Top Problems and Solutions Essay Topics: Best Examples 2021

The problem and solution essay is always a complex analytical paper. It has nothing in common with a simple narrative essay. In fact, it is a research piece where writers provide strong arguments and relevant supporting evidence. In this paper, a writer should define the problem, highlight its main concepts, and provide possible solutions. 

It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare such an essay. Still, when a student is assigned to complete a problem and solution essay, it must be performed without a glitch. This complex paper requires decent analytical and writing skills. Moreover, some research talents will also be very favorable. You need to check a bunch of sources to come up with proper arguments and evidence for your essay.

Basic Guidelines for Writers

When writing an essay, it is preferable to come up with a decent writing strategy—students who lack any strategy deal with numerous problems within a writing process. Therefore, you may need to start your work once constructing the best topic for your essay. 

Write an essay proposal first. It means you need to propose the most winning topic to discover in your paper and provide evidence of the correctness of your choice. Once you have dealt with the topic, you can proceed to the next stages of essay accomplishment. 

You should always be aware of your audience—both when you write a problem and solution essay proposal and then write an outline. In fact, an outline can be used as an effective writing plan. Keep in your mind; students must always come up with a strong topic. 

Next, they should define the main problem, prepare a thesis statement, define the possible solutions, and provide evidence with analysis. This type of essay is more complex than any standard essay. Be aware, the definition of the problem should always be placed in the introduction section.

Problem and Solution Essay Types

The problem and solution paper’s goal is to define the problem, check its reasons, and find out the final solutions. The main problem can be defined by three basic characteristics. Therefore, there are three main types of problem and solution essays. The first type mostly deals with a problem definition and solutions selection. The second type outlines the main causes of a problem and possible solutions. The third type includes essays that only deal with a solution to the problem. This particular paper requires a short identification of the problem in the introduction. The entire text of an essay further focuses only on a solution.

Great Templates of Problem and Solution Essay Topics

Problem and Solution Templates in Social Media

  • The development of social media addiction as the current threat to the young generation;
  • Check the effects of the named addiction on the young generation, their families, and societies in general;
  • The challenges of the modern progressing social networks;
  • Define the main reasons for social nets’ rapid evolution and their effect on people. Find the solutions to the mentioned issue;
  • The negative effect of social media on socialization;
  • Check and analyze the negative effects of social media on people’s socialization skills. Define how it affects an individual and provide a proper solution;
  • The redefined communications –Facebook and Twitter influence;
  • Highline, the changed communications’ character, caused by big social platforms like Facebook and Twitter;
  • Social activism in the social media era;
  • Check and define the role of social platforms in assisting social activism. Define social activism as a problem.;
  • Social media in modern education;
  • Check the influence of social media on the current educational system;
  • Effects of Social media on personality;
  • Discover the effects of social media on people’s personalities and interpersonal relationships;
  • The need for parental control over teens’ use of social media;
  • Check and highlight the addiction to social media in teens as a problem in your research;
  • The social media platforms’ future;
  • Discover the limitations and expectations of the expansion of social media platforms in the future;
  • The effect of social media on the home environment;
  • Discover the effect of social media on the home environment and the relationships between people in families.

 Problem and Solution Paper Topics on Environmental Protection

  • The effect of air pollution on public health;
  • Discuss the main effects of air pollution on people’s health conditions;
  • The main causes of water pollution;
  • Check and investigate the causes of water pollution and provide a possible solution;
  • The global warming politics details;
  • Highlight the role of the state’s policies in global warming;
  • The role of a human in environmental pollution;
  • Discover the effect of human activity on environmental pollution;
  • The top industries that trigger air, land, and water pollution;
  • Discover the harm caused by huge plants in the natural environment;
  • The environmental protection issue;
  • Discover the main ways of protecting the natural environment;
  • The conservation of the environment – economic and social benefits
  •  Analyze the economic and social benefits of natural environment conservation;
  • The environmental pollution effect on health;
  • Discover the health complications caused by environmental pollution;
  • The environment and youth;
  • Highlight the activities of youth that threaten the natural ecosystem;
  • The danger of particulate matter;
  • Analyze the make particulate matter’s industries. 

