Learn About How to Write a Hook to Make Your Paper More Successful

To interest the reader and surprise your leader, you need to work on the uniqueness of the essay. To make the person continue to read the article, you need to place a hook in the introduction. Basically, each student uses different hooks based on their experience and preferences. The main thing is that your hook is strong and knows how to attract the attention of the reader.

How to create a proper hook to benefit from it

First, let’s figure out what this hook is. You probably noticed that some essays immediately attract attention and you want to read them. This is because the essay entry contains a hook – a short sentence that hooks the reader. This item contains a lot of information in a few words. Therefore, each student should learn to come up with hooks for his paper.

How to come up with a right idea for a hook

In order not to complicate your task with empty rules, we will discuss a couple of examples for the successful start of the essay. It doesn’t matter which one you will use. The main thing is that you can understand the concept of a hook. Therefore, we decided to start with several important points, without which you will not be able to cope.

When students write an article, they accidentally make some mistakes. One of them is the wrong beginning of the essay. The problem is that you need to create a link between the introductory part and the body of the article. Otherwise, no matter how strong the introduction is, it will not be easy to read.

Remember that you need to arrange the work depending on the style and theme. For example, if your topic is science, you should start it with statistics or a fact that causes debate. And vice versa, if your task is to write an essay for a school newspaper, it’s better to tell some funny stories from life. The most important skill for writing a hook is your ability to feel the text and select relevant information.

Focus on potential readers. If your work is on nuclear physics, you should not use buzzwords or youth slang. This information will be redundant and can only distract attention from the topic.

Read these rules carefully and ask yourself whether you follow them or not. Remember: your main task is to capture the attention of the reader and explain to him your point of view.

Pick an interesting fact and convert it into the nice hook

Remember that your hook should be comprehensible for the majority of people. No matter what your hook will be, if you cannot make it brief and strong – it will not make a person read it further.

Choose some data from these sources:

  • Books and magazines
  • Internet web sites
  • Official statistical data
  • Documentary films and series
  • Interviews and statements of experts

Please note that you should choose a popular source. In addition, the information must be more or less new in order to be true. We decided to discuss some hooks using professional essay authors as examples. Thus, you are sure to find a suitable hook style for yourself.

Perhaps you have not yet figured out how to draw up a strong introduction. You can also find the necessary information here.

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Find some controversial data to interest the reader

To interest the audience in your topic, you should find a suitable fact or quote. The second is more popular for writing an introduction. The fact is that a quote indicating the source is acceptable hooks for all types of essays. If you are writing an article on the use of mobile applications, you can find a statement by the developers regarding the number of downloads of the application in the last month or year.

Remember that statistics are both an interesting and useful element for starting a paper. Thus, you give your readers food for thought. At the same time, statistics are useful for specialists who can use the data to run this kind of application or to design advertisements.

“The correct analysis of the noun and adjective cause two different traditions…”

(John Bowers, The Syntax of Predication)

We have given one of the hook options for an official type article. You can see that the conflict is an interesting detail of the quote. The author states that there are two different traditions. Thus, each person subconsciously inclines to some side. The controversy hook that provokes the discussion is one of the most successful.



Find some funny information

Often people are scared that the article is quite large. Therefore, you need to lure the reader with something simple and unobtrusive. Why not use a joke? Each reader is looking for information that will be close to his life. In this case, a small joke is always appropriate, and you will position the reader to yourself.

Boss (to the employee): “Experts say that humor on the job relieves tension in this time of down-sizing! Knock, knock”.

Employee: “Who’s there?”

Boss: “Not you anymore”.

This way you can write an article about the importance of maintaining a good relationship with your boss. The main thing is to know your target audience in order to get to the point. You must know in advance that your hook will be successful.

Use an enticing question

Also, an interesting option would be to use a question in which you indicate the facts. For example, ask the reader if he knows about the number of deaths from malaria per year. Thus, you ask yourself a topic for the article and at the same time pick up the reader. This hook is often used in an article for magazines or essays about research results.

However, note that in your paper you will need to answer the question asked. You can give a specific answer in conclusion or cite an argument in each paragraph.

A great hook for your research paper

In general, there are no special requirements for a hook in a research paper. However, based on the seriousness of this work, it is better to use accurate data, such as statistics or facts. Remember that in academic work there is no point in using jokes or indirect turns since they will not correspond to the style of the text.

