Guidelines For Crafting Outstanding Special Occasion Speech Outlines

As a college or high-school student, you might have been asked to compose a special occasion speech for a necessary person or event. In this case, it might not be complicated as a college professor or teacher would give you a speech outline often.

However, what should you do if you are supposed to create work for a birthday, retirement, anniversary, or another necessary event? Things might get difficult because speech is such a great responsibility, and it is necessary to compose it in an original and correct way!

If it comes to our writing experience, we are supposed to provide you with a specific guide to make you comprehend each special occasion speech outline. What is more, we will also give you a writing checklist along with a classic outline to assist in superb ideas speech flow!

Special Occasion Speech Topics Checklist

Before you begin with brainstorming options or special occasion speech thoughts, you might already be aware of the topic very well. So it is necessary to make sure that you select the most appropriate ideas and transform them into a memorable talk. Consider these points in the checklist while preparing:

  1. Describe the occasion you are trying to get ready for.
  2. Describe your role on this specific occasion.
  3. Define your target audience. Would you ask professionals in any niche?
  4. Define the amount of time you will have.
  5. Describe whether it will be informal or formal in style.
  6. Define the main target of your talk. 
  7. Define the most appropriate time for your performance at a specific event. Think about which moment would be the best one.
  8.  Define the things that you would avoid when you speak of sensitive occasions.
  9. Define whether you will speak on behalf of yourself or an organization.
  10. Tell whether you will include a work-related anecdote or personal story.  

Glance over this speech writing checklist! Once you answer these questions, you are supposed to work on ideas and thoughts and ensure that every necessary aspect is addressed properly!

Special Occasion Speeches Types

When composing a birthday toast or a specific teacher who is supposed to retire, it might seem clear. However, there are multiple special occasions that suppose accurate attention.

Starting with informative speech ideas, dealing with a specific subject and assisting your audience in the comprehension of ideas and facts, and finishing with acceptance speeches, you should use specific rules to be followed to create a positive impression. Let’s review the five most complicated types with a brief definition for each of them.  

  • Tribute and commemorative speech. This is a ceremonial speech since it targets paying a certain tribute, and it praises a great idea, special occasion, institution, organization, a person, or a group of people that performed well in something. You might utilize one of our original commemorative speech ideas. Elaborate on the way it works, the amount of effort needed, and values.
  • Commencement speech. This is for university or college students that graduate. In this case, the students should present diplomas and degrees, so it might include talk of achievements or special definitions. In most cases, it concerns assumptions towards the future, past or present. 
  • Acceptance speech. It is provided when someone accepts praise, is honored, or is receiving an award. We recommend it to speak of those who give words of thanks and made a special tribute. Open your emotions up!
  • Farewell speech. It is called retirement sometimes since it refers to a person who leaves a place or position. In most cases, it is addressed to educators or public figures. There, you will have to mention the reasons an individual has for leaving and career achievements. Make sure that no sensitive problems or privacy are violated. 
  • Toast speech. For instance, it might be a woman’s talk at the wedding ceremony. As long as each person should raise a toast in honor of someone, this talk must always be not too long, engaging, and to the point to keep the audience entertained and interested. It is a perfect place to tell why people or a person in question are special and represent a short story. Make sure it is brief!

It goes without saying that these are not all speech occasion types. However, we tried to mention the most sophisticated ones. Let’s move on with topic ideas for the occasion now!

Special Occasion Topics – the Writing Details

As long as you are here to get to know how to compose a special occasion speech, we made up our minds to provide you with writing samples and details for every speech type. Note that these examples are only the basic ones, and you might always use pre-written speech services if you battle to generate perfect ideas.

