Personal Statement Advice From Experts: What Every Student Should Be Prepared for?

The worst thing which is connected with the admission process is that you can be absolutely prepared for anything, but because of a short personal statement, everything will go wrong. It is not the best scenario that every university entrant wants to experience. To help with solving this problem, we decided to contact the best admission experts and ask them 2 simple questions:

  • how to impress with such a short personal statement?
  • what is the biggest mistake that you regularly notice while reviewing these statements?

Hope that each personal statement advice from an expert will be extremely helpful for you!  

Recommendations From Experts Of Union College, NY

Let’s not waste time and immediately start from the experts’ feedback on this topic. Here are some of the major things which will definitely be helpful for every student.

“Show your writing to at least 3 people, but exclude your friends from this list. It is better to ask for such kind of favor the teacher, professional proofreader, and get some sort of feedback. Friends usually are afraid to offend you and won’t mention something negative in relation to the statement you have been working on.”

“Personally, I have found lots of crucial mistakes. The worse once were connected with the discussion of too personal stories, troubles with text formats, and sending one essay to multiple institutions. While reading the text, you can quickly identify that it has only general phrases that will suit any university and that is not the best choice!”

“The best recommendation is to have proper preparation prior to writing an essay. Try to spend a decent amount on time for discussions and thinking about your ideas. You may ask your teacher for assistance and get the best possible piece of advice in a couple of minutes. If an essay has a deep preparation prior to the writing process, this will be definitely noticed and appreciated. The authenticity influences your success more than anything else…”

“Discussion of your bad experience that was connected with cheating, not the best behavior, or stealing isn’t a proper choice. Even if after such a fact you will discuss how this situation has influenced your life and changed you for the better… It won’t work in your favor.”

Major points to remember:

  • don’t rely on the friends’ assistance;
  • double-check everything;
  • manner of writing should be appropriate.

How To Impress Admission Experts Of Oberlin College?

If you don’t have enough time to review this entire paragraph with recommendations and still want to cope with the task, just remember one thing – don’t allow your parent to interfere in the process. For all the other readers, let’s proceed to additional recommendations:

“Our institution is not only searching for smart students but mainly for those who will properly fill in the existing community of people. So, while working on this specific task, you should mainly highlight your creativity, curiosity, maturity, passion, and lots of other things; rather than just discussing the level of your academic success.”

“When reviewing an ideal essay, it will be great to express your personal motivation for entering this specific institution. You should better review our official website, read some forums, and choose those things that are only connected with our college. Once done with this you can integrate your goals with the priorities of the institution you are applying to…”

“We are searching for real people who are capable to express this via a short essay. Ideal candidates will be those that can write about their emotions, experience, and motivation which isn’t directly related to the scores and school life. “

Facts to remember:

  • express your personality;
  • use individual style;
  • show your desire to enter this specific college.

Personal Statement Advice Of Experts From Stanford University, CA

Some of the above-discussed recommendations can also be related to this institution, so don’t skip the previous part. As for some new personal statement advice from experts, they are the following:

“The sooner you will start working on the specific project the more prepared work where every word is thoughtfully chosen we will see. Don’t think that over-night writing will impress the admission committee.”

“A great variant that you can use to test your essay is to take your text and any similar sample from the internet that also correlates with your ideas. Once you have prepared these 2 compositions give them to your closest friends and relatives to review and chose that one that better describes your ideals. In such a way you can be sure whether your essay needs some sort of improvement or it looks just okay…”

“The style of writing does matter! When the student is rewriting existent samples from the internet that is really noticeable. We as experts review hundreds of similar texts every day so it is not a problem to specify such composition just by reviewing the initial sentence. The manner of writing should naturally reflect your personality, life priorities, and goals.”                

Pieces of advice to keep in mind:

  • time management is key to success;
  • work on your exclusive style of writing.

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Something Helpful For Those Who Are Planning To Enter University of Rochester, NY

The best personal statement advice which experts can give for entrants is – try to be sincere and use humor to while preparing such kind of essay.

“I am not paying attention to some minor lexical or grammatical mistakes while reviewing assays. The only thing I am searching for is one unique fact that can stand out your writing from all the available internet samples and other compositions. The unique idea which isn’t formulated elsewhere will impress more than carefully checked texted with no personality in it!”

“The ideal text shouldn’t have this standard form of the intro, main body, and conclusion. You can choose absolutely any style that seems appropriate for sharing your major idea. It may be done in the form of the dialogue, short story, or just an abstract of your thoughts…”

“If you accept writing as a tiring process, then this personal statement advice won’t help you. Think beforehand and prepare some ideas, however, sit and try to compose everything in one readable text only in a good mood with the right emotions. The student that is enjoying this writing process is definitely standing out from a huge list of the candidates.”

“The one thing, that I am searching for while reading all the assays, is individuality. I want to notice this personal reaction that will impress me…”       

Points to remember:

  • your humor can stand out the assay;
  • don’t stick to a usual template writing;
  • express your personality.

A Short Recommendation From Harvard And Northwestern experts

Both experts from these institutions have agreed on one point – decent preparation and time frame for the completion of this work really matters. Here is what they are sharing:

“The type of candidate we are searching for is described on our official website in detail. So, all you need to do is just review this available information and try to analyze what character traits we are looking for and which of them do you possess.” – Admission expert.

“Admission essay is the main thing which we are paying attention to. Scores and the grades matter but a little bit less than your writing. So, try to spend as much time as it is possible on the preparation. Find those facts that make our institution an ideal place for you. Your essay should prove that these particular skills and experience is available only once you have entered our University and no other college can help you with this…”

Major recommendations:

  • preparation;
  • a real desire to enter this specific University.

Additional Recommendation From A Former Admission expert

And finally, after reading all these personal statement advice experts’ points of view, we want to share a few additional ideas.

The major mistake is writing such text without having a clear understanding of its purpose. Committee wants to find a person who understands why he/she does certain steps. For instance, why you have participated in a particular activity or was a volunteer at a certain organization.    

Now, you have lots of recommendations and can successfully start writing your essay. Good luck, and don’t miss anything important!