How to Draft an Essay on Social Issues?

Society is always experiencing changes in wealth, business, psychology, moral values, and politics. The alterations are inevitable, for the reason that every century common people reach a higher and more sophisticated level of development that ends up in strikes, wars, conflicts. These changes are so transformative that society cannot agree to the new alterations. As a consequence, humankind has to come up with an appropriate reaction or solution to civil disorder. That is the reason why there are hundreds and thousands of scientific research papers. 

As the number of residents on the planet rapidly grows, more social concerns occur. Nowadays, all societies have dived into the world of the Internet, writing essay for money, social networking, online gaming, and people are not interested in solving community issues. As a result, those students who go to college or university must pick a social issue essay topic and take down an outline. Why do they have to do it? Writing about civil unrest makes learners more aware of prevailing problems in the world at large. Students have to do profound research, know all trends and movements, read dozens of articles and news to get to the root of the problem.

As rule lecturers and professors, ask learners to explore newsworthy and up-to-date social issue essay topics, take one and compose an article. It is a great prospect for students who are full of enthusiasm, brilliant ideas, and can indicate your thoughts better in written form. And on the contrary, it is a challenge for those who don`t adore longhand. Don`t worry, be calm as a yogi. We have created a guide for students on how to put down a fine article

Select a topic that interests you. Take a theme that will definitely result in debates and catch the reader`s attention. Unless you fully open the problem and present strong proof to hold up ideas, an article you have put in black and white will seem tedious, and readers will disagree with you. In the aforementioned condition, it would be great to have a mentor to direct you. In your case, it is a professor at the university. The theme ought to be contemporary and refer to mishaps in 2020. Seek useful information by reading BBC news, newspapers, magazines. Search exact data from all over the world and examine how it changes the life of citizens of the USA. 

Spend time on research. The analysis must be of exceptional value, deep and reliable. That means you will have to burn the midnight oil. If you don`t have enough time, use our services. 

After you decided to work hard on digging the info, never read media sources since they are influenced by politics and are full of prejudice. Students shouldn’t trust Wikipedia, as nobody knows who edits it. Using unchecked web sites is not applicable to a good university. So try to get rid of the already stated habit. 

All you can use our online libraries. They contain a lot of academic resources you may trust, such as publications, books, journal articles, footnotes. 

Add specimens from real life to back up your stance. Your social issue article is not an article without real-life examples. Find a provoking sample from 2020. They say that if you want others to get you right, you have to describe circumstances. In the previously mentioned exposition, people will trust your words.

Make it clear and accessible. Writing a piece is a good way to opine logically. Avoid using jargon, slang words, and complex scientific terms. Don`t agree or disagree with the situation; just say what you anticipate. Add uncomplicated phrases so that the audience could get your message correctly. The audience won`t continue reading your public issue essay if you insert some irritation, negative reaction, and complaints. Present the evidence rationally. 

Correct and Modify. Double-check your paperwork has no grammar, morphology, syntax, orthography blunders. Otherwise, the audience will interpret your paper improperly. Keep up with the following motto: “Review seven times, correct ten times and hand in once.” Use multiple plagiarism checkers as not all of them give the exact results, but if you apply many, your evaluation will be more precise. Also, let others read and go through your paper. Ask their opinion about your study. Of course, the best solution is to use our services. Our editors will do a proper and qualitative revision.

List of Social issue essay writing in 2020

As there are hundreds of dilemmas in each country, the amount of social issue essay topics is endless. Some students don`t realize it. And sometimes, they procrastinate when it comes to choosing a societal issue paper theme. You have to select a sufficient theme to hand in an upscale manuscript, especially if you study at a prestigious educational institution. Read a list of contemporary matters below and choose one of them:

Social Science Themes

How did the Egyptian Empire collapse?

How did American English and British English become divergent?

Why is ageism a new type of discrimination?

Migration and Immigration

Do immigrants improve the American financial system?

Illegal immigration of Europeans to the US

Why did so many people immigrate to France?


A high level of background can make a person confident and psychologically resilient to any difficult social occurrences.

Traditional inequality is a reason for the disparity in society.

People who fluently speak more than two languages live longer and have a good memory even in old age.


Gender inequity at work

Does feminism have a future?

Modern relations in society


Isolation of cancer patients. How can disease determine whether people accept or disapprove others in their social groups?

Why does the isolation of HIV/AIDS patients can lead them to despair and anxiety? How does isolation exacerbate their social skills? 

What advantages does the isolation of culprits have for society? 

Why is it good to isolate yourself from toxic relationships?


How obesity prevents some individuals from leading a successful social life?

Why do attractive women have more chances to get a prestigious job than obese ones?

Bullying representatives of the obese community is the root of the low esteem in representatives of both sexes.

Religion and God

How religion helps the crowd not to forget and lose their moral values?

Why do believers in God suffer from anxiety less than atheists?

Why do religious human beings have stronger social bonds than those who don`t have faith?

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Family and parents

How living with schizophrenic parents can affect the social interactions of teenagers with others?

Why do children criticize their peers who come from single-parent families?

What are the consequences of domestic violence on children?


Why does a stunning advertisement make masses purchase goods they don`t really want to possess?

Contemporary ads have sexual connotations, and children watch it that definitely affects their behavior and emotional health. Does watching ads have bad consequences for children`s mental state?

Do humanity trust commercials more when they see their favorite celebrity there? 

Fashion and style

Why do fashion followers try not to come out with peers who don`t care about fashion and wear unstylish and old-fashioned clothes?

Animal abuse in the fashion industry