What Is an Exemplification Essay and How to Write It



An exemplification essay can also be called an argumentative essay, but more detailed and providing examples to support the arguments.

If your goal is to write a paper that exceeds the standards of a typical academic assignment, this might be the type of work you might need some assistance with. The three various kinds of papers that you have just finished so far are argumentative, descriptive, and narrative. You most likely have a decent comprehension of every one of them. Now you have a new task that is to write an exemplification essay and you don’t know how to start writing such types of essays.

This article will tell you about the best way to write an exemplification essay and get a commendation from your teacher.

Though exemplification is a difficult word, you already know what an argumentative essay is, so you will also comprehend how to write this type of paper.

To be able to write this type of essay diligently, you have to take an argumentative essay and include more details. You will have to find lots of significant facts (and sometimes numbers) to back up your arguments. It’s likewise important that you mix these facts in within your assignment to finish the task. Your educator will undoubtedly go somewhat simpler on you as far as being precise in your numbers and quotations if you are writing such an essay in class. If to write such an essay is your home task, you will have to give close consideration to these quotations and numbers to guarantee that you do everything correctly. You can ask your teacher what formatting style you need to pursue: MLA, APA or Chicago.

Topic ideas for your exemplification essay.

You have to choose a topic that you would choose if you wrote an argumentative essay, as your essay addresses an argumentative part. Search for topics that can without much of a stretch be adjusted for two argumentative sides. You likewise need to discover subjects that are somewhat difficult to address in day-to-day discussions and you ought to have the option to back up this information with a few reasonable arguments. Incorporate hard facts in an exemplification paper. Try not to attempt to talk the reader into your supposition; else, you will not be writing an exemplification essay.



Appropriate topics for your exemplification essay:

  • Is it important to have an advanced education nowadays?
  • Most people agree that a college degree is valuable if you want to get a good job.
  • Are we to decriminalize drugs?

Using drugs has become trouble nowadays. They break up marriages and they can draw kids into their nets. Is that an assessment or a reality? Would you be able to contend this point? Indeed, you would.

In case a class is gender-separated, is it a more appropriate place to study?

This subject could be easily proven wrong because there is an almost negligible difference between isolating class by gender and intolerance. In any case, this is a good thought for an essay.

  • Should everybody be able to get healthcare?
  • Everybody needs human services so why not cover everybody?
  • Firearm guidelines ought to become more strict.
  • Shootings are turning into a continuous story on the news. This problem must be regulated.
  •  The world needs new ideas so it can change.

Such topics need to be explored to back up the point of view and you can protect whatever concept you feel like supporting. You don’t generally need to concur with your subject or with a specific statement so as to write an unthinkable essay. You have to protect your opinion and your perspective no matter what opinion you support.

Exemplification topics that are better to avoid:

  • What’s your preferred music?
  • This topic depends completely on somebody’s belief and is hard to be backed up with the facts.

  • Are sedatives viewed as hazardous?
  • This issue is narrow it tends to be exceptionally tough to keep it under discussion; so you usually wind up stating facts and, most often, your point of view.

  • How to make maple syrup
  • Although the topic offers a lot of resources to get data from, you can’t make from it an exemplification paper.

Step-by-step instructions on how to write an exemplification essay

To write a great exemplification essay, you should use the following four-step plan to accomplish your goals.

Use brainstorming to write an outline

Conceptualizing and writing an outline go inseparably in light of the fact that they fundamentally end in a similar way. To start with, you have to put every one of the thoughts that exist in your mind on paper. When you do this, you can proceed and account for different thoughts that are going to enable you to write your academic essay successfully. When your thoughts are on the paper, you can deal with them and organized them in the correct order.

Getting ready to write and creating out your outline, you have to write an introduction at the beginning of the paper to start and add a conclusion at the end. You can provide as many details as you have for each part for it to be complete.

The longest part of the essay is the body, it is the place you are going to state your primary opinion. You will have to write several arguments to support it. The body needs to be full of facts that can be supported by sources that you researched. You can divide each point into paragraphs that are easy to comprehend and catch attention as well.

How to write an introduction

There are two fundamental pieces of this kind of paper – the thesis statement and the hook to catch the attention of the reader. The thesis statement expands the topics of your exemplification essay. A short description that includes all the points of your topic that you will dwell upon in more detail later.

The hook stands out enough to be noticed and gives your reader a thought of what your paper will be about.

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The paragraphs of your body contain the most important points

The paragraphs of the body are an independent part between the introductory and the concluding parts. You currently need to add the body to the article. The quantity of passages depends upon the volume of the essay so remember the guidelines given to you by the educator and adhere to them intently.

Before you begin writing the body, you initially need to write an outline that is going to be of utmost significance to the way you write your essay. Your outline ought to incorporate all the details both little and very important, while main details that can impact the way you write your essay. You can use ready-made templates or outlines or write your own. An outline helps you help to arrange your thoughts into a simple for your understanding map that will assist you in writing your academic task.

In the body, you will expound on the data or the hints that were given in the introduction. Consider it filling in the spaces of a story as indicated in your outline.

Arrange your thoughts in your paragraphs, don’t jump from thought to thought, be logical. To keep your ideas organized is significant.

Don’t write any garbage. Each word you use in the body section of the essay ought to have significance. Be cautious and pick your words definitely, so they mix together impeccably and don’t bring on any issues. When your mind gets tired, lay your paper down for some time and have a rest. When you return to it later, new things will originate in your mind.

Some final thoughts

Now your essay is ready: an introductory part, a body with plenty of peculiarities, and a conclusion. The conclusion should address all your primary arguments however it shouldn’t rehash the precise sentences of the body. In conclusion, you need to include somewhat more data. You would prefer not to use this part to draw more consideration to an alternate perspective. You need to persuade your reader that you know what you are telling your reader about. Give them some information to feed their brains.

 In the concluding part, you always should give a summary of what you have written about in the body.

Your main task is to stick to the argumentative approach adding more details. It’s not as simple as expressing your point of view. Give your readers to see another perspective on this subject. You depict it, you add your personal point to the general hypothesis, and you leave the reader contemplating on this subject – something they may have never paid attention to, not in this new light.