Piece of Advice on How to Create a Medical School Personal Statement

If you decide to go to a medical school, you should know the stages of admission of students. Since there are many people interested in medical specialties, the competition for one place is increasing every year. The times when it was enough to have solid knowledge for your admission are a thing of the past. Now schools and colleges want to see opinion leaders who are open to communication and ready to help people.

For admission to the school, you need to write a letter of recommendation and go through an interview. You can prepare for the second only by experience, though each student can write a strong personal statement. To create a compelling essay, you need to know some tricks to help get a high score. Please note that based on your letter, the selection committee will assume what kind of person you are, which can play into your hands.

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Some ideas for your personal statement

Due to fierce competition in past years, each student submitted up to twenty applications. Some students are ready to enroll in related specialties, just to be accepted into medical school. It is worth noting that this letter is part of the entire application that you send via TMDSAS or AACOMAS. For your essay to be reviewed and noted, there is a list of key topics to highlight.

  • Which moment in life determined your choice in favor of medicine. This topic is more interesting than explaining your passion for medicine because you discover a part of your life. Describe at what age you decided which specialty to choose or what event changed your mind.
  • What kind of person inspired you. Students usually mention teachers who have changed their minds about the subject. Nevertheless, we recommend that you move away from the familiar template and be more interesting. For example, tell us about a doctor from an ambulance or veterinarian who came in the middle of the night to examine your pet.
  • The life experience that determined your goal. Many doctors have realized their recognition after a certain period in their lives. Tell us what obstacles you have overcome and what helped you stay calm. For example, when you had problems in your family, you would close in your room and read books about anatomy.
  • Intrinsic motivation. There is an opinion that the profession of a doctor is a hereditary phenomenon, so in a family of doctors and a child is likely to become a doctor. However, in a personal statement, you need to avoid stereotypes and protect yourself from prejudice. Write down what drives you and why you want to become a student of this faculty.

The topic you choose will represent you as a student. Please note that before the interview, you should prepare separate essays for schools in which you pass by rating. Therefore, do not tell all the details in this essay. On the contrary, you need to submit the basic data from life so that you can develop them in the second essay.

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The guide for the creation of a medical school personal statement

A personal statement can both improve an opinion about you and make it worse. Besides, two essays with the same information, but different submission, can get radically different points. Check out these points to be confident in your abilities.

  1. Give yourself time to process information. A good option would be to allocate half a year to create an essay from chaotic thoughts to the final version. You need to choose highlights and the most interesting data from your life. Sometimes a few essays go to the trash as you come up with something stronger.
  2. Determine your final idea. Make sure you are supporting opinion without changing your mind.
  3. Avoid common topics. Believe that the admission committee is fed up with stories about people’s desires to be doctors from birth. Create something unique to be remembered.
  4. Express your feelings. Show your attitude to points you are talking about. If there were crucial moments in your life, tell about your doubts or prejudices while dealing with them.
  5. Allocate time to create a thesis and a hook. Is becomes flat when every next student starts their essay in the same way. Add a rhetorical question or a quote to grab a reader’s attention.
  6. More actions, fewer words. Nobody loves people who are talking too much about their character traits. You would rather tell about an experience or how you behave in difficult situations.
  7. Follow the usual structure. Not to overload the paper, choose a format with 5 paragraphs. It is enough to write an introduction, a few arguments in the main part and a conclusion.
  8. Forget about professional knowledge and be yourself. It is not an exam to use terminology or complex phrases. A person who will be reading your paper does not want to train their brains because of you. Vice versa, you should express your thoughts in a light manner.
  9. Follow the logical sequence of thoughts. You need to reread your essay twice to make sure that every next question continues the idea of the previous one. Ask your friend to take a look at the paper.
  10. Pay attention to the norms. Your essay should have a volume of not more than 4500 characters (AACOMAS), 5000 (TMDSAS) and 5300 (AMCAS).
  11. Focus on the essentials. You must provide a reader with an opinion about yourself, so come up with the key positions that characterize you. This data will be the skeleton of the paper.
  12. Avoid being intrusive. You should delete all the obsessive questions not to sound categorical.
  13. Ask others to rate the paper. To understand what grade your medical school personal statement can count on, give it to colleagues for verification. People like to criticize, make ratings, so they can even notice minor mistakes.
  14. Proofread. All your efforts will be wasted if you do not notice a small inaccuracy. For greater certainty, you can use the services of online essay writing services.
  15. Get professional support. The specialists on our website will carefully analyze the potential of your essay and improve your thoughts. Learn from true professionals how to present your strengths to enter a medical school.

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