Important Steps Before Choosing Shakespeare Essay Topics

To successfully deliver a quality essay, it is necessary to develop the correct algorithm for writing the work. The first step to success is choosing the right topic. It should be clear and not raise questions in the wording. The topic can be formulated as a question, thereby making it easier to highlight the thesis. At the next stage, you need to find the central problem in the topic, think about the idea and arguments, and, after that, draw up a draft essay with a clear structure.

The structure of the essay consists of an introduction, a central part, and a conclusion. Schematically, the work should look like this:

  • introduction;
  • main part;
  • first thesis argument;
  • the second thesis is the argument;
  • the third thesis is the argument;
  • conclusion.

Start the text with a quote from an authoritative person, or for example, ask a question that will interest the reader and give him the motivation to find out the answer. In this part, it is essential to identify different narration problems and highlight the primary meaning. The introduction should be two to four sentences long and concise. The central and most voluminous part of the work consists of the thesis and its argumentation.

The thesis is the main idea that you express in the essay. It can be distinguished both by the answer to the question posed in the introduction and the statement.

The thesis is followed by arguments based on literary works. Their number is not limited, but it is desirable to cite two literary examples.

The general conclusion of your reasoning should complete the work. It’s great to put the main idea at the end of the text to summarize the essence of the work. If you visually look at the text, you will notice that the central part is more than an introduction and a conclusion; this is quite normal. After all, it is in the central part that you reveal why you are writing an essay. Now let’s start choosing a theme.

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Midsummer Night’s Dream Best Themes

Midsummer Night’s Dream – all events take place in the beautiful city of Athens. The well-known Theseus was the ruler of Athens. He is the most popular hero in ancient times, whose name still sounds in legends as the Amazon women’s conqueror. Theseus will manage to conquer the queen of the Amazons – Hippolyta. The performance was created at the request of influential people in honor of the wedding.

  1. Describe several types of love that are present in the play. How did the author portray love in the play? Write about the love scenes that are in the play to support your thoughts.
  2. How does the writer depict love about the gender of the character?
  3. Have you noticed problems related to gender equality in the play? Okay, then you will quote phrases from the text that confirm the problem. Does the protruding topic correspond to modern society, or is it already outdated? Explain the position for and against.
  4. What deeds did women and men do that are not suitable for you? What motivated them to decide?
  5. What is the central conflict in the play? Explain your position with examples from the text.
  6. In what direction (good or bad) did characters develop?
  7. Do you think Puck deserves the main character?
  8. How do the characters feel about love? Make a comparative characterization of several characters.
  9. Why are there fabulous characters in the performance? What did the author want these to show? What did they symbolize, and what is their role in the play?
  10. Tell readers why they should read the play, what lesson they can learn.

Essay Topics on Julius Caesar

In the sixteenth century was written the historical tragedy “Julius Caesar” he is the founder and politician of the Roman Empire. His family originated from the goddess Venus. The fame of his exploits has lived for many years. Events unfold in the novel after the end of the battle, 49 to 45 BC.

  1. How do you think Julius Caesar managed to come to power? What reasons led to the collapse of his reign?
  2. Do you agree with the opinion that Julius Caesar’s ambitions influenced his fall from the throne? In your opinion, did he have a lot of ambitions? Justify the given theory with examples from the text.
  3. What dynamics were present in the play, did it influence the political situation? What policy did Julius Caesar create during his reign?
  4. How did the author stage the play? Write what features in the culture of Rome Shakespeare used during the creation of the play.
  5. How do you think the woman is perceived in Shakespeare’s play? Does it coincide with the reality in the Rym Republic?
  6. Do you agree with the author’s opinion that superstitions make the text attractive? If so, describe them.
  7. What prompted Brutus to kill Caesar’s best friend? Analyze the two characters.
  8. What guided Brutus and Anthony to change the people’s opinion of Caesar? What tactics did they use?
  9. The desire to be free over the text is clearly expressed. What influenced this desire among the characters?
  10. Draw parallels between the assassination of a modern political candidate and Julius Caesar. What is the similarity, and what is the difference? Back your opinion with evidence.

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King Lear Best Topics to Research

In Shakespeare’s King Lear, family relations problems are closely connected with social and political issues. Lear, at the beginning of the tragedy, is a king of the medieval type, like Richard II, captured by the illusion of his omnipotence, blind to the needs of his people, disposes of the country as his estate, which he can share and give away as he pleases. From everyone around him, even from his daughters, he demands only humility instead of sincerity. This is used by the two eldest daughters, Goneril and Regan, who hypocritically assure their father of their love. They are opposed by the youngest, Cordelia, who knows only one law: truth and morality.

  1. What problems does the author most often use at King Lear?
  2. How does old age and death affect the setting of the play?
  3. What role did King Lear play in the plot? Based on the examples, make a characterization of it.
  4. What features of the character of King Lear did readers see as a tragic hero? Who do you sympathize most with Edmund, Gloucester, King Lear? Describe how they changed during the performance.
  5. There is a fool in the play, King Lear. What position did the author entrust to him? Prove your position using an example.
  6. Compare King Lear and Oedipus Rex to find similarities and differences in their characteristics.
  7. After reading the text, tell us which of the heroes, in your opinion, is the most exciting and memorable. Why do you think so?
  8. How does the author create a tense plot based on the characters? See examples from the play.
  9. Did Edmund, Goneril, Regan have similar principles and outlook on life as Machiavelli’s? How did they imitate Machiavelli’s?
  10. Do you think King Lear deserves this kind of treatment from children? Describe what problems have arisen between parents and children.

Macbeth Thinking Topics

“Macbeth” – the shortest of Shakespeare’s tragedies – is only 1993 lines. To create the plot, the author was inspired by the History of Britain. Even though the play is short, this did not affect the composition of the entire story. The writer took the theme of the struggle for power as his main idea. The main hero Macbeth becomes an idol for the ordinary people, but at the same time, he is hated by villains, whom he prevents from doing robberies, murders, etc. But the author paid the most attention to the problem of punishment for committed sins, in a just order.

  1. What are the reasons that led to Macbeth going insane? How has he changed about others?
  2. Why does the author portray three witches in the play? What is their role?
  3. Tell us what prophetic predictions did the witches do, how they influenced the main characters’ lives?
  4. How does a psychopath reflect ambition and power in the play?
  5. Do you think Macbeth was strict with women? Did he hate them? Support your thoughts with facts.
  6. What is the difference between a king’s government and tyranny?
  7. In Macbeth, the author depicts the shedding of blood. Why does he do it? What does it mean?
  8. The writer paid particular attention to nature. What did he want to show by this?
  9. In the play, did the author show gender issues? See examples.
  10. In your opinion, are there any similarities between Malcolm and Macbeth? If so, make a description of them and compare their actions.