Have a look at these ideas for writing a good hook sentence for an argumentative essay:

  • Some relevant information which is easy to read
  • A fact or a statement which tightly borders with a topic
  • An idea which is comprehensible for the majority of people
  • A question which provides you using arguments

Create a proper persuasive hook

Initially, you should find a place with the reader for which it can be hooked. Analyze your target audience to post relevant information. To start a convincing essay correctly, pick up a strong hook and try to fit it into one short sentence. We picked up the best ideas for the hook that will make the reader read the entire article.

  • A joke or funny story from your life
  • A fact or statistical data
  • A statement or quote of a famous person
  • Direct question to the reader

Come up with a strong thesis, and gradually develop your idea. This way you will find the right wave to express your arguments.

Best hooks for compare essay inspire

The hook for the contrast essay may be modified. In order for the hook to really work, several ideas were dropped from the main part of their essay. When you choose a leading thought that dominates the work, choose the opposite. In this way, you create a contradiction that can be framed as a question. Practice making the hook as much as possible, and soon you will be surprised at how well you are doing.

How it works in the mixed type of essay

We have already figured out writing hooks for basic types of paper. However, sometimes students need to work with a mixed type. Let’s look at some examples:

Pay attention to how well the fact is used in the sentence. You need to find information that the reader does not yet know, but which can attract attention.

“Why some people choke and others panic – nurture vs nature definition

(Malcolm Gladwell, The Art of Failure)

Please note that this sentence does not have a question mark, but it sounds like a question. Thus, the author pushes the reader to read the entire article to get an answer. This hook is very short, but at the same time expressive. It immediately arouses interest and trust in the reader, since this question can be applied in many situations. And the truth is, everyone is wondering why some people are in this situation. Such a hook is one of the best ways to attract.

A role of literary quote

You can also use a phrase from a literary work or a philosophical statement. And although such a hook is quite simple, it will definitely become successful, because people like to learn new quotes and then use them. However, be vigilant, because the quote should contain a contradiction or have reason to think.

Find a phrase from a Shakespeare play or philosophical treatise that discusses problems in society or the complexity of relationships between people. Keep in mind that you need to create a thesis that briefly describes the essence of all the paper. If your task is not formal, you can add creativity. Share emotions or a funny situation from life.

Also, do not forget about the correct design of the quote to avoid plagiarism. Stick to your academic paper style requirements.



Use the stories of famous people

For an academic paper, you should not write a story from your life. Since you express certain ideas, it would be foolish to back them up with your story. Instead, pay attention to the lives of famous people. I can assure you that people are inspired by success stories. For example, you can write about Joanne Rowling and her attempts to publish the book “Harry Potter”.

However, for a good hook, it is not necessary to take famous people. You can find the notes of the local writer and take some facts from them. The main thing is that the story is close in spirit to your topic and they complement each other.

Every reader should be willing to find out more about the story of the character. Therefore, you should live up to expectations and back up your initial data. Everyone wants to find new feelings in your essay, so develop your thoughts with each paragraph. Occasionally insert questions regarding the story of the characters, and then add answers.

Remember that if you have chosen a specific topic for discussion and are quoting some author, he must be a specialist in the field and inspire confidence in people. Otherwise, not everyone will be interested in your thesis, and the hook will not catch the reader.

Find the statements of famous people

In general, we have already talked about the importance of this step in the previous paragraphs. To find a strong hook, you can flip through the latest news or browse magazines. Often, journalists ask famous people for their opinions or reactions to events.

Why do quotes hook readers? In fact, every statement by a specialist that you put into your work adds credibility to you. On a subconscious level, you will be perceived as an intelligent person, if the quote of a famous person exactly fits the theme of your thematic statement.

However, do not forget to correctly quote and indicate its author. On the one hand, this will strengthen the connection of your essay with the reader. On the other hand, this way you avoid plagiarism and do not infringe copyright.

Attract attention with a metaphor

You can use metaphors to gain reader confidence. This element slightly dilutes the flow of your thoughts. However, be sure that your meta form is understood correctly. Moreover, it’s best to add an explanation of the metaphor in parentheses. This way you will avoid misunderstandings that may deprive you of readers.

To use metaphors in the right places, you need to practice comparisons. Remember that comparing can be a hook for an essay? This element seems to fill the necessary space in the paper, complementing it. However, do not worry if appropriate metaphors do not come to mind. To develop your thinking, engage in self-development and read more books.

Here are some interesting metaphors for creating a hook for your paper:

  • blind as a bat (about a person who has an awful vision)
  • eyes like tennis balls (when somebody is surprised or scared)
  • thirsty as a camel (about a person who drinks a lot)

Some extra ways to create a great beginning

You need to understand that those types of hooks are not the only ones. Therefore, you just need to practice more and use relevant techniques. This way you will definitely find out which hook works better for your essay.

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