Guide on Gender Equality Articles

Gender equality issues are interesting to write about and challenging at the same time. You need to consider a variety of aspects, be polite, persuasive, and formulate even new approaches. If this sounds complex, it is only at first glance. We have good drafting tips for you but suggest starting from a definition.

What Are They About?

As its title states, this article is devoted to the analysis of gender issues, precisely to the same attitude towards men and women. With all confidence, we think that such articles were always actual and will likely remain such as long as society exists.

When you intend to write about gender issues, it is important to develop a wise strategy for this to avoid any tough situations unless you intentionally want to create such for making a problem more noticeable.
Before starting this writing, suggest you think about a variety of aspects. We have collected such for you.

How to Find Your Idea?

The most important point is your topic. It determines the quality of content and easiness of your work. That is obvious. If you are interested in some point, you will develop such much easier. Women traditionally are more focused on gender equality matters. They have a lot of things to cover, like women in politics, various professional areas, family, etc. Still, men also pay attention to some gender equality issues, like their “obligation” to take heavy things in any case. This is also a sort of discrimination.

If you have faced the case of such inequality, you can likely cover this topic easier. You will have sincere emotions and feelings towards the subject. If you are lucky enough about not experiencing this matter, you can look through various latest magazines or newspapers. They can contain good articles devoted to gender equality matters. It is good to review articles because you will have a more comprehensive overview not only about the actual topics but also about the writing style.

Another good idea is to look for various NGOs that work on equality matters. There you may find not only a topic for your writing but also a lot of useful materials on it. For more sound ideas, also review social media accounts. For instance, pay attention to flash mobs on gender issues. By the way, that is an interesting topic itself – flash mobs for gender equality protection. In a word, feel yourself free to pick any things that can inspire you for thinking and writing about this matter. At this point, there are many points to consider.

What Things to Consider While Writing?

The considered subject is sensitive at some point. So, you need to be wise about that and pay for homework attention to the number of aspects.

The first one is the style of your writing. Make sure you are not offending anybody by your writing. Some gender issues are controversial, and speaking about such may result in negative reactions. Try to handle this effectively; think about counterarguments in your text. Still, we suggest you always remain calm and impartial when speaking about your point of view. At the same time, you should also sound confident. So, if we speak about the style, it is necessary to find a balance between politeness and confidence.

Be clear about your point of view or any event you are writing about. If we speak about your opinion, you should decide on your attitude and statement you are going to speak about. If we speak about any event, make sure you understand clearly its background, conditions, and outcomes. Rely on official sources of information at this point.

Also, focus on your target audience. You should know for whom you intend to write, what are their informational requests. Presume about an attitude they can have on the subject. What is the average age of a person in this group? For a better understanding, formulate and list the characteristics of your target group on a separate paper.

The last aspect we think you should pay attention to is the purpose of writing. You should define for yourself first what the main goals of your writing are. Do you want to inform reviewers about any important matter? Do you want to draw attention to some problems? Do you want to persuade your readers that some point of view or a strategy of action is correct or more appropriate? Decide on this matter and write it down to use later.

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Writing Tips

Your drafting should start from research. If you have some preliminary ideas, list such for sure. Still, there is one tricky thing here. Avoid assessing a topic from the perspective of these preliminary thoughts only. Your point of view should be more or less comprehensive. So, it is better to be open to new information about a gender equality issue you intend to write about.

During this research, we suggest you make notes with ideas that come to your mind. You will be able to remove or paraphrase such later. Still, it is necessary to make sure you have grasped all important aspects. Based on all such ideas, form the outline of a future text. This scheme will help you.

To make it good, suggest to you:

  • range your ideas;
  • develop the principal thesis statement;
  • create supporting arguments;
  • choose pieces of evidence to add where this is necessary.

Having this outline can help you create a clearer draft. We advise you to write its first versions at one sitting and paying attention to your plan only. You will be able to rewrite such a text then. For your first attempt, you should create juicy content.

It is also a good idea to set aside this draft for some time. When you see it with your fresh view, you can notice more deficiencies and places for improvements. For advanced editing, you may look for various free editing tools. They will help you identify pieces of text for revision and provide good suggestions. Grammar and spelling checkers are also highly desirable.
Considering the fact that you are writing an article that will be reviewed by other people, giving it to somebody for review is also a good idea. This feedback can help to make your writing many times better.

Examples of Topics and Suggestions

If you have decided clearly that you want to write about exactly gender equality issues but cannot choose a topic, we can help you with that. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Why Speaking about Gender Equality is Important? Expand this topic, providing an explanation about the practical importance of such equality in your society. It may sound obvious. Still, try to think about the new aspects of this topic. For instance, equality ensures a better level of comfort and productiveness inside an organization. Share with readers your valuable considerations about this aspect.
  2. The Importance of Speaking about Gender Equality Issues in Childhood. You may write about education in a family, kindergarten, or at school. This may be not only about short conversations but also about policy. Perhaps, some problems can be prevented early in childhood.
  3. How to Protect Women’s Rights? Write about sufficient measures that are required for ensuring better protection of women’s rights. These may be legal, organizational, political, etc.
  4. Campaigns That Can Promote Gender Equality. It is important to speak about the problem. Review previous cases of such campaigns and choose the most successful of them. How can this experience be applied to resolving existing problems?
  5. About Men’s Discrimination. It sounds unusual, isn’t it? Still, in the outcome, this article may help to get more apologists of women’s rights protection.

Final Words

Gender equality articles worthy of paying attention to. This writing is mostly about the important aspects of our lives. At the same time, these topics are sensitive. You should use the appropriate style and develop sound arguments. Writing should be clear and based on credible information. We hope all tips mentioned here will help you in writing about gender equality issues effectively.