Diverse Scholarships for Women

In this article, we are going to briefly present several opportunities for women to get a scholarship for education. According to the statistical data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics, the total number of women that enroll in the institutions of higher education has risen by 21 percent over the past decade. 

So, there is a beneficial option for women to obtain a degree in various areas of expertise without paying too much and taking large loans – educational scholarships for women. 

A Range of Scholarships for Women

Well, there are lots of possible options for reducing tuition fees that are available in multiple fields of knowledge. Some of them are open to women only. Of course, all the scholarships contain particular eligibility requirements, as well as the instructions that have to be fulfilled. Nevertheless, any diligent student may perfectly cope with this task. Whether a female student has already chosen a specific subject area, it is really great

Please, note that this brief guideline only includes a general overview of some scholarships available for women. Please, pay attention that this is not a full list of actual scholarships for female students. Here below, you may find some of them. We are going to present only some basic points for each of the scholarships.

General Scholarships for Women

In case of interest in particular scholarship programs, you should visit official websites and meticulously study all the available reliable information. Check everything in detail and contact directly when necessary. 

 So that you ought to carry out thorough research of credible information about the topic of interest. Every scholarship has got its requirements as well as some peculiarities. Remember to check all the details carefully and follow all the instructions

P.E.O. STAR Scholarship

The scholarship of $2500 is aimed at a maximum of 20-year old women who have got at least a GPA of 3.0. It must be used in the academic year following graduation from high school. The female students can utilize this scholarship to study in the USA or Canada. Online applications are to be completed by November 1. 

AAUW Local Scholarships Programs

There is a list of scholarships that are available in 18 states. They are mostly restricted to the place of residence or the place of study only. The sums of awards can be varied in accordance with the program, from $500 to $5000. In fact, the average is $1000 – $2000. The deadlines for application are different so that each student should check all the specific information relating to a particular scholarship program. 

Scholarships for Women in the Field of Business and Finances

Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

This scholarship is suitable for women in all business areas: accounting, operations management, human resources management, and a lot of other specializations. The applicant is to live or study in one of the districts or regions of the Zonta International Foundation.

 The amount of award is $2000 on a local level as well as $8000 for international scholarship programs. The applications may be submitted in January. However, the deadline can vary, as it depends on local Zonta`s clubs. So, check every particular aspect in detail in case of interest in the scholarship. 

The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting

This scholarship is aimed at the female students who pursue undergraduate, graduate as well as postgraduate degrees in the field of Accounting. Women might apply for several scholarship programs under each category. Currently, there are ten cumulatively. The amount of award is from $1000- $2000 for undergraduate scholarship programs to $5000 for female students who pursue a Ph.D. degree. The deadline is April 30. 

Scholarships for Women in the Field of Education

Federal Student Aid TEACH Program

Women who have high academic performance, as well as a GPA of at least 3.25, might consider submitting an application to TEACH-Grant-eligible programs while preparing for working as a teacher and might get grants each year. 

Keep in mind that the students are to make commitments to work as a teacher in a high-need field in a low-income area for a certain period of time, generally minimum four complete academic years. The amount of award is up to $4000. The deadline is October 31. However, the annual certification date can be changed. 

Educational Administration Scholarships

This educational scholarship is funded by AASA. Female students with outstanding accomplishments may decide to build their careers in the field of school administration as school superintendents. The sum of the award is $2500. The deadline is September 30. 

Native American Scholarship

This scholarship program is provided by Continental Society Daughters of Indian Wars. There are two scholarships annually. Female students who have Native American ancestors and plan to work with Native Americans in the fields of education or social service might be interested in such a scholarship. In order to renew the annual award, it is required to have a GPA of at least 3.0. 

The sums of the award are $2500 and $5000. The deadline is June 15. 

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Scholarships for Women in the Medical Field

HOSA Scholarships

This scholarship may be interesting for women who would like to get a health-related profession, such as a pharmacist, a therapist, and many others. The students may become members of the HOSA-Future Health Professionals organization, which might be beneficial for them. The candidate needs to open a free profile on Tallo and apply for the scholarship. There is no fixed amount of award; it varies each year. The sum of the award depends on HOSA Scholarship Sponsors. The deadline is March 15. 

Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Scholarship

Since the foundation of this scholarship program, more than 17000 women have benefited from it. This is a non-renewable scholarship. It is for female residents of the USA who pursue degrees in the licensed institution of higher education

The amount of award is from $2000 to $10000. The deadline varies. The list of relevant scholarships is available after October 15. 

NURSE Corps Scholarship Program

Female students with a vocation to work at the health-care facilities, who agree to work in places with a critical shortage of nurses after graduation, can apply for this scholarship program. The sum of the award varies. Actually, financial assistance covers tuition and other eligible fees, cost of necessary items and supplies, books, as well as a monthly stipend; at present, it is $1383. The deadline is May 21. 

