research-worth in general. Once you know what topic to discover, you can start your work. With a proper subject, your research results will remain significant.

To select the most suitable problem to discover and learn the latest trends in your sphere of science. Your topic must be original and interesting for the audience. A topic selection can be a real challenge often. Thus, you may need some help with your search. You can ask your friends or family for assistance. 

Still, it is better to reach some professionals for advice. You can check lots of online resources for inspirational ideas. We offer a set of interesting and currently important nursing research topics. Moreover, the mentioned topics’ research can be very important for future research as well. Be ready to check the lists of offered topics to use for your nursing or healthcare project.

Primary Healthcare Nursing Research Topics

The basic topics on primary healthcare and nursing include the main problems students can research. They are mostly related to social acceptance and the methodology in healthcare. The wide range of topics includes social, emotional, and mental issues.

  • The primary healthcare system improvement: referral system key features;
  • The distinguishing features of home health care: delivery system improvement;
  • Definition and explanation of the role of community nurses;
  • The requested changes in the healthcare system;
  • The community health care – the disease surveillance principles;
  • The aspects of effective help for debilitated patients;
  • The primary health care principles in the modern era;
  • The basic concepts of occupation therapy and physical rehabilitation.

Great Research Topics in Healthcare Supervision

Once dealing with healthcare management topics, you should research issues related to healthcare systems, medical facilities, administrations, etc. These topics cover a wide variety of public health issues as well. There are lots of issues that should be researched by writers.

  • The role of medical personnel in failed surgeries
  • The limitations of healthcare contracts
  • The basics aspects of medical home service
  • The best opportunities for nurses to become physicians
  • Nursing profession – gender preconception
  • The possibilities of starting private nurse practice
  • The advantages and disadvantages of Medicare
  • The proper uniform code for nurses
  • Problems and risks with non-English patients
  • The benefits and risks of using medical marijuana
  • Lack of men in the nursing sphere
  • The advanced tracking apps in healthcare
  • The advantages and risks of Telehealth in different areas
  • The basic aspects of the referral system
  • The clinical pathway in the development of a referral system
  • The advantages of drive-thru pharmacy
  • The health care system supervising issues
  • The role of social workers in the healthcare system
  • The best approaches to manage the healthcare system
  • The basic ideas of Expected Length of Stay management
  • The modern vision of hospital culture
  • The innovative ideas of hospital care improvement
  • The clinical pathway and the manager’s role
  • The main duties of case managers
  • The new forms of private nurse enterprise
  • The increase in nursing specialization
  • Internet practicality for healthcare providers

Nursing Research Topics about Pain Management

Pain management in nursing is a sphere that covers nurse’s activities and interventions during hospital hours. In your research papers, you may need to reveal the basic concepts of pain management. It includes pain or ailments for patients, medical interventions, and other familiar issues. Students also discover the most effective ways of pain management and treatment options.

  • The best practices of pain management in children who suffer life-limiting illnesses
  • The required treatment protocol details
  • The best pain management for hemophilia patients
  • The myofascial pain rehabilitation for patients
  • The best pain management practices for women in labor
  • The rheumatoid arthritis treatment with opioids
  • The analysis of fetal pain perception
  • The innovative injection practices
  • The advantages and disadvantages of therapeutic injections
  • The pain management effectiveness – cognitive hypnotherapy app
  • The analysis and evaluation of Benson’s relaxation therapy’s effectiveness
  • The best pain management practices for post-discharge treatment
  • The phenomenon and treatment of phantom pain
  • The cancer patients’ pain management – nurse’s role
  • The treatment of the injury of spinal cord nerve
  • The top features of mobile pain unit

Pediatric Nurse Research Topics

Pediatric nursing is an important sphere of nursing since it brings lots of responsibilities. Mostly, pediatric nurses care for neonates, children, and adolescents. Thus, they deal with child health care mostly and manage the best days of child care.

  • The effective therapy of speech disorders
  • The treatment and main causes of ADHD
  • The influence of vaccination on children
  • The children health nursing services in the USA
  • The antibiotic resistance in children and its consequences
  • The best management of mental health problems in children
  • The effective treatment of eating disorders in children
  • The negative influence of social media on teens
  • The treatment of seizures causes in infants
  • The infant care physiological aspects
  • The efficiency of Telehealth for pediatric patients

The Most Important Up-To-Date Issues in Nursing

Nursing is an extremely complicated job. It usually requires lots of nerves and energy. Nurses should be extremely patient and determined. Since the job is high-pressured, lots of activities are very challenging. Many medical facilities face a problem of a lack of medical personnel. Therefore, there are many familiar issues you can discover in your research paper.

