Criminal Justice Research Topics in 2021

Once someone hears about criminal justice, they usually imagine crimes, victims, law enforcement, prison, and punishment in mind. In fact, all of these concepts are included in the common criminal justice notion. If to provide a definition, criminal justice is a system used by the government to prevent and punish crimes within and past their authority. Those who tend to violate criminal justice permissions are punished within the current criminal justice jurisdiction.

There are numerous criminal justice systems. Various parts of the world and even different countries have separate systems. The researchers who deal with papers related to the criminal justice system need to be aware of the features of every analyzed system. 

The criminal justice assignments are often very complicated. They require a deep understanding of the current system and its main aspects. The writers must be very patient and accurate when performing their research papers. 

Besides, only credible sources must be used in your research. Every argument you reveal must be supported by facts, statistics, or other data. There is no place for long writings. This particular paper requires advanced accuracy and strong supporting evidence of arguments revealed. The entire writing process can be a great challenge for writers. In fact, even the selection of the proper topic can be an extremely difficult task. 

Students often get scared when they need to complete a research paper on criminal justice. Once you face difficulties with your topic selection, check the following list of the most suitable criminal justice research topics. You can choose any topic you think fits you the best or simply use the provided ideas to construct your topic.

Criminal Justice Research Paper Definition

The criminal justice research paper is an analytical paper focused on one of the criminal justice-related issues; discovery. Writers often come up with the most important issues for research. The law students are often assigned the familiar assignment. Surely, it takes a lot of their time and nerves to complete the assignment properly. 

Many learners fail with the proper topic selection. They often lack the background knowledge to construct a strong criminal justice research paper topic. This particular document requires a profound analysis of a crime, its reasons, and outcomes. 

What Are the Benefits of Criminal Justice and Criminological Research?

The criminal justice system is also aimed to prevent crimes and keep the peace. Therefore, you can focus on both crime solving and prevention in your research work. Dealing with a criminology research paper, be ready to check numerous sources before coming up with a suitable topic. This particular paper requires advanced accuracy. 

When you look for evidence, be aware of the legislations’ heterogeneity. Many important cases can be international; thus, your work may include brief analyses of various legislation and criminal justice systems. Once you have a chosen topic, make sure to prepare a good thesis statement. Be aware of the format of your academic paper. It must be original and flawless. 

Thus, it is good to edit and proofread your research piece before submitting it to your college professor. You must assure a great introduction, interesting main body paragraphs with a main topic’s deep analysis, and strong conclusions.

What Is Applied Research in Criminal Justice?

The applied research in criminal justice is a research with the main goal to solve the problems of police and courts activity.

Criminology Issues for Research Papers

  1. The domestic violence image in social media.
  2. The negative impact of domestic violence on kids.
  3. The main five theories of crime – the detailed critics.
  4. The way to integrate former prisoners into the community successfully.
  5. The correlation between the increase of crimes and the unemployment rate in the US.
  6. The crime rates cases – intelligence factor.
  7. The increased drunk driving statistics: causes and prevention.
  8. The possible legal punishment for cyberbullying.
  9. The global banking security issues in the digital era.
  10. The compulsion of the homeless people.
  11. The causes of elderly abuse in nursing homes.
  12. Capital punishment and effective crime prevention.
  13. The justice system against drug wars.
  14. The gun violence reasons in the United States.
  15. The reasons for police brutality in the USA.
  16. The effectiveness of crime mapping in crime elimination.
  17. The punishment for cyberstalking and cyberbullying.
  18. The war against an organized crime.
  19. The transnational crime prevention.
  20. The connection between organized crime and terrorism.
  21. The crimes’ social production.
  22. The crimes without victims.
  23. The effective prediction of crimes.
  24. The recidivism rate in the United States.
  25. The crimes carried out by people with high social status.
  26. The professional ethics and discretion in the court.

What Are Some Cool Topics to Research?

