List of Religion Essay Topics: 50 Bright Ideas to Go With

Preparing an essay on religion topics is a challenging assignment for students in our multicultural and multi-faith society. This is a very delicate issue because you should do your best in order not to offend the religious feelings of your readers. It is important to spend a lot of time studying the features of different religions, their history, reasons, and consequences. It is also not so easy to define what you should write about. 

Fortunately, we’ve already prepared the lift of religion essay topics for your inspiration.

How to Write About Religion?

Before you get your feet wet, you should decide on the appropriate format for your paper. It is a good idea to write an argumentative essay as it allows you to formulate and express your point of view. Your task is to understand the topic well and find a position that you want to support. Alternatively, you can choose counterarguments and write an essay to defend them. This will show your professor that you’ve done quality research and analyzed different aspects of the topic. It is also a good opportunity to develop critical thinking skills that are crucial for your future career.

Do You Need Religion Essay Samples?

If you’re sitting in front of a piece of paper or a laptop screen and don’t know where to start, it’s very frustrating. Everyone was there. Try to read some real-life examples of the article, the structure, and ideas you can follow.

These can be not only student essays but also research papers and even dissertations. You need to see how other people write about religion, what words and tools they use.

But be careful. Some students think they’ve read some samples, and that’s it. You still need to work on your critical thinking and analytical skills and improve your writing style. It is absolutely ok if you’re taking notes during the reading, but you surely shouldn’t copy or paraphrase other papers. Take your time to think about what is your opinion, how have you developed your point of view, and which evidence you can use to support it.

Of course, you should also consider your curriculum as well as the target audience. If you’re discussing Islam with your professor, you may write about its cultural and historical phenomenon, or choose another similar topic. Besides, reading assignment prompts carefully to make sure you’ve understood the task correctly.

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50 Religion Essay Topics You Should Consider

  1. How Creation and Evolution compete for cultural power in modern society.
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of evolutionary theology.
  3. What defines the debate about science and religion?
  4. Can one find a compromise between creationism and evolution?
  5. Evolution: another religion?
  6. Major discoveries of biblical archeology.
  7. The pitfalls of Darwin’s “flawless science”.
  8. Is intelligent design detectable by science?
  9. How do religious beliefs affect mental health?
  10. Should children study religion in schools?
  11. How does spirituality affect healthcare delivery?
  12. Common features of religion and psychoanalysis.
  13. Can LGBT people be integrated into the religious community?
  14. How does the Protestant Church help gay people fight for their rights?
  15. Can the LGBT community be religious?
  16. Religion vs. church: major differences.
  17. Ways to rethink church postulates.
  18. The Bible’s view of sexuality.
  19. What does it mean to be respectful of religious values?
  20. Do believers deserve more respect from society?
  21. Should there be religious benefits in the workplace?
  22. How do different faiths coexist in the same space?
  23. Can doctors be believers? Why yes? Why not?
  24. Religion as an element of the spiritual sphere of society.
  25. Science and religions: parallel straight lines or intersecting dimensions?
  26. Raising adolescents in religious communities.
  27. Fundamentals of Christian ethics for children: benefit or harm?
  28. The influence of the media on the formation of religious values.
  29. How does the church formulate children’s moral convictions?
  30. The place of women in the Bible.
  31. Gender stereotypes in religious communities.
  32. Causes, effects, and implications of the clergy feminization in the U.S.
  33. How does society attitude female priests?
  34. The contribution of religion to the development of patriarchy.
  35. Why do people give up religion?
  36. Islam and modernity: fundamentalism vs moderation
  37. Religious substantiation of the ideas of peacemaking in Christianity, Islam, Judaism.
  38. Were the ancient Romans religious?
  39. Features of the religious culture of India.
  40. The cult of the dead in Mexico: roots and implications.
  41. History of religious conflicts in Europe.
  42. What does it mean that God is love?
  43. What should the head of the church do for the community?
  44. How to find religiosity in yourself?
  45. Is it possible to live by abstracting from the church and spirituality?
  46. Modern Islam. Development and distribution issues.
  47. Why are peaceful religions protected by bloody wars?
  48. Muslim organizations and their ambiguous influence.
  49. Mormons: a new perspective on Christianity.
  50. Metaphor, symbol, and myth in religion.

As you can see, most of the topics are about choice. Modern society has an incredible number of options where everyone can find their place above the sun. It is important to remember that no matter what choice you make personally, it is important to remain patient and empathetic when you are writing an essay on one of these topics. Your opinion matters, but it shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Don’t use indifferent words or harsh rhetoric.

When choosing a topic, think about the direction you are studying. The history of various religious organizations and their place in modern society are relevant for future sociologists, pedagogues, nurses, etc. Try to look at the topic from your professional position and find those arguments that will help bring the dialogue to a new level.

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