  • Analysis of the optimal work environments
  • A transforming issue for nurses
  • The lack of nursing personnel
  • The nursing practitioner’s role
  • The best nurse approaches in dealing with patients
  • The violence in the workplace and its solutions
  • Diversity in Healthcare
  • The significance of community nursing
  • The innovations in nursing in the digital era
  • The role of clinical nurse
  • The best approach to treat patients with a low survival rate
  • The ethnics in homeless people’s treatment
  • The critical care aspects for nurses
  • The nurse’s role in helping people with chronic illnesses
  • The famous works of nursing theorists
  • The characteristics and purpose of remote intensive care unit
  • The stress-reducing practices for night shift nurses
  • The career development of nurses
  • The post online learning training for nurses
  • The surveillance of basic centralized infections
  • The chronic diseases treatment
  • The advantages and disadvantages of social media in learning more about diseases
  • Misinformation on healthcare-related issues in social media
  • The role of medical call centers
  • The assurance documents proper monitoring

H3: Research Nursing Topics in Surging Nursing

  • The surgical unit’s work principles and rules
  • The role of a nurse in a surgical unit
  • Constant moral distress among surgical unit’s nurses
  • The care guarantees for patients by nurses in surgical units
  • The assurance of patient satisfaction in surgical units
  • The required abilities of medical-surgical nurses
  • The surgical ward nurse’s role
  • The latest technology understanding in surgical nursing
  • The best approach to medical surgical nursing
  • The up-to-date fast-track surgical nurse assistance
  • The recovery of post-operative patients manages by mobilization teams
  • Telehealth use for pre-operating arrangements
  • The reduction of the post-surgery period

The Most Important Issues for Research Work in Nursing

Many current issues require profound research in the nursing and healthcare sphere. Lots of these topics can be researched by students who prepare term papers, theses, and dissertations.

Research Topics in Midwifery Nursing

Nurse-midwives are licensed specialists who deal with complex healthcare issues like childbirth. Also, they take care of women’s reproductive health. They do not simply deal with pregnant women. They have a huge role in the childbirth process, pre, and postnatal care. Thus, there are many research topics for papers about midwifery nursing.

  • The improvement of patient’s safety by nurses during childbirth
  • The issue of delayed cord clamping and its solutions
  • The popular maternal practices in rural areas
  • The innovative trends in midwifery nursing
  • The analysis of the first antenatal appointment
  • The low-risk labor interventions
  • The improvement of the postnatal period
  • The importance of prenatal care these days
  • The optimal length of shifts for midwifery nurses
  • The effect and treatment of Hepatitis B and AIDS in pregnant women
  • The natal safety issue
  • The advanced trends in gynecology
  • The advantages and disadvantages of giving birth in water
  • The problems of gaining a gestational weight
  • The importance of Vitamin D during a pregnancy
  • The clinical reasoning in midwifery nursing
  • The safety rules for pregnant women

Health Promotion Research Topics

Health promotion can be an important issue for research for students who study behavioral, social science. There are many aspects of the familiar study, including medical, biological, environmental, and physical.

  1. The main healthcare problems of the modern ear
  2. The benefits and risks of telemedicine
  3. The best way to keep a healthy lifestyle
  4. The preventive medicine for citizen over 60
  5. The main role of school nurses
  6. The influence of smoking on people
  7. The educational strategies and a healthy lifestyle
  8. The basis causes of youth inactivity
  9. The best tactics of health improvement with healthy eating
  10. The best ways to improve health with sports
  11. The responsibilities of pharmacists
  12. The health insurance advanced option – HealthBank
  13. The private insurance companies and public hospitals

Adult Research Topics for Nursing Students

There are many other research topics you may need to investigate in your paper. It includes adult healthcare and disease prevention. Many problems adults face can be extremely important for an entire society—for example, various adult disorders.