The cool topics for criminal justice are usually connected with police officers rights and any types of discrimination in criminal courts.

Controversial Criminal Justice Research Ideas

  1. The police officers’ limited rights
  2. The main reasons for violence on college campuses
  3. The body cameras’ use in law enforcement units
  4. The crime punishment and ethics
  5. The racial biases in crimes’ investigations
  6. The correlation between outlawry and music like rock and hip-hop
  7. The prevention of gun violence in the US and the world
  8. The sexual exploitation by the rich and celebrities
  9. The latest reforms in the criminal justice system
  10. The prevention of crimes in the youth population
  11. The immigrants’ detention in neglected conditions
  12. The criminal justice experts’ abuse of power
  13. The aspects of a zero-tolerance policy
  14. Human, drugs, and arms trafficking in the modern world
  15. The prevention of human trafficking
  16. The economic crimes and terrorism budgeting
  17. The benefits and risks of private prisons
  18. The prison labor notion
  19. Criminalization of poor people
  20. The role of race in criminal justice investigations
  21. The Interpol and international crimes’ prevention
  22. The management of the criminal justice system
  23. The aspects of Punitive Criminal Justice Policy

International Law Assignment Topics

  1. The main treaties in international criminal law
  2. The Amnesty International and crimes rates
  3. The international criminal law and women
  4. The criminal tribunals’ controversial decisions
  5. Child soldiers in Africa – war crimes effects
  6. The global war against corruption in higher echelons
  7. The socio-economic crimes
  8. The violation of human rights in Uganda and Sudan
  9. The International criminal tribunals
  10. The contravention of human rights during wartime
  11. The biggest crimes against humanity
  12. The International Criminal Court importance

Reasonable Criminology Research Topics

  1. The treatment of juvenile delinquency
  2. The procession of crime victim
  3. The recognition of stalking – main signs
  4. The processing of offender
  5. The gun protection and severer laws
  6. The best strategies for economic crimes reduction
  7. The latest reforms of criminal justice in the USA
  8. The modern Crime Prevention Initiative

Criminal Justice Research Subjects (Communities and Crime)

  1. The criminalization of protests and activism
  2. The basic aspects of criminal justice
  3. The role of forensics in investigations
  4. The recent regulations of protests
  5. The management of parole and probation
  6. The process of choosing the jury
  7. Racial discrimination among prisoners
  8. The immigration and crime rate correlation
  9. The American prisoners’ profile
  10. The connection between crime rate and rap music
  11. The child abduction causes
  12. The benefits of sex work legalization for a justice system
  13. The theories of victimization
  14. The top methods of social learning
  15. The basic interrogation methods
  16. The rule of the law and attorney honesty
  17. The phenomenon of white-collar crime
  18. The digital world and increased identify thefts’ rate
  19. The aspects of forensic processing
  20. The assuring of intellectual property laws
  21. The prevention of football hooliganism
  22. The penalty of false confessions
  23. The known cases with planted evidence
  24. The decriminalization in the United States
  25. The notion of mandatory sentencing
  26. The solution of wrongful conviction

The Final Insight

In case you want to write a decent criminal justice research paper on your own, feel free to check the list of available topics. Moreover, use the tips and guides to perform an excellent criminological research paper. You need to be very accurate with your research work. 

This is not a creative writing piece. This particular type of paper is an analytical document that requires profound analysis on the topic and advanced accuracy. You must check lots of relevant sources and materials to provide strong arguments and get a shred of supportive evidence. It can take days or even weeks to deal only with the materials on the selected topic. 

Besides, you must always take notes when researching the background information. It helps to organize the paper’s sections properly. If you deal with an argumentative research paper in criminal justice, you should provide strong argumentation. Every argument must be proven by the facts, statistics, findings, and other informant supporting data. 

Moreover, you may need to check numerous sources on the topics to come up with the best ideas for your criminal justice research paper eventually. It always takes time and effort to perform such a complex research paper on criminal justice without a glitch.