Alcoholism and Drugs Abuse Problem and Solution Paper Topics

  • The advantages of group therapy for drug addicts;
  • Analyze drug addiction as a central issue and define how group therapy can help to solve the issue;
  • The main causes of drug addiction;
  • Define and explain the main causes of drug addiction in low-income families;
  • Drug addiction caused by the social environment;
  • Analyze the role of urbanization in the increase of drug addicts’ number;
  • The efficiency of government policies against opioid use;
  • Investigate the problem of opioids use and explain the role of the government’s policies in solving the issue;
  • The effectiveness of essence group therap;y
  • Analyze the issue of hard drug usage and the way the group therapy can help to recover from addiction;
  • The health complications caused by substance use and abuse;
  • Analyze the devastating effect of substance use and abuse on people’s health;
  • The reasons for marijuana legalization;
  • Outline the main reasons why marijuana should be legalized. Define the main health effects it has on individuals;
  • The medical marijuana case;
  • Define the main reason for marijuana use, including pain management;
  • The recreational marijuana case;
  • Outline that many people use marijuana purchased on the black market. Define that legalization of marijuana can be the solution to illegal marijuana consumption;
  • The substance use disorders and their main causes;
  • Define the main effect of substance use disorders on people. Provide a solution to substance use disorders.

Problem and Solution Essay Topics on Endangered Species

  • The conserving endangered species’ significance;
  • The importance of natural ecosystem regulation for endangered species’ protection;
  • The role of government in the endangered species’ protection;
  • The significance of national parks and reserves in endangered species protection;
  • Global tourism and endangered species;
  • The climate change effects of endangered species’ protection;
  • Humans’ activities as the main threat to endangered species;
  • The significance of increased awareness about endangered species;
  • The role of community in the endangered species’ protection;
  • The causes of endangered species protection.

Problem and Solution on Obesity

  • The basic effects of obesity on health;
  • The main causes of childhood obesity;
  • The wrong food culture and obesity;
  • The obesity caused by fast-food consumption;
  • Obesity causes and low self-esteem;
  • The negative effects of obesity on lifestyle;
  • The effect of obesity on the social environment;
  • The problem of obesity in the USA;
  • The parenting issues and obesity;
  • Adolescence and obesity.

Problem and Solution Issues on Mental Health

  • The causes of depression in American youth;
  • The main factors blamable for mental disorders;
  • The main characteristics of the US mental health care system;
  • The mental health care in US veterans;
  • The severe depression causes and role of family therapy;
  • The race factor in assuring an improved mental health;
  • The up-to-date mental health disorders;
  • The treatment of mental health disorders;
  • The significance of psychiatric institutions;
  • The role of social workers in mental health care.

Problem and Solution Ideas on the Criminal Justice System

  • The expected fairness of the US criminal justice system;
  • The cases of racial inequality in the US prison system;
  • The solution to prison overpopulation in the US;
  • The ways of criminal system addressing the runaways’ crimes;
  • The government and criminal system burden;
  • The way of treating criminals: the punishment of rehabilitation;
  • The juvenile delinquency addressing and prevention;
  • The diversionary programs as an alternative solution to incarceration;
  • The reasons and solution of recidivism.

Problem and Solution Ideas on Higher Education

  • The benefits of higher education for people who seek social and economic mobility;
  • The benefits and shortcomings of university education;
  • The possible negative effect of lack of college degree for a person’s economic prospects;
  • The higher education features in the modern informational era;
  • Multiculturalism and higher education;
  • The virtual learning phenomenon in the modern higher education system;
  • The high college enrolment causes by students’ loans;
  • The significance of students’ loans for people with low income;
  • The college fraternities’ significance for international college students;
  • The real value of a university degree;
  • The labor market and college degree.

Problem and Solution Ideas Examples on Homelessness

  • The solution to homelessness in the biggest world cities;
  • The government role in the solution to the homelessness problem;
  • Homelessness as the result of poor government’ regulations;
  • Homelessness as the biggest evidence of economic inequality in the world;
  • The effect of mental health problems on the increase in homelessness;
  • The role of policy failure in the homelessness problem;
  • Affordable housing as an effective solution to the homelessness problem.

Problem and Solution Ideas on Globalization

  • Globalization as the reason for the increased rate of corporate fraud cases;
  • International trade and globalization;
  • The effect of globalization on the increase of multinational companies;
  • The connection between child labor and globalization;
  • The advantages and disadvantages of globalization;
  • The borderless trade effects on countries’ economics;
  • The internalization of the biggest business enterprises;
  • The effect of globalization on foreign policy regulations;
  • The globalization role in consumerism culture development;
  • The economic benefits of globalization for developing countries.

Creating Problem and Solution Paper Topics: Effective Guide

When students deal with academic writing, they always have requirements and writing guides to follow. Surely, every academic paper has a certain structure required and requirements for its content. Mostly, essay papers require an introduction, main body paragraphs, and conclusions. Besides, lots of complex essays require a proposal, outline, and abstract. 