  • The best approach to deal with urinary catheter insertion
  • The innovations in clinical cardiology
  • The process of CV imaging
  • The treatment of migraine
  • The bipolar disorder treatment with non-chemicals
  • Effective psychiatric care in adults
  • The nursing educational programs available online
  • The benefits and risks of home health care
  • The most needed specializations – clinical instructor and educator
  • The nursing education specialization programs

Geriatric Care and Management Topics

Students can research many issues in geriatric care and management. The coordination and planning of elderly people’s care are included in geriatric care. Also, it covers the mental problems and physical disabilities of elders.

  • The pain management in elderly people
  • The most widespread disorders in elderly people
  • The treatment of Alzheimer’s disease in an elderly population
  • The therapy of bladder cancer
  • The requirements for critical care
  • Geriatrics ethics details
  • The treatment of restless legs syndrome
  • The precautions of Parkinson’s disease
  • The holistic approach of geriatric care

If you have problems with the selection of proper topics for your research papers, you can check the most recent issues to research in your academic paper. It often takes time to prepare decent content. Still, it is even more important to take time to come up with interesting and original ideas for your research work. There are lots of challenging topics for students who study nursing. Learn the recent and the most fitting topics for your research.

Women’s Health Nursing Research Topics

Many research topics related to women’s health always remain on-time and important. These topics can be investigated by writers who perform their projects in nursing.

  • The challenges of menopause
  • The modern culture effect over women’s health
  • The most common addictions in women
  • The substance abuses in women
  • The ethical rules of infertility cases
  • The analysis of ovarian disorder and ovarian cancer
  • The most effective measures of pregnancy prevention
  • The most recent neonatal practices
  • The treatment of sepsis after labor
  • The treatment of cystic fibroids
  • Sleep disorders in young women
  • The sexual disorders of women
  • The treatment of cervical cancer and HPV

Nursing Research Topics on Mental Health

Students often pay attention to research topics related to mental health. They tend to research the familiar issue, even if it is quite difficult to explain and study.

  • The integrated mental and physical health issue
  • The recent challenges of mental health nursing
  • The top list of skills required for nurses in mental health care
  • The education of nurses in mental health care
  • The diagnostics of schizophrenia
  • The treatment of depression causes
  • The treatment of alcohol addiction disorders
  • The management of bipolar disorder in adults
  • The therapy of PTSD in army veterans
  • The negative impact of violent video games on teenagers
  • The reduction of stress on working place
  • The ethics of psychiatric facilities personnel
  • The recovery after physical traumas
  • The nursing case management in psychiatric facilities

If you want to know what nursing topics are recommended by experts, check the following section. You will find a list of the most fitting and timely nursing research topics. There are many important issues you can choose to investigate. Moreover, you can simply use the ideas outlined to come up with your nursing research topic. Check the following list of nursing research topics recommended by experts in the health care sphere.

  • The main risks and dangers of preterm labor
  • The basic practices of labor and delivery management
  • The challenges to save mother and child
  • The ethical side of abortion care
  • Gynecology education for adolescents
  • The recommendations for antenatal care
  • The rules of newborn resuscitation
  • The preparation for the Caesarean section
  • The proper behavior at the delivery room
  • The importance of nurses in healthcare
  • The role of nurse scientists in healthcare system development
  • The main sources of hospital funds
  • The economic services for patients
  • The health education and role of social media
  • The evidence-based practice in the hospital
  • The evidence-based practice and its social impact
  • The shortage of current nursing faculty
  • The professional online education for nurses

You can learn more nursing research paper topics to use for your research topic’s construction. Writing any assignment in nursing can be very complicated. There are not many special sources to collect your information from. 

Still, this only works as the reason to engage in more writing work on nursing-related topics. The materials on nursing are very important for everyone these days. If you want to get an excellent topic for your paper and expert assistance with your nursing research paper, you can always reach for help online.

Final Thoughts

Many nursing research topics for theses and dissertations are often quite difficult for students. They can lack the ideas required for a decent nursing research document. You should always come up with an interesting, timely, and important topic for your research paper. Besides, the final paper must be original and flawless. The proper structure and format are obligatory. 

When you write your research paper, you should always consider choosing the most significant subject to investigate. You can use the lists of nursing research topics to present your paper’s subject. Feel free to use our recommendations and examples of great nursing research paper topics.