Come up with a Thematic Statement for Your Essay

Regardless of the location and level of accreditation, each college or university instructs students to write an essay or other paper. Usually, certain tasks are attached to each task, which at first glance seems complicated. One type of written assignment for students is to work on a thematic essay.

Thematic essay at some points is significantly different from other types of papers. Also, each student needs to remember the requirements so that he can independently navigate the writing of the work. The problem is that even with good writing abilities, students often have questions when working with thematic essays.

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The concept of thematic paper

If you are reading this article, then you want to know the main idea of this type of work. Of course, each essay has its details, so today we will deal with the thematic one.

When working with a thematic essay, you need to select a specific topic and develop it throughout the paper. The student should take literary work as a basis and study its main question. You need to use professional sources, as well as apply various literary techniques. We recommend using different opinions to add confrontation and contrast to your work. Remember that the reader must be sure of the credibility of the sources so that he wants to read the entire article.

Since a topic essay often raises social issues, it’s quite difficult to pick a topic. The problem is that due to many factors, each of us has our own opinion on each problem. Therefore, you should choose a suitable topic, counting on a potential reader. Analyze your target audience, and then select the thematic statement.

To get started, plan your paperwork. As we have said, focus on the average reader to accurately pick up the thesis. If you like the research topic and you have already chosen the necessary arguments for it, do not rush to bring it to work. It would be much better to think about a strong statement that will capture the attention of a person.

Start with the main problem of your essay and gradually expand your thought. Take the time to select the appropriate sources, and then add them to each argument. However, do not overload with many thoughts.

How to write a thematic statement with examples?

For a better understanding of this assignment, it would be useful for you to familiarize yourself with other types of similar work. However, those essays that are related to the thematic are usually much more complicated.

The basis of each essay, regardless of its type, is to break the entire text into pieces. You need to come up with a strong introduction, build a coherent main body and summarize the results in the conclusion. It is also very important to move from one argument to the next smoothly and without jumping, otherwise, the reader may lose the main message. If you draw up the main parts of the paper correctly, consider that half of the work is already behind.

Since you are working on a thematic task, you should always follow the development of the main goal. One incorrectly constructed sentence can distract the reader’s attention, and then he will cease to understand the essence of the work. Therefore, each student should pay attention to the details.

When writing an outline

To work out every detail of the essay, it is recommended to create an outline that will be your plan. Why is it better to spend time sketching? Well, it is simple. When you start writing a thematic essay, you can easily get lost in different parts, sources, and arguments. However, if you have a sketch at hand, you can step by step supplement your paper without worrying that you have forgotten something. After spending 15 minutes creating a draft, you will deprive yourself of many problems when writing a thematic essay.

Be sure to note the requirements for the structure of work. Your main task is to carefully work on each part of the essay so as not to miss anything. You should also focus on a specific style of academic work, as each of them involves different requirements.

Creating an introduction

When you begin writing, you need to build a strong first paragraph to attract the reader’s attention. What do you need for it:

  • A proper subject
  • An emphatic start
  • A statement which is easy to understand



Tips to write a conclusion

It will be easier for the reader if your last paragraph is:

  • Brief
  • Comprehensible
  • Emphatic

In order to avoid misunderstanding, you would better see the example.

A right format of your thematic paper

To start with, note that the structure of your essay means a lot for a reader. To win a reader, you need to follow these tips:

  • Introduction.
    In the first paragraph, you need to give a reader some general information. Tell people what is the idea of your essay and come up with a thesis.
  • Body.
    Develop your basic idea, supporting it with arguments. In each paragraph, add some information from trusted sources. Be sure to leave links to references to the studies that you described.
  • Conclusion.
    When building the last paragraph, restate your thesis and summarize important thoughts. Finish your conclusion with a question or a statement.

Creating your thematic paper for English

Look at these stages to make sure you know every important step when writing a thematic essay.

  • Brainstorming.
    When you decide what the topic of the essay will be, proceed with this step.
    Write down all your ideas that come to mind. Once you have collected enough material, review all ideas. This way you will see what thoughts sound convincing, and you can use them in your work.
  • Create a strong thesis. This element plays a crucial role in the whole paper. Therefore, be especially careful when forming the thesis: it can as improve, as to ruin the whole essay.
  • Start your essay in the best way. For the introduction to sound expressive and attract attention, you need to make it short and strong. Describe the main problem of your research and share how you will solve it. The final sentence should be a thesis.
  • A central part of the paper. You should place three or more paragraphs in the body of the essay. Make sure each paragraph contains an argument and a supporting study or statement. Also in each part, you must prove your thesis.
  • Writing a conclusion. Some people prefer to start reading the paper with a conclusion.
    Therefore, it should summarize the main evidence of your point of view. Make sure that all questions are closed, as well as to reformulate your thesis. This way you can make the last paragraph concise and expressive.

