How to Choose Best Persuasive Essay Topics

How to Choose Best Persuasive Essay Topics

This type of essay will normally consist of three main parts: introduction, body and conclusion. Introduction should contain that hook that will catch and keep your readers’ attention till the last word. Body is the main part in the paper. It may have 3-5 paragraphs where you present your proofs of your opinion. In conclusion you summarize everything you wrote above and make a statement. It is great if your final part contains call for action.

You will find a lot of similarities between persuasive and argumentative papers. The difference is that in an argumentative essay you have to prove your point of view which is opposite to the point of view of the author of the source text.



When you deal with persuasive paper your task is to provide proofs that will make your reader accept your point.

Sometimes it is rather difficult to make up your own theme for essay. We offer 100 persuasive essay topics that may be used in your paper or give you inspiration to create your own topic. If you have doubts weather you will be able to cope with this tasks, or you are overloaded with tasks from different subjects, your best option is to have your essay written on order by a professional writer.

Persuasive essay topics for any occasion

Simple themes

  1. Nowadays test are way too difficult for students
  2. Restaurants should not sell soda to children
  3. French fries should not be included in menus of school cafeterias
  4. Boys and girls should have different gender custom classes
  5. Government should allow breastfeeding in public.
  6. Parents should bear responsibility for their children’s illegal actions
  7. Under aged persons should be allowed drinking soft alcohol in the presence of their parents
  8. It should be parents responsibility to promote healthy way of life
  9. It should be parents responsibility to keep their kids away from drugs
  10. The aim of the internet is changing life of human.

Intermediate level topics

  1. Was the ACLU created to fraud people?
  2. Government should prohibit animal testing.
  3. Benefits of introducing alternative types of fuel
  4. Government should tax churches
  5. Why America should keep Cuba embargo?
  6. Bowl Championship Series should be reviewed and replaced with college football
  7. Decrease corporate income tax will lead to creation of more working places
  8. Former criminals should be granted a voting right

Advance level topics

  1. Persons sexual orientation is formed in childhood
  2. Capital punishment is government’s crime
  3. It is people’s attitude to the nature that caused climate to change
  4. Euthanasia should be an option when there is no way out
  5. People should be allowed carrying electric shocker for protective purposes
  6. Same sex marriages should not be allowed
  7. Are there effective ways to solve the conflict between Israeli and Egypt?
  8. Right for self protection should be granted for citizens in the Second Amendment
  9. Government should take measure toward illegal immigration and make these people work instead of paying them compensations

Topics for college students

  1. Is there gender discrimination in politics?
  2. Cell phones destruct our normal activities
  3. Why is it necessary to replace ordinary text books with electronic books?
  4. Do you have to control what you post in your public profiles?
  5. Is it possible to stop illegal immigration by building a border fence?
  6. Do cyber attacks thread country’s security?
  7. Government should make recycling a part of the official policy
  8. Do colleges have a right to block use of illegal material via internet?
  9. Students should not be allowed using social networks when in classes
  10. There should not be sex discrimination in college sport
  11. Why the number of domestic violence is increasing in America?
  12. What is bad about identity theft?



Topics for bachelor’s students

  1. Amount of calories should be provided with every fast food dish
  2. American middle class is under the burden of tax system
  3. Patients with chronic mental disorders should live in the so called halfway houses
  4. The law should prohibit billboards on highways
  5. The court should call psychiatrists to witness in cases where the person under arrest claims to be mentally unhealthy
  6. American Constitution should provide the National Health Insurance Program
  7. Death penalty should be applied on children molesters
  8. Should couples take special classes for future parents?
  9. The law has to allow teen marriages in case of pregnancy
  10. It is necessary to dismiss the UN
  11. Prisoners should undergo art and music therapy
  12. Educated persons should become literacy teachers
  13. No one should be allows building Olympic objects close to UNESCO protected areas

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Topics for master’s students

  1. Are the prescribed ethical codes bad?
  2. Good and evil do not actually exist
  3. Does human behavior depend on their sexual appetites?
  4. Being selfish is very natural and normal
  5. Scientists have to learn how to develop intelligence at genetic level
  6. Is the behavior of a person defined by genetic factors?
  7. Does it really make you happier when you help other people?
  8. God is watching us.
  9. It feels like evil rules the world, we should ask the God for help
  10. Ethics is something can be taught to children by their parents
  11. Truth always reveals
  12. Did the rich people get their money using other people’s hard work?

Funny persuasive essay topics

  1. How would the world look if ruled by donkeys?
  2. Where are all mismatched hiding?
  3. What caused my antipathy to country music?
  4. Which song I consider the worst in the world?
  5. Why are videos showing shark attack on humans so popular?
  6. What is the purpose of tanning booths on the beach?
  7. Should I use my video game playing skills as a source of income?
  8. Why people pay more attention to spam emails than the normal ones?
  9. Why teeth braces scare people?
  10. How do Barbie dolls influence girls?
  11. Why many kids are afraid of Mickey Mouse?
  12. Why should you pretend not to be interested in sport?
  13. How to imitate activity at work without doing something you should do?
  14. My Barbie appearance made my life a disaster.

Controversial themes

  1. Tax money should not be used for helping out financial organizations
  2. American people are all watched
  3. Polygamy should be prohibited by legislation
  4. Gay parents influence the mind of children
  5. Search and seizure should be carried out without warrants
  6. All the power should be given to judges not the jury system
  7. World should ban development and use of biological weapon
  8. Use of torture should be punished.
  9. Children should know everything about contraception
  10. A couple should have certification to be able to become parents
  11. What are the benefits of GMO organisms?
  12. Educated women spoil it all.
  13. The law should ban collection of sperm samples from dead male partners.

Bonus topics

  1. Parents should pay their kids for doing some house work
  2. Americans should be the people to live on the Moon
  3. Do school grades have negative influence on students?
  4. Every family should have a detailed survival plan and kit to be able to survive in case of natural catastrophe
  5. Children should know about the consequences of using drugs from their parents when they are still young
  6. Cats are the best pets ever
  7. Freedom of religion is only formal around the world
  8. Scientists should develop contraception methods for men
  9. Is human life completely dependent on technology nowadays?

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