Opinion Essay Topics List for Your Inspiration

Writing an opinion essay can be a favorite assignment for a large number of students. And all because it allows you to express your own opinion. Of course, like any other written assignment, it has its challenges. After all, it is not enough just to have some thoughts in your head; you need to formulate them correctly and convey them to your audience. Another difficulty lies in coming up with a topic. It’s easy to write if all students in your class have the same instructions. But when the choice depends only on you, the situation goes in a completely different direction.

We often work with good students who have impeccable writing skills and place an order literally one day before the final deadline. They feel desperate because they can’t come up with a topic. It seems to them that all their options are weak and banal. That’s why we want to support you and other students and come up with some good ideas.

You have to understand that even the best students sometimes get stuck. You may get a pretty simple task but consider it to be the hardest challenge. You always have a personal opinion, but writing about it is very difficult. If you are in this situation, just keep reading and feel more confident!

What Is an Opinion Essay?

Let’s start with the simplest thing, with a definition.

An opinion essay is a written work where you have to present thoughts and ideas regarding a topic you have chosen. They should be as clear as possible. It is also important to support them with good examples. It would be a great idea to include the opposing point of view in a separate paragraph before jumping to the conclusion. It is important to prepare a really strong argument to show the inconsistency, incorrectness, and inconclusiveness of this paragraph. In conclusion, you will once again explain your thesis statement and show the readers why you hold this opinion.

Elementary or Middle School Students Ideas

Essays like these are very popular in elementary and middle school because young children are just learning to formulate their point of view and express it in the written form. If your child or brother/sister can’t find a good topic, you can suggest one of the following ideas:

  • Who do you think is friendlier: dogs or cats? Write down what traits people have who have cats or dogs.
  • What if you’re being chased by a school bully? Do you think that you need to tell the teacher, parents about this, or resolve the conflict yourself?
  • Do you have any video games? What kind? Do they help you have fun, or is it something more like inspiration about creativity?
  • Is there a cultural project that deserves worldwide recognition?
  • What would you do if you were entrusted with the role of the peacemaker of your school? What methods should be used to keep the peace?
  • How would you spend your ideal vacation, and why?
  • Would you like your school to cancel the homework? Why? Why not?
  • Which superpower would you choose? Would you like to be a hero alone or with your team? What superpowers will you give your friends?

Elementary and middle schools are good because pupils have a very well-developed imagination and can show it. Feel free to voice your opinion and say what you think. Reading your essay in front of the class, you will definitely hear applause from your friends!

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High School Student? Check Our Opinion Essay Topics List!

High school is a crucial life period. Teenagers think a lot about their place in life. This is the time when their personality is formed, their worldview is determined. As you begin to discover the world for yourself, writing an opinion essay is your chance to make yourself known.

Here are some awesome themes to help you impress your classmates!

  • The role of social media today. Should students have social media accounts? Write your opinion and explain it with examples.
  • Smartphones at school. Can I use gadgets during lessons? How is this useful? What is harmful?
  • Do you support zoos? Do you think it’s time to replace them with special centers with unlimited conditions for animals?
  • What role do you think money and connections play in a successful career? Give some examples to support your opinion.
  • Which person do you consider successful? Should he or she have a popular social media profile? Maybe being successful is having a good job or creative talents? Can you call yourself or some of your friends successful?
  • Why are people interested in the life of celebrities? Is there someone you like? How do you like this tendency? Try to explain why we are looking for a role model among famous people? Do you have one?
  • What do you think about homework? Is this learning style outdated, or is it still of great benefit?
  • How to prevent the spread of bad habits among young people? And is it worth it?
  • What do you think about bad language in modern music?
  • Is it right that electronic textbooks are gradually replacing paper ones? Which ones do you prefer, and why?

Opinion Essay Topics to Get Prepared for IELTS

IELTS is a test for non-native speakers wishing to prove their level of English proficiency. It involves different steps, like listening and speaking, but you also need to write an opinion essay. They should be both interesting and relevant to you. You have to prove yourself, show your English, and impress the examiners.

  • Which is better: disease prevention or quality medicines? What should government finance more?
  • Does modern technology help people from different societies and cultures find a common language faster?
  • Do you think that modern education should include a human (physical effect) despite the Internet and trends for a remote approach?
  • In various countries, there are still single-sex schools and parents who prefer to send their children to such educational institutions. Do you think this practice is beneficial or harmful?
  • Do you think musicians and artists make the same contribution to society as technologists and scientists? Should art be funded in the same way as science?

In fact, a good topic is only 30-40% of the task. What you really need to do is come up with good arguments and do your best to demonstrate your ability to express and prove thoughts. Before you start writing, be sure to think through a few theses that reflect you. Take care of expanding your vocabulary, use synonyms, metaphors, idioms to better convey your message to the reader.

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College Students: The Best Opinion Essay Topics List for You!

If you are in college, you will be dealing with a wide variety of papers, regardless of your major. Whenever any ideas come to your mind, always write them down to use on occasion. Make sure you always have a notebook or smartphone app with a list of cool topics at your fingertips. Here are some options:

  • Some students accuse college professors of bias. Students believe that professors can have favorites that they distinguish from the rest. Do you think this statement is correct?
  • College should be a carefree time that opens up many roads. But student loans often turn studies into an endless financial race. What do you think about it?
  • Can you call your campus safe enough? What are current initiatives being used to ensure this?
  • The frantic rhythm of study often takes away the opportunity to eat right and play sports. Do you think fast food is a problem for students? What solutions do you see?
  • Do students need to work to improve their image, for example, through volunteering and social work?
  • How do you feel about college plagiarism requirements? Are they too strict?
  • Why are private tutoring services so popular? Can this be explained by the poor quality of college education?

You may see that all these topics are related to college life and common for different students. We are sure that every teenager has something to say about this. Perhaps some other topics concern you. It’s time to write a paper about it!

How Should You Write an Opinion Essay

This assignment is a good platform to share your thoughts and ideas. However, you should remember about tolerance and respect. Consider all positions, and try to avoid too harsh words. Writing about any topic, use some phrases that show you understand it is your position, not the ultimate truth. For example, it is better to write something like, “I believe that students should not visit single-sex schools these days” than “Single-sex schools must be forbidden these days”.