Step by Step Guide on How to Write an Editorial



If you need to write an editorial, it means the superiors count on you. The idea of writing an editorial is to express your opinion about the articles and events which are placed in the newspaper. You are likely to write not only yours but also the superior’s ideas. Your goal is to draw the audience’s attention to the following articles. However, it is not easy because there are particular guidelines for writing an editorial.

In this article, we are explaining the concept of editorial, its structure, and format. Also, we gathered expert tips to make your editorial article brighter and stronger. Forewarned is forearmed. You need to learn the guidelines for an editorial article to get well-prepared. Let’s learn what an editorial essay is and what steps you should take to create it.

The Concept of an Editorial Article

To start with, you have to make sure you understand the assignment. To cut a long story short, an editorial is an article that discusses social issues and the latest news. Most often, you should describe current events and changes that affect social life. You must attach relevant evidence and draw a small conclusion. Please note that you cannot express your thoughts without good reason.

Your goal is to describe the problem, express your attitude to it, and offer the best solution. Sometimes you can add the opinion of citizens, public figures, or government officials. To put it another way, you should inform the reader about current news and social issues and attach ideas of respected personalities.

All things considered; you should create an article that is similar to a research paper. However, we believe writing an editorial is more exciting because you research current news and problems. Also, is you complete the assignment perfectly, it will help you succeed in the career.

The Editorial Article Consists Of:

When working on editorial, you need to know what components should be on paper. Thus, you will make the article complete and versatile. Moreover, the presence of all components to improve the appearance of the article and engagement. Here are all the elements:

  1. Explanation. To start with, you should interpret the role of the articles and how it is supposed to show the full situation or issue.
  2. Criticism. You must check how your editorial explains the current events, decisions, and troubles. Also, make sure there is a solution to each problem. Let your audience understand the issue by adding understandable examples. You need to demonstrate each problem using similar situations that have already happened.
  3. Persuasion. Add enough evidence to persuade the reader. Explain the ways to solve the problem. Build an argumentative speech to not leave any doubts.
  4. Evaluate the contribution. Mention people who are researching the problem and taking particular steps to exclude it. Tell about the authorities’ and the organization’s actions. 

If you include all those components, it will strengthen your editorial essay. It is not hard, but it requires your time and preparation.

Complete an Editorial Article from A to Z

You can quickly learn how to create editorials because it requires the knowledge of some topics and gathering opinions. However, when it comes to editorial articles or essays, you should devote more time to prepare. There are particular guidelines and requirements you have to follow if you aim to create a quality paper. 

The main requirement is that you need to be dispassionate. Keep calm while researching the topic to make fair statements. The most typical mistake is to write biased thoughts and ideas. Your point should be argumentative and supported with credible information. Do not get emotional because it makes the tone too negative or positive. 

We have made a step by step guide to creating an editorial essay from A to Z.



1. Pick up a suitable topic

To start with, take your time to find a relevant topic. Your essay should concentrate on current events and social issues that are in the public eye. That is how to interest the audience and gather its attention. Also, it is easier to write about current news because you have much more to say about something new. Pick up the issue that bothers people and makes them excited. 

Make sure the chosen topic is being discussed on the Internet. Thus, you can gather enough evidence to demonstrate the issue. Make a list of information you should find to strengthen your point of view. Pay attention to the significance of the topic. People should see the value of the article so that they want to solve a problem

2. Research the issue

Deeply research the topic to understand people’s opinions. Stay impassive and evaluate each side of the argument. The statements you make in the article should be as close to the truth as possible. However, do not neglect each person’s opinion because you can use it for contrast and comparison. Try to understand what the truth is and add some controversial opinions to highlight it. Research the issue to come up with an unbiased opinion.

3. Support your point of view with arguments

Your opinion should be valid and understandable. Make sure you have no mistakes in a logical sequence and causal relationship. Explain your ideas by telling reasons and motives. For instance, tell that you want to move to another city because you are seeking further personal growth and career opportunities. Avoid the model of explanation “I want it because I always wanted to get it.” 

Take care of a good explanation. It is not a conversation, so you cannot try to pick better words unlimited times. You have only one shot at explaining your opinion.

4. Write an outline

Make a plan with the structure and filling of your editorial essay. Write down the critical elements and ideas for each part of the paper. When researching, make notes to save credible information. Pick up enough evidence and people’s opinions. Use brainstorming to create a thesis statement and make a bright introduction. Prepare some strong arguments for the body of the paper.

When you are done with preparation, go write an editorial essay. Complete the editorial step by step following the template. 

5. Proofread the paper

Check the essay for mistakes of any kind and plagiarism. Make sure the text is flowing logically, and it does not cause misunderstanding. Proofread the paper to pick up the right format and style. Follow the guidelines you are provided with. Exclude sentences with biased opinions. The text must be coherent and consistent. You can ask somebody to listen and evaluate it.

Professional Advice to Help You Create an Editorial

It is no secret that writing an editorial is difficult because of high competition among writers. A lot of people are used to checking social media rather than newspapers. Still, some people want to know the unbiased opinion about current news. That is your target audience, and you have no right to screw up. We made a list of tips for you to improve the editorial essay.

  • Choose a relevant topic. We believe it is the most important step because it determines whether people would start reading the article at all. Your topic should be not only relevant to the latest news but also interesting to everybody.
  • Make it controversial. It is great if your article causes debates and small arguments. As long as people’s opinions differ, your editorial becomes more popular and reaches more views. That is why you should show different opinions on each topic.
  • Choose your side. Even if your essay would be controversial, your statements have to be clear. Make each argument coherent and accurate to show your point of view. Remember you should choose the side which is closer to the truth.
  • Pick up different ways to solve an issue. Make sure to provide readers with a few methods to deal with problems. Evaluate the ease and efficacy of each method. 

How to Choose an Editorial Essay Topic?

It is complicated to pick up a suitable topic because there are thousands of events that happen in the world every day. However, some categories suit each editorial and are always in the public eye.

  • Environmental Problems
  • Digital Development
  • Social Media 
  • Marriage and upbringing
  • Healthcare and education
  • Computer Technologies

Bottom Line

Writing your first editorial, avoid getting emotional and biased. Do not try to persuade people your point is the only one right. Provide the audience with arguments and evidence to help them draw conclusions. Make sure the text is coherent and consistent. 

If you cannot decide what to write about or how to structure the paper, consider ordering our writing services. You would better let the professional complete your editorial so that it will look and sound perfect. We are always available to advise you and help to choose a research paper service. No matter what writing or editing help you need – order now to catch the best price!