  • Farewell. If you are retiring or leaving, be grateful to your management and fellow employees for the awesome ideas shared, friendship, support, and cooperation. Make sure you wish them only the best and elaborate on how much your cooperation with them means to you. Describe your future plans, and be thankful for all the wisdom gained there. If someone else is leaving or retiring, you should begin with being grateful to that person and add a story highlighting that individual’s traits. 
  • Tribute must tell of the reason a specific person and a certain occasion that inspired you for a positive change and moved you personally. If you talk to your audience, make sure you ask questions which you might answer yourself by emphasizing the necessity of a tribute. Describe the lessons you have learned and remember to tell that it has been a common achievement. 
  • Informative. In this specific case, you must begin with the intro for your audience. They must be aware of what the topic is all about. You should be as clear as possible, but keep it brief to 5-7 sentences. The next thing you should do is tell of a reason or an occasion for gathering. Make a claim, back it up with your own research or case study. Add opposite opinions. Then, you should conclude by including the main key points but in other words.
  • Wedding ceremony. The essential thing about it is that it must not be too long. You might mention not embarrassing and funny facts when telling a story. Never concentrate on usual wishes and avoid being generic. Tell of true love and friendship and make it memorable when you cite a book quote or a movie. Be free and funny!
  • Persuasive speech. Begin with an unusual assumption or fact that will draw the audience’s attention. Follow it by telling concerning your conducted research results, ideas, and facts. If you can, utilize graphics, tables, pictures, examples to back up your words. It is an ideal time to be creative. Make sure it is not too complex. However, utilize logic and emotions to make your audience trust you and persuade them. 
  • Festive. Starting with the birthday party and finishing with the Christmas celebration, such talks must be entertaining and funny. If your target audience is young people, make sure you include customs or traditions. You might mention charity events, how necessary it is to help others feel warm and safe. If it comes to birthday speech, mention what a specific person means to you. Talk about their original qualities, concentrate on what they do their best – it might be either a talented musician, amazing teacher or good accountant. The most important thing is to make the hero of the occasion be praised. They must feel they are special every day.
  • Graduation/Awards talk might seem too complex. This is where most university or college students get stuck. Here, you should not talk only about achievements but also mention the list of reasons why a specific major was selected. You might elaborate on the freedom the students of the USA have if it comes to education compared to other students in the world. Make sure it is memorable, special, and be grateful to the people who made it possible. 

Special Occasion Speech Outline Example

Check out our example to keep your heart and brain-inspired!

Mrs. Smith – one of the greatest English teachers in the world (Tribute and Awards speech)

  • Introduction and the main thesis

Why was I proclaimed to be a good writer? Probably, it is so because someone special has inspired me to be so. Mrs. Smith was my first teacher of English, and this is she who fought for my knowledge of English. Truly, she was demanding, but how else can a person learn English? Thanks to Mrs. Smith, I achieved most of the greatest purposes in my life. It is her patience, empathy, and care that made me who I am today.

  • Body paragraphs
  1. She was rather strict sometimes, but we respected her for such behavior because it stimulated us to study better.
  2. She never criticized her students with abusive words, and we never get offended by her.
  3. She was very professional and noticed every single mistake. Therefore, there are so many people who know English very well among her ex-students.
  • Conclusion paragraph

Accepting this award, I should say “Thank you” to Mrs. Smith because it is her professional touch and patience that made me who I am today. Thanks to her feedback, I am such a good English writer. 

Utilize this specific occasion speech outline like an example to use in your talk for every important event!

The Final Touch Of Speech Writing Help

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What Is a Special Occasion Speech?

This is such a speech that is designed to engage and address the audience’s emotions and context on a certain occasion. Similarly to persuasive and informative speeches, this speech must communicate a concise and clear message. However, the manner of speaking utilized is different in most cases. 

What Are Some Good Special Occasion Speech Topics?

You might be asked to deliver a eulogy for a specific historical figure. You may be asked to deliver the acceptance speech for winning an athletic competition, MVP, Pulitzer, or a Nobel Prize, a scholarship. Choose the topic on the success of the company speech at the annual banquet.  

What Is the General Purpose of a Special Occasion Speech?

The main target of the special occasion speech is to stir the emotions of the audience. They must feel a specific way, responding to the occasion or situation.

What Is the Occasion in Communication?

The occasion features expectations and norms which a speaker is supposed to recognize. A public speaker has some target, something they try to set in motion or accomplish.