How to Write a Unique Summary

We call ‘a summary’ when you reword someone’s notions and approaches in your own words. There are several types of summaries, they differ from each other to the extent to that you analyze or research the original source. The length of them also differs: from several pages to one sentence. There is one thing in common for all types of summaries – the writer states in his or her words the information or point of view of another writer from DoMyWriting.

You should think about why your target group of readers (an educator, chief, customer) needs to read it. For what reason shouldn’t the reader simply read the source? Summaries have advantages for the reader because they offer a succinct, general adaptation of the original data. For a preoccupied reader, summaries give a brief outline of the text. More than that, summaries show the target group of readers that you have comprehended the main idea of the book, and in such a way, your proficiency can be tested. To summarize another person’s material gives you a possibility to better comprehend it. At long last, summaries enable you to present knowledge within the scientific frame: you can review somebody’s thoughts so as to evaluate it or comment on it.

A lot of students have a tendency rather quote the text than to summarize it. You can quote but only when it is necessary, e.g. when the language of the author or particular words is important. In all other cases, you just have to give a summary. You write a summary when you need to paraphrase the idea or introduce the information. To summarize is more practical to quote because it gives the student more control over the information.

How to summarize

First of all, you should read the text attentively.

Underline or highlight words that you consider to be the main idea of the text or write it.

If your task is to summarize the whole essay, you should overview the writer’s concept.

Your task is to tell your readers what the writer argued.

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Summary conventions

The length of the summaries varies from one sentence to a few pages. Regardless off the fact, your sentences should be complete to bring the writer’s main ideas to your target readers. Try not to use a lot of quotes. On the off chance that you neglect to record the citation, even a single word that the creator utilized, you are stealing material (exhibiting someone else’s data as though this information as your own). When you quote, you should use quotation marks and acknowledge the quotation. If you don’t do that will be called plagiarism, as if you present someone else’s information from your name.

To introduce information you can use the author’s last name as a tag: “Smith disagrees that the development of population and environmental pollution are related.” “Lighter notes that training in the U.S. has experienced significant upheavals in the past 15 years.” 

You should write in the present tense (also known as the historical present tense) to outline the author’s opinion. “Green battles that the Republican and Democratic gatherings are financed by real companies.” “Right defines the historical perspective of this meeting as important for the piece of the nations”.

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Example summary

Read the paragraph and its summary given underneath. Pay attention to ow the summary uses the rules mentioned above. 


Today, erotic entertainment endeavors to make its target audience center their dreams around particular individuals. The “Buddy of the Month” is a specific lady about whom the reader is suggested to have specific dreams. I think this has a progressively poisonous impact on individuals – makes them maniacal, truth be told, such things that previous sex entertainment didn’t.

The contemporary erotic entertainment guarantees that there exists, someplace on this planet, an existence of unendingly alluring and accessible ladies and perpetually strong men. The guarantee that this life is practically around the bend is infuriating and muddling. What’s more, in its purposelessness, it makes for wrath and self-loathing. The conventional contention against restriction – that “nobody can be allured by a book”- was most likely legitimate when erotic entertainment was indifferent and unknown, a guide to fantasizing about a sexual ideal world. Today, be that as it may, there is dependence and temptation in erotic entertainment.

Michael Jammit


Jammit contends that since erotic entertainment is increasingly realistic nowadays, using pictures of individuals with names and personalities, it is progressively destructive to its readers and watchers, who can without much of a stretch become disappointed and baffled with dreams.