How To Analyze And Describe Hunger Games Characters?

Essay writing is not an easy thing, especially if these are your first attempts to create something. There are lots of factors that may influence the quality of the final result, but usually, it is much easier to analyze really deep characters rather than the action plot of any book.

This review might be helpful for all who are planning to write about Hunger Games characters or just interested in analyzing various heroes with different levels of description. If you are interested in this topic, there will be lots of helpful recommendations for you, just go on reading.

How To Analyze And Write About Katniss?

If you are at least a little bit familiar with the plot of the book, you probably know that Katniss Everdeen is a major character and narrator at the same time. This hero can be characterized as an extremely talented person that is motivated for brave actions due to love for her family and friends. She lost her parents at a young age, and that’s why she tried to create the best possible atmosphere for her younger sister. Her love for friends also motivated her for heroic acts.

The next picturesque description of this character is connected with her attitude to Capitol and fame in general. She hated the need to prove something for the rich part of society. The district where she was from is far from being an ideal place. It can be characterized by one word –poverty. That’s why Katniss should make a good impression on the sponsors with her outfits and talents.

Now when you know a little bit about this character, let’s proceed with some helpful recommendations for essay writing. As you see, it is a complex hero with lots of character traits and life situations to share. The best way will be to concentrate only on one side of her personality and discuss all the major cases that influenced the development of these traits.

A deep, thoughtful description will impress more than thousands of abruptly mentioned characteristics that aren’t connected with one another. However, remember one thing – try to read a task attentively. If your teacher specifies that you should discuss several characteristics or write about a specific one, you’d better follow this assignment.

Who Is This Mysterious Haymitch Abernathy?

The next worth mentioning Hunger games character is Haymitch. This rude and always drunk character makes you feel some sort of compassion and even sadness because of all these cases, he should cope with earlier. He is the only alive winner from the same district as Katniss. Now he is preparing other players for the game.

His life is an entire hell starting from one point in life. Lots of problems which occurred in his life were because of the Games, including a breakup with his love. Starting from this case, it is hard for him to get close to other people and trust them.

He is not only concentrating on the needed skills but also teaches how to avoid major troubles, how to impress the audience and orients towards tactics of the game.

Here are some great ideals you may concentrate on while describing this character:

  • how his bad past experience has influenced life acceptance and personality;
  • how gradually his character traits have developed;
  • in what way has his skills helped katniss to survive.

Something Special About Cato  

If you want to impress your teacher with a new character that no one from your class will discuss, it should definitely be Cato. This is evident that most of the others will analyze Peeta and Katniss. So, focus on this interesting Hunger games character for getting a higher grade.

His hero is from the second district that is closer to the Capitol. He is a career tribute who has enough skills and strength for participation in the Games. His strength is extraordinary; just imagine that he can break the rival’s neck.       

He was a tribute which was trained for this Game and accepted it seriously. However, the sponsors accepted him as one more participant, and his death was also a usual thing that hasn’t surprised or shocked anybody. It was a sort of entertainment for the audience and nothing more. 

When writing about him. It is better to review this part during the fight and try to understand his real motivation. Cato mainly orients of fame and pride in his district rather than his life.

Don’t Forget About This Prior Writing About Hunger Games Characters

Here were mentioned only three characters you may choose from; this book has much more options to pick from if you need another choice. This choice doesn’t matter as much as the manner of your writing and deep analysis of the specific hero. The best possible recommendation for you is to concentrate on one characteristic and stay focused until the very conclusion.

If you are hesitant or afraid to start writing, you may consult with somebody and share your ideas. Once you hear an appreciation from somebody, it will definitely motivate you to work harder. One more recommendation is to use an online paper writing service for the spell check or proofreading of your essay. There is a huge variety of all these services online, so you can definitely find an affordable platform that will suit your needs.

Good luck with your writing; you will certainly cope with it!