Burning Hot Biology Research Topics to Write About in 2020

Students often see biology as a very complex and boring discipline, and sometimes the way it is presented and taught only reinforces this impression. However, biology is the science that explains how our body works, what it needs (or does not need), and how we can feel better. Besides, the history of biology is more fascinating than the most fantastic sci-fi movie. It takes a bit of patience and a properly selected topic to see the fascinating nature of this subject. 

Thus, picking a good topic of the personal project will facilitate your task significantly and probably will reignite your interest. What are good biology research topics?

First, they are scientifically rigorous, i.e., taken from peer-reviewed studies and sources, not some global plot theory speculations.  

Next, they should relate to recent studies and provide grounds for discussion. 

Then, these topics should be interesting and easy to understand. Description of some long and intricate biological process is undoubtedly important, but it does not do a gripping reading. 

Finally, these topics need to leave space for further investigation, or, ideally, prompt this direction. 

List Of Stunning Topics To Impress Your Biology Teacher

To make your task easier, we have compiled a list of 130+ topics on the most recent issues of biology. They encompass various fields of biology and provide a wide field for scientific exploration and debate. They include ethics, environmental issues, mental health question, etc. Feel free to use them as such or as a springboard to developing your own topic

What are the basic topics to write about that are easy to write about?

Basicbiology research topics focus on a single phenomenon and explore it forms various sides. Such topics are easier to research and develop, so even the beginner will handle them properly. You will have to structure the essay properly and arrange your materials in a logical order, and your paper will be ready. 

How to pick an outstanding topic? What does it include? 

Outstanding topics highlight some complex issues. They point to hidden interrelations and dependencies, dwell on traditional beliefs, and their relation to new discoveries. Such topics present something of a surprise to a reader; they push to learn more on the matter and point the possible direction for further research. We offer you both easier and more complex topics so that you could choose what fits your teacher’s requirements

Cloning, Genetic Experiments And Related Issues

Genetics make us the people we are. It gives us our uniqueness but also provides for various forms and evolution and appearance of new species. So, pick one the following great topics. 

  • Human cloning with prospects of transplantation: ethical side 
  • Different kinds of cloning: Reproductive and Therapeutic cloning
  • DNA research and genetic diseases
  • History of human cloning 
  • Countries that have moved ahead in matters of cloning 
  • The ethical side of cloning
  • Can cloning become an as accessible and acceptable matter of personal taste as flue vaccination?  
  • The medical potential of cloning 
  • DNA modification and its positive and negative implications
  • DNA experiments in humans 
  • Genetically modified food: benefits and concerns 
  • Depression in our genes
  • Genetic grounds of obesity 
  • Do addictive substances change human DNA?
  • Genetic foundations of sexual orientation 
  • What causes genetic mutation?
  • Transplantation: why does it cause so much negative attitude? 
  • Can ethics, religion, and science coexist peacefully? 
  • Transplantation and attitudes of relatives 
  • Transgenic crops and transgenic weeds: results of interaction of species 
  • CRISPR technology 

Hormonal Biology And Impact Of Hormones On Human Behavior

Hormones are unique signaling molecules that impact both body and psychology seriously. They provide the endless opportunity of exploration and an interesting reading that can help you make your mood better in practice as well. 

  • Hormones’ role in basic body functions
  • Hormonal ‘storms’ during puberty
  • Hormones of pregnancy  
  • Hormones in postpartum depression: implications for treatment
  • ‘Male and female’ hormones
  • Hormonal treatment of diseases: benefit and harm 
  • Hormones of risky behavior: testosterone and cortisol 
  • Hormones of depression and potential treatment 
  • Hormones behind mental health problems 
  • Oxytocin: hormone of bonding 
  • ‘Happy hormones’ and their biological impact on mood
  • Hormones and reproduction 
  • How endocrinology impacts metabolism in humans 
  • How steroids get to their target cells 
  • Impact of steroids on the male body 
  • Exercise and levels of hormones
  • Hormones of sleep  
  • Deficiency of growth hormone 
  • Hormones in birth control 
  • Hormones and diabetes

Immune System And Body Resistance Against Diseases

We all want to stay healthy and never to fall ill. But we can catch a cold or some other unpleasant illness easily. And then our body starts the wonderful work of fighting the diseases and repairing itself. Write on one of these biology research topics and impress your teacher and classmates. 

  • The resistance of bacteria to antibiotics: implications for humans 
  • Autoimmune diseases: when the body attacks itself 
  • Viruses and bacteria that cause autoimmune diseases 
  • How the human immune system functions 
  • Why excessive cleaning and sterilization of everything reduces human immunity 
  • Impact of stress on immunity 
  • Food as an immunity booster 
  • Immunotherapy 
  • Immunosuppressors: what they are and what they do 
  • Immunity and allergies 
  • Immunity vs. transplantation 
  • Vaccination and immunity: myths and facts
  • Collective immunity and its goals 
  • Graft rejection and ways to counter it

Biology Research Topics On Plants

Plants are a crucial part of the Earth’s ecosystem. Their biology is amazing, and many a useful invention was made after the natural capacities of plants. Use these topics to your benefit. 

  • Photosynthesis and its cycle 
  • Plant diseases and their current treatment 
  • Pesticides: friends or enemies
  • Invasive species 
  • Cultivation of pathology resistance in plants 
  • Breeding and its side effects 
  • Genetic modification of plants 
  • Plant evolution 
  • Plant-associated microbes 
  • Modification of plants with the goal of breeding medically enhanced hybrids 
  • Plant fungal diseases and their impact on people 

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Ecology Related Topic In Biology

Our lives depend on our environment, and ecology studies just that. Questions of ecology are burning hot today, and they provide plenty of materials for debates. So maybe, by writing a paper, you will trigger some important discussion and find a way to solve some problems caused by humans. 

  • How changes in ecology impact animal behavior
  • Diversity of species under threat: ecological aspect 
  • How living beings respond to an environment that changes rapidly 
  • Ecological impact on animal species in the USA
  • Coral reefs, their global death, and possible solutions 
  • The disappearance of bees, its causes, and consequences 
  • Reintroduction of wild plants into cities: European experience 
  • Trees in the urban environment 
  • News rules of coexistence of wild species and humans: time to reconsider
  • Global warming: closing the eyes to the problem 
  • Extinction of forests in Amazonia and its connection to global draughts
  • Loss of habitats of wild animals connected to the extermination of forests and meadows 
  • Changes in approach to environment and its protection through the 20th century 
  • Protection of species on the brink of extinction 
  • Renewable energy, its types and its impact on the environment 
  • Sustainability: what it is and what it is not 
  • Zero carbon impact: what it actually is and how this concept is used in marketing  
  • Ecotourism: pros and cons 
  • Conservation efforts: the extermination of invasive species vs. non-extermination  
  • Organic food – how it is different from food produced by typical industrial farming 



Neurobiology Topics For Exploration

We can see, hear, feel, and do many other things due to the neural issues, millions of nerves are running through our bodies. Topics on neurobiology are more fascinating than sci-fi movies – and it all happens inside your body every single moment, even as you read and comprehend these words. 

  • Brain injuries and their impact on human functioning 
  • Music and brain 
  • Orientation models based on the visual cortex 
  • Brain locations responsible for five senses 
  • The self-repairing capacity of brains
  • Migraine: what it is 
  • Gut bacteria and its impact on brain 
  • Problem-solving abilities in various species 
  • Factors behind neuron functioning: proteins and genes

Biology Research Topics On Animals

Animals are our neighbors on the planet, and our life is impossible without them. Attitude towards animals changed through time towards more humane and respectful. By learning about their biology and behavior, we can understand a lot about the way’s nature works

  • Camouflage mechanism in various species 
  • Communication systems among animals: sonars, ultrasound, etc. 
  • Domestication of dogs
  • Domestication of cats 
  • Biological dangers of keeping exotic animals as pets 
  • Careless introduction of invasive species into local animal habitats 
  • Veganism and well-being of animals 
  • Conservation of endangered species 
  • Cross-species virus transmission and its devastating results 
  • Consuming wild animals as food: ethical and medical considerations 
  • Traditional medicine recipes using parts of animals and their synthetic counterparts: comparison 
  • Cognitive functions of dolphins, ravens, and primates 

History Of Natural Science: Dawn Of Biology

The history of biology looks like a wild adventure movie. Write about discoveries of evolution, dinosaurs, studies of species that are close to us in intelligence, and many more cool biology research topics.

  • Mary Anning and her contribution to paleontology 
  • Studies of primates: Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey 
  • Anne McLaren and development of in vitro fertilization 
  • Alfred Hershey and Martha Cowles Chase: discovery of the role of DNA
  • Presentation on a selected female biologist 
  • Discovery of cells 
  • The most hilarious (and disproved) biological theories 
  • Famous behavioral and psychological experiments 
  • Gregor Mendel and contribution to biology 
  • History of vaccination 
  • Antonie van Leeuwenhoek  
  • Charles Darwin and his Evolution theory 
  • Archeological discoveries and their impact on biological theories 
  • Rachel Carson and her views on environmental safety 
  • Gerald Durrell and his first conservation zoo 

Bonus Lists Of Amazing Topics  

These biology research topics may look a bit more complex, but they are interesting and argumentative. Think about what you would like to explore, or do a project with your classmates, and do it!

  • Parasites and their symbiotic cohabitation 
  • Parasites vs. parasites: how natural animosity can be used for the extermination of pests
  • Metabolism, genetics and physical exercise 
  • Water: myths and facts about its consumption 
  • Necessity of sleep 
  • Infection disease and their development 
  • How viruses are different from bacteria 
  • Human: a symbiosis of bacteria and own cells 
  • AI in biology and genetics 
  • The most amazing biological discovery ever 

Pick The Topic And Write An Impressive Paper!

When selecting a topic, remember that you should have plenty of materials to write my essay fast. Otherwise, your reasoning will look groundless. The topic should be scholarly, current, and interesting to you. When you decided on it preliminary, research the available books and articles, and if they are enough, start drafting. 

The list of biology research topics can be used by everyone, from school students to college students, and even someone looking for a good essay topic for writing contests can benefit from them. Pick the topic to your interest, research, and write. Yet, what if you need a good paper, but you cannot compile it for some valid reason? Then you can always trust us to help you out! Our experts in various fields of biology will gladly create an impressive written piece for you, both scholarly and engaging. They will research the most relevant sources, create a logically organized draft, and produce an excellent essay worth the praise and high mark. Get yours right now!