How to Stay Awake in Class: Tips for All Students

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No sleeping pill can be compared to the boring lecture of the professor, especially when you are exhausted. However, despite the fact you slept well at night, there is a power that can make your eyelids heavy. 

Firstly, you might start to blink. Secondly, the lecturer’s words seem to be very far away. Thirdly, the lecturer’s words are the best lullaby for you ever… Note that avoiding nap at the lectures is a must because sometimes it might be even dangerous

For instance, you might doom your grades and hurt your neck by sleeping in an uncomfy position. So you would better check these hints to prevent you from sleeping in the class.

Practical Hints

Thanks to these simple tips, you will be able to fight the temptation to fall asleep during the lecture:

  • Rest well at night before you go to the class (at least 8-9 hours).
  • To keep your mind and body awake, chew gum, and improve your mood too.
  • Drink strong tea or coffee before the class. (However, do not drink too much caffeine, especially before you go to bed to avoid addiction.)
  • Eat enough fruits and vegetables. (For instance, citrus fruits help a lot to stay awake for a long time.)
  • Stimulate some acupuncture points that might improve the functioning of your organism. They are:
  • The ears’ lobes.
  • The backside of the hand (between forefingers and thumbs).
  • Below the knees.
  • Look at your teacher, pretending you are interested (It might work and entertain you a little bit. Imagine that you are an actor who plays a role of a geek in the movie. It can be fun as well.)
  • Don’t drink energy drinks that are bad for your health.

Use Your Imagination

The alternative way to stay awake during the class is through using your sense of creativity and humor and imagination. For instance, you may try the next strategies and do interesting experiences when the rest of your class already snore. 

  • Smart translation. Imagine your teacher is one of your classmates. Try to translate his words in the language of the students using slang words that you utilize every day. Write your translation down to share it with your classmates when they wake up.
  • Silent movie. Imagine you participate in a silent movie and do not hear the lecturer (which is true sometimes). Focus on his or her facial expressions and moves. Imagine things you can say in this manner. It can be a sales manager trying to sell shampoo. Listen to the lecture carefully and turn to reality. 
  • Funny pictures. Personalize the lecture’s topic and draw comics that are related to it. For instance, you might draw a superhero to depict stress management.

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