Come Up with an Idea for Your Science Fair Project

After a long study of a topic or subject, the student must demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Science fair project is a great way to show your acquired skills and knowledge. You need to do versatile research and compose the ways to handle the issue. You are likely to present your project in front of the audience, so make sure you get well prepared.

This article is to help you pick up a relevant science fair project idea. Write my essay services will tell you useful tips to find the right idea and complete a science fair project from A to Z.

What are the requirements for your science fair project?

The requirements for each science fair project depend on the level of education. If you are a high school student, you have to be creative and careful. The topic of your project must be relevant to the subject and technology. Make sure your science fair experiment is beneficial to society or science development. Of course, the requirements for your project will be tougher.

Find the relevant science fair project idea

To start with, we prepared some science fair project ideas depending on the educational level of the student. If your project is not tied to a specific subject, this will help you find an interesting topic. We made two lists for elementary and middle school students. At this level, students do not have high requirements for the selection of project ideas.

Science fair project ideas for elementary school

  1. How and why is fog formed?
  2. Is it possible to grow a tree from a stone at home?
  3. Why are magnet and iron attracted?
  4. How to determine the time of year by stars?
  5. What is a star fall?
  6. How does a mercury thermometer work?
  7. Each person perceives and smells differently.
  8. Is it possible to make sparkling water at home?
  9. Why do children like sweets?
  10. Smog or fog: what is the difference?



Middle school level project ideas

Science fair projects for middle school students are versatile and complex. You should show the knowledge base you acquired throughout the last four years. Make sure to pick a project idea that would interest the audience.

  1. External factors that affect the formation of a person’s personality
  2. Why the cut apple darkens (oxidation processes)
  3. How to make a home greenhouse?
  4. What will happen to Earth if the Sun disappears?
  5. How does the speed of light affect our observations?
  6. Classical music enhances person productivity
  7. How to cure sugar addiction?
  8. The organs of intuition affect the comfort of a person’s life
  9. Air temperature and humidity: does one depend on the other?
  10. How are tornadoes and tsunamis formed?

Project Ideas Depending On Your Subject

Sometimes you have to prepare a science fair project on a particular subject or topic. It is a bit more complicated because you may dislike the subject. However, it all starts with an idea. You might pick up a topic you do not mind to research. Here is a list of ideas for each subject:


  1. Reverse and non-reverse chemical reactions
  2. The use of chemical catalysts in everyday life
  3. The process of extinguishing soda at home
  4. Protein destruction: how it is used in science and life
  5. The chemical reaction during wound healing

Electricity and Technology

  1. Safety Precautions When Using Electrical Appliances
  2. How to convert solar energy into electricity?
  3. Energy-saving lamps versus conventional LED ones
  4. Is it possible to replace electricity?
  5. Cathodic sputtering and ion treatment of parts

Food science project ideas

  1. How to calculate the required amount of soda for the test?
  2. Making the perfect pancake recipe
  3. How much salt should be added to porridge?
  4. How to calculate the necessary time for baking?
  5. How to determine the volume of ingredients?


  1. How to extract energy from natural disasters?
  2. Why does a person’s weight not affect the appearance?
  3. How to create a solar battery?
  4. Why are fogging windows and mirrors?
  5. Atmospheric pressure and humidity: human exposure

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  1. Food disinfection process
  2. Why is it not worth taking antibiotics?
  3. What drugs can be addictive?
  4. How to choose mushrooms according to their appearance?
  5. Growing spices at home

Useful Tips to Pick Up the Right Idea for Science Fair Project

When it comes to choosing the one topic for a science fair project, you get stuck with dozens of ideas. You researched the Internet, read our article, and made some notes. The problem is that you cannot figure out what topic is really yours. Do not worry: everybody bumps into such trouble.

That is why we made a guide on how to pick up the right project idea. Use it step by step to exclude inappropriate topics.

  1. Make a list of interests. Think about both yours and the audience’s concerns. Use brainstorming to write down all the topics you could discuss. What topic are you willing to research?
  2. Analyze your knowledge base. You have to be knowledgeable about each detail of the topic. If you have any gaps, avoid working with such a topic.
  3. Pay attention to requirements. Make sure your project fits the guidelines provided by your teacher. Write down the main requirements and place them in front of your eyes.
  4. Focus on the volume of the project. You must finish it on time, so do not take up complex project ideas.
  5. Gather critical information. Browse through the Internet to make sure there are enough credible sources on such a topic. 

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When working on the science fair project, listen to the wishes and the interests of your audience. Choose a theme that is different from the standard and matches your knowledge. Analyze your target audience and project requirements. Remember, you can always ask for help or advice.