When preparing a problem and solution essay, be ready to learn its proper structure and format requirements in advance. When you need to come up with a strong topic for your paper, make sure to conduct profound research. It is important to come up with an interesting and significant topic for your audience. 

Write down the reason for selecting the topic in your introduction part or essay proposal. In the introduction part, you must define your topic in detail. Be sure to select the topic interesting and important for your target audience.

Essentials of Problem and Solution Paper Topics

When completing a problem and solution paper, you define the analyzed problem and offer a solution. The chosen problems to investigate must specify some challenges for researchers. Moreover, they should have possible solutions.

Therefore, the typical essentials of problem and solutions essay topic are the following:

  • A thesis statement that outlines the problem and provides solutions;
  • Definition of a few possible solutions;
  • Evidence is provided in the form of facts, statistics, details, and examples;
  • A deep analysis.

Modification of Problem and Solution Essay Subjects for Various Goals

Once working on the essentials of the problem and solution paper’s central ideas, scholars choose to give it time. It is better to spend days selecting a topic than months dealing with an impossibly difficult topic. They cleverly select problems that can be solved. There is a simple set of points to focus on – the main problem, a reason, and a solution. Once you have dealt with these elements, you would easily complete your paper. 

Further, you will be able to provide decent content, a thesis statement, evidence, and analysis. Once constructing a topic, it will become easier to come up with strong arguments and evidence. Surely, it may require profound research of materials. Still, once you are well-aware of the proper structure and format of your document, the writing process becomes more organized.

Problem and Solution Essay Topic Template

There is a template of structure for a proper problem and solution essay. It includes a list of the basic parts of the essay. Mostly, it includes the main five elements. This is the standard structure of a problem and solution article. In general, these sections include an intriguing introduction, a properly analyzed problem, a decent solution, and a strong conclusion part.

The standard template of a problem and solution essay include the following basic elements:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Problem.
  3. Solution.
  4. Conclusion.

The Basic Sections’ Content

The key features of a problem and solution essay must be followed. It allows us to prepare every part of an essay faster. In brief, the introduction part is the short outline of the main idea of the paper. It also includes a thesis statement. You should describe the analyzed problem in detail to come up with an effective solution. Define the importance of your topic to the audience. 

Students often discuss the main purpose of their research work in the problem section. They refer to the problem as the main subject of research. The arguments and evidence are also included in the problem section. The solution section includes paragraphs with possible solutions. There could also be discussions on the best-offered solution. The conclusion part is the final section of your essay. It recalls the problem and outlines the solution. 

Introduction Part

The introduction part often includes the introduction to the problem and the outline of the importance of the research on the topic. Also, it includes a thesis statement. Students address the most important aspects of the topic and identify the causes of the problem in the introduction section. 

Problem Section

Once defining a problem, students should outline their causes in detail. The main problem is the key subject analyzed in the essay. Thus, the problem section also includes a description of the analytical methods and research tools. The context of the problem is also revealed in this particular part of the essay. Writers also outline the main research approaches and define the details of the investigation on the topic. 

Solution Part

The solution part includes the best scenario of the problem solution. It can reveal a discussion on a few solutions as well. Finally, the writer tends to provide a single most effective solution to the problem. The overview of the thesis statement can be used to refer to the main problem at the beginning. Authors once referring to the most effective solutions to the problem can write down every solution in a separate paragraph. 

Conclusion Part

The conclusion part is the final section of a problem and solution essay. The writers must restate the thesis statement. They need to highlight the key features of the problem and its most effective solutions. They must define the problem once more, its causes, and provide the most effective solutions. In the end, students can come up with lots of recommendations for a problem solution.

Summary on Problem and Solution Essay Topics

A problem and solution essay is a complex research paper. Once you need to complete it, be ready to come up with an important and on-time essay topic. The main goal of this type of essay is to analyze a problem and come up with proper solutions. Writers need to have decent analytical and writing talents to prepare good content. Students must research on a chosen topic and provide the most effective solutions. They should come up with a great writing plan and offer an essay proposal first. The chosen topic must be important for a target audience and interesting in general.

Once you prepare a problem and solution essay, use the following tips for your advantage:

  • Outline the problem that requires a proper solution;
  • Write a strong thesis statement to define the problem, its main causes, and a solution;
  • Define a few possible solutions to the problem;
  • Provide the evidence in the form of facts, examples, and details;
  • Follow the analytical algorithm to investigate a problem and provide a proper solution.

We hope that our guidelines are helpful and now you can cope with problems and solutions essay. Nonetheless, our team is ready to help 24/7! If you need assistance with editing, proofreading or even writing the whole essay, just place an order and we will create the best papers for you!