Scholarships for Women in the Field of Law Studies

Arthur Lockwood Beneventi Law Scholarship

This scholarship is financed by the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. The general criteria include excellent academic results as well as financial hardship. Female students, who attend an accredited law school while being enrolled in a 4-year study, can apply each year. The amount of award is $2000. The deadline is February 15. 

WIFLE Annual Scholarship

This is a renewable scholarship for talented female students who decide to pursue careers in the field of Law Enforcement. Among the basic criteria, there is at least one already completed a year in college, as well as an average GPA of 3.0. The sum of the award is $2500. The deadline is May 1. 



Scholarships for Women in the Field of Social Studies

Social Science Scholars Program

This scholarship is aimed at female students who study at Florida State University full-time. Moreover, they are to have a GPA of at least 3.3. By choosing this scholarship, women can substantially reduce the cost of the social science program. The amount of award is $5000. The deadline is September 30. 

Federal Alliance for Safe Homes Scholarship (FLASH)

A range of scholarships is accessible for female students whose master`s or doctorate degree is connected with the social studies, particularly ones that are dedicated to natural disaster safety as well as mitigation. The amount of award is $1500. The deadline is May 15. 

Educational Grants that are Available for Women

Education Support Awards by Patsy Takemoto Mink Foundation

Low-income women, who have got children to take care of and are pursuing the degrees, can get substantial awards. Either school or living expenses may be covered by these grants. Educational accomplishments, as well as professional goals, along with financial needs and individual circumstances, are taken into account. The amount of award is up to $5000. The details concerning the application are provided on May 1. 

Graduate Women International Grant

Every person deserves to get a higher education and obtain a Master`s degree or a Ph.D. in the intended areas of expertise. There are a lot of grants and fellowships available for women who would like to pursue their education. The amount of award may vary, as it depends on a particular grant. The sum starts at $3000. Every grant ought to be checked individually, as there are different deadlines of application. 

Other Prospects to Save Money

Federal Work-Study Programs

Usually, undergraduate and graduate students studying full-time may not have an opportunity to work and make money in order to pay for education. This program proposes part-time jobs that involve work on campus, community service, or related to the student`s area of specialization. In addition, such Federal Aid can be useful not only for covering tuition fees but also for getting working experience that may be recorded in the resume. 

Employer Tuition Assistance

The female employees may wish to obtain advanced degrees or more/better certifications. Sometimes the employers can provide several opportunities for the employees` career development and professional growth. So that some awards or cost recovery of tuition might be offered, as it leads to better performance. 

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Programs

Women that have already found their true calling may search for the industries or areas with a great demand for particular specialists. The cost of education may be fully repaid in return for the commitment to work in certain fields and areas for a specified period of time, generally a minimum of several years. 

More Organizations with Financial Support for Women

There is a number of other opportunities for women to get financial aid, such as the following ones: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), American Association of University Women, American Association for Women in Community College, and many more. The female students should check all the options in detail when necessary. 

The Overall Process of Obtaining a Scholarship

The students should start looking for a scholarship in advance. The applicants ought to study all local programs that are available. It is supposed that in case of interest in the specific scholarships and grants, the opportunities to get the appropriate assistance are higher. Check if you are eligible to apply for the desired programs. Moreover, the scholarships for the candidates from the entire state are recommended to being reviewed too. Among the basic requirements you can find the next ones:

  • An applicant is a resident of the U.S.;
  • A candidate is enrolled in an institution of higher education that is licensed and accredited (on a full-time basis);
  • All the necessary requirements for the application form are met and all the needed documents are submitted.

Please, note that it is not a complete listing. The candidate should check all the requirements thoroughly, as every scholarship can have its own requirements and peculiarities.  

It is of great importance to prepare beforehand. The applicant is to collect all the necessary documents, carefully complete all the writing tasks, and meet the deadlines. The candidates should be extremely attentive and avoid any single mistake. 

General Advice to Follow

  • Start looking for and applying beforehand;
  • Check if you are suitable for all the criteria, search for the scholarships which are specific for the major;
  • Improve your writing skills, as the applicant is expected to write college essays or several materials, for instance, a statement of purpose, etc.;
  • Participation in the community service or doing voluntary work is a great benefit for a candidate;
  • Be accurate and truthful, as all the data will be checked.

So, remember to check all the details thoroughly and make a comprehensive research of the credible info concerning the topic. Verify all the information on different scholarships further and in detail, as this brief guideline only contains some basic facts. Follow all the requirements and instructions for submitting an application. There should be no mistakes in the materials, so that revise everything several times and edit when necessary. Check all the unclear information directly. We hope that our general tips may come in handy while starting to apply for scholarships for women. Good luck to you!