Using that structure, you will be able to write other types of paper as well. It is worth noting.

Have a look at the great examples

We offer you an example of a professional essay writer to explain how to create an essay for world history. Although we have outlined all the key steps in writing a feature paper in our guide, you can still be puzzled because you have not seen any examples. We suggest you take a look at the perfect extract to get it right.

“Mein Kampf” and the development of Hitler’s personality

“Adolf Hitler, one of the leaders of German history in the previous century, was like a middle-income family. To enter the Academy of Arts in 1907 he moved to Vienna. From his essay, the world learned that it was there that its violent anti-Semitism began.

Adolf ended up in jail for participating in the Munich putsch. After spending 5 years in prison, he shaped his approaches to Nazism in his masterpiece Amin called “Mein Kampf”.

In his book, Hitler described the ideas of separation of races and formed the concept of pure race. In his essay, he states that mixing races leads the nation to decline, and the state must ensure that the race is kept clean.”

To figure out the concept of a thematic statement, we provide you with one more example.

What is a Belief System?

“Depending on the religion, there are different concepts of beliefs. The bulk encourages the worship of the gods and the reading of prayers. For each culture, a belief system is very important. I will talk about my religion – Hinduism and its role in my life.

The faith of every person begins in his family. Watching my parents live, I inherited some of their principles. For example, Hinduism forbids the consumption of beef. Although I was born in California, I still passionately respect all the traditions of my religion.”



US history thematic paper

Several topics are always relevant. One of these is an essay on US history. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic subjects.

Be sure to start with an outline. After spending ten minutes, we provide ourselves with the correct sequence of ideas in the essay. You can write a few points in a draft, and put a checkmark next to each as soon as you complete it.

Pay attention to the required style of paper. This is very important because
depending on the style there are different requirements for quoting sources. Be sure to add information about all the sources that you used.

You have an opportunity to pick a topic out of these:

  • Years of Progress in the US
  • What is the impact of journalism on history
  • Losses due to Civil War
  • The development of the United States
  • A role of US in WW
  • Influx of refugees

A thematic paper of globalization

When thinking of creating the global regent’s paper, focus on these items:

  • the development of mass media
  • scientific and technological revolution
  • foreign affairs
  • international systems
  • nature problems
  • rights of citizens
  • violence and race problems
  • revolts and rebellions
  • globalization

For detailed instructions, see our recommendations about how do my homework for free.

Come up with a topic

When choosing a topic, listen to your instincts. Since the work is voluminous, you need to feel the desire to research the topic. Keep in mind your target audience.

Thematic paper concerning belief

  • The relationship between cultures around the world
  • Inheriting the faith and principles of parents
  • Egypt’s evolution from belief to civilization
  • Self-development of a person in society and outside it
  • The combination of personal principles and norms of society
  • European philosophy
  • The death penalty and punishment
  • Religion in Ancient Rome

Thematic paper concerning science and technology

  • Industrial-scale technology development
  • Why globalization threatens international relations
  • Copyright Evolution
  • Social Network Risks and Cybersecurity
  • Internet data traffic
  • Web design basis and contemporary art

Nationalism in the thematic essay

  • The concept of nationalism and the student’s attitude to this term
  • Benefits or losses
  • A talk about nations and countries that have been studied
  • What events contributed to the emergence of nationalism in European countries
  • Pros and cons
  • Nationalism movement in selected countries of the world

Thematic paper, which includes geographical issues

  • Causes and risks of global warming
  • Relativism, its concept, and foundations
  • The influence of shipping in previous centuries on the landslides
  • Why did scientists invent GIS and how it is useful
  • Air pollution and the problem of freshwater
  • Losses after natural disasters

A thematic essay concerning human rights

  • Relate the definition from the dictionary and your understanding of the term
  • The problem of violation of the rights of the customer and support services
  • Key figures in the history of human rights
  • What rights do children, women or the military have
  • How a person needs to assert their rights

However, when writing an essay, you may find too many difficulties. Also, often students do not have time to complete the work by the appointed date. That is why we offer you to use the services of professional writers. On our website you will find a suitable candidate who will do the job quickly, following all